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i upload the update, i have now ULTIMO Home Page 2 3 4 5 6 … but i haven’t the code of ULTIMO Home Page 1 and ULTIMO Home Page 2

where can i find it ?

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I’m sorry but I’m not sure I understand correctly. Have you enabled any of the imported sample pages? See how to do it in the user guide: 6.1 Home page

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hi I have setup the theme, it works well here: But if i add new language its not working as per original theme. Look here:

Also mention steps to add currencies in your theme.

Thanks :)


After creating new store views (for different languages), please go to System > Configuration > Ultimo > Theme Design, select “Default Config” under Current Configuration Scope in the top left corner of this section of the admin and then click “Save Config” button.

Then go to System > Configuration > Ultimo > Theme Layout and click “Save Config” button again. Then flush all caches and clear your web browser’s cache.

This will rebuild CSS files with design settings for all your store views.

Currencies are not related to the theme (this is Magento’s core functionality), please refer to Magento documentation for details, for example:

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I have just bought your theme and is perfect !! Well no it is not.. You know what it misses ? A subcategory slider under the category pages banner..

Are you aware of any extension (haven’t found it myself) that works with your theme and would allow to do this ??

Congrats for this amazing piece of design and coding art.

Thanks for your help.


Unfortunately we don’t have any to recommend. There were some extensions which do this but I don’t know any with slider.

Thank you for kind words.

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Hello I got a failure from google developers because my pageloadspeed is now arround 10 seconds, javascript is blocked in some cases and rendering is slowed down by template it says :

JavaScript- und CSS-Ressourcen, die das Rendering blockieren, in Inhalten “above the fold”


Speed is mostly related to the server and Magento optimization. You would need to optimize your Magento or try better server. Here are some guides for Magento, but you can find much more on the web:

javascript is blocked in some cases and rendering is slowed down by template

Not all tips from google developers can be applied to Magento. Things like this are related to the structure of Magento and the order of loading resources (such as CSS and JS). To change it you would need to change Magento.

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we run on an SSD nginx server the most powerfull in whole germany which costs me arround 250,- each month this thing should be powerfull enough :)

“Speed is mostly related to the server and Magento optimization”.

The second is more important. So you need to work on your Magento a little bit, there are dozens of things that can be done to speed up Magento. Our cheap server for demo costs around $100/year and works without any problems with our multi-store demo.


where can i translate url “contacts”. Contact form is translated, but i can’t find where to change url.

Thank you!

Already found solution.

no support for magento enterprise?


This theme was designed for Magento Community Edition. It will work on Magento Enterprise Edition, but you may need some minor customization (since Magento EE has some additional features). Unfortunately we don’t offer such services.

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Hello, I’m having some trouble working with menus.

How can I list categories on the menu? I couldn’t understand on the manual how to setup the menu.

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Adding/creating categories is not theme related. Menu will display your categories automatically. All basic info about categories can be found in the guide: 4.5 Categories

and in Magento documentation.

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I have a problem with my left hand category displaying on one of my categories. I’ve set the parent category and the subcategories to display as anchor and reindexed my site, but it’s not at all visible on the parent category… However it is displaying on the subcategories. This is only happening to one category and I have no idea why. Any ideas?

Nevermind, I had a custom page layout set to one column for the cateogory. Sorry for the trouble… Amazing theme Infortis!!

Thank you, glad you like it. :)


We have purchased theme

In home page brand slider how to add???

In cms page you called like this {{block type=”brands/brands” show_items=”4” is_responsive=”1” block_name=”Our Brands” template=”infortis/brands/brand_slider.phtml”}}

But i dont have brand_slider.phtml file?? how to add brand slider??

Hi, Great theme by the way but i have just tested your demo on Google PageSpeed and this template is very,very slow !!

this really does need addressing or Google will punish any one using this theme, Page speed plays a big part in SEO now.


Thank you, but listed results are mostly related to optimization which has to be done on the side of Magento user. E.g. Optimize images, Minify CSS/HTML/JS. And some are strictly related to server, not to the theme, e.g. Leverage browser caching, Reduce server response time
(we use cheap server for demo and yet it works quite fast).

Anyway we’re planning some improvements to increase speed in the near future.

Kidn regards

Hi i have installed a magento 1.8.0 from 0 after this i follow the installation guide (disable cache, compilation etc…). In the magento config section i set the theme in to design. Before importing ultimo data in theme setting -> theme installation i go on the website and i find this error in the html for the follow css.

/skin/frontend/base/default/css/_config/design_it.css /skin/frontend/base/default/css/_config/layout_it.css /skin/frontend/base/default/css/_config/grid_it.css

the files exist in the ultimo root of skin because they are searched in the base root of magento? This missing css cause a distort view of the theme and an not correct responsive behavior when resize the screen. Can i fix this? Thank in advance

Thanks for reply. I follow all the user guide indication. I have set, for test, all permission on 777 and i have reinstalled the theme. I have copied the missing folder _config in /skin/frontend/base/default/css but i already have this problem if you want check this look at How i can resolve this problem?

Your link doesn’t work so I’m unable to check.

1) Folder “_config” with CSS files should be located here:


not in the “base” theme like you wrote in your first comment:


2) Magento will look for skin/frontend/base/default/css/_config/ only if it can’t find skin/frontend/ultimo/default/css/_config/.

So if skin/frontend/ultimo/default/css/_config/ is missing, create it and set correct file permissions for it so that Magento can write files in that folder.

Although it shouldn’t be missing as it is included in the installation package (maybe you didn’t upload it).

3) CSS files inside that folder will be created when you save config in these sections in admin:

  • System > Configuration > Ultimo > Theme Design
  • System > Configuration > Ultimo > Theme Layout

After creating new store views, please go to these sections and re-save settings.

Then flush Magento cache and clear browser’s cache.

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Thanks a lot for the support finally i see the template in action without errors. Congraturation for the best work

HI there,

i have a problem. If i go to system -> config -> infortis extension -> menu and click on that link, i get a white screen and nothing happens. All other Settings work fine, expect this one. Could you help me please?



i tried everything as described there. It still does not work. My “Brands configuration” works now. But Menu still does not.



me again, i did get it to work. It has been an file permission error in one of the megamenu pthml files. By the way GREAT Theme Infortis. Keep your good work going!

Wish you a nice day. Best Regards.

Thank you very much. :)

Hi, I was wondering if there’s any way on System > Configuration > Ultimo > Theme Settings > Product Page > Image Column Width to change its value under 4 grid units, instead between 4 and 8. Thanks.

Hello, the first I want to say that the theme is great!!! But I have one small problem, I have tested my site by gt metrix. The problem is that I must add dimensions to image and add attribute to image! How can I do that in the backend or how can I do that on the server? I look everywhere but I cannot find for ultimo, for standard magneto I can.

gr ruud


Don’t bother with gt metrix, dimensions can’t be added to images in responsive theme. It wouldn’t be responsive if you added.

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Hello I try to install Ultimo on a magento 3 stores I want to install first one store in a test web site. I have a magento I have done the process of the installation guide till “3.2.3 Import sample blocks and pages”

import static bloc is ok but it I try to import pages I have the error :

Next exception ‘Zend_Db_Statement_Exception’ with message ‘SQLSTATE23000: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry ‘1’ for key ‘identifier’’ in …/web/preprod/lib/Zend/Db/Statement/Pdo.php:234

Please help


You may already have a page with the same ID which one of the imported pages has. In that case please set option Overwrite Existing Pages to “Yes” and then save the configuration (clicking “Save Config” button).

When it’s set to “Yes”, imported pages will overwrite existing pages with the same identifiers (if you have any).

Other than that, this may be just some error in your database.

Best regards

Sorry but even if I set option Overwrite Existing Pages to “Yes” I have the same error message. I have 60 new blocks but 0 new pages


Then this is some error in Magento database.

But you can also add those pages manually. Original content of blocks and pages to import is available in XML files, they can be found in the following directory: app\code\local\Infortis\Ultimo\etc\import\ Pages are in pages.xml. Content of each page is between tags:


I upgraded from 5.10, followed the guide and all seems to work fine. Some changes were set back, but the mainpage slider disappeared. I did enter the settings in the config as mentioned there, refreshed cache, everything.

It just won’t show up. What (xml) file calls this injection?



There were big changes related to all sliders in version 1.6.x. Now you can display custom image slideshows on any CMS page and in any static block. To display a slideshow in a selected place you just need to use the slideshow shortcode.

To display a slideshow on home page you don’t need to use the shortcode. Just go to System > Configuration > Slideshow and configure options in sections named Main Slideshow on Home Page. Flush all caches after you finish. All settings are described with details in the user guide.

Please make sure you uploaded all theme files (to upgrade new files have to overwrite old files). Check the “Troubleshooting” chapter in the user guide: 14.1.1.

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We have installed an extension One page checkout.

But when we checkout it goes to checkout/onepage/ but it should go to onestepcheckout/index/ do we need to hardcode it somewhere?


Unfortunately we’re unable to provide support for third-party extensions. Please refer to chapter 2.3 Third-party extensions in the user guide for more details about extension installation (or better contact directly with authors of the extension).

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Hi, I need an non-Magento-version (just html+css+js) as I don’t use magento

Hi, We have only magento version.

Kind regards

We have purchased Ultimo version 1.5.3, and installed it successfully. However, I’m being asked to make the site design look like Demo #6 on this page:

Can you point me in the right direction as to how to edit the theme to look like demo #6?

I did unzip the file on the server, but when I open the zip file on my computer it contains a folder for version 1.5.3

What you can download from ThemeForest is ALWAYS the latest version (current is 1.6.1). So if you downloaded other version please contact ThemeForest support.

Okay. My bad. I thought this was Themeforest support. Can you point me to the right place for support? I’m still working my way through the demo 6 screen shot of settings and have found that my version doesn’t have Header-Top or Header-Primary as Ultimo > Theme Design options. Is that because of the version that I have?

If you install 1.6.1 you will see this version number in System Configuration > Ultimo (1.6.1)

Here you can find ThemeForest/Envato support:

But first please make sure you installed from correct file. Maybe you downloaded the theme but you accidentally unzipped it to the same folder in which you already had previous version of the theme.

If not, please report it to ThemeForest staff because from “Download” area on your ThemeForest account you should be able to download the latest version.

Hi Infortis,

I want to add two slideshows to my homepage. Please note that I want to use different slideshows for both of my multi store languages (Dutch and German).

Both slideshows should be placed on the spot where it now says “New in store” on the ultimo-home-page4 (demo store). The left slideshow should be the width of grid 12-4 and the right one grid 12-8.

1) how can I create this new slideshow and in which file? 2) how and where can I add these slideshow to my ultimo-home-page4?

Thanks so much for your help!

Ps. Love your theme!

1. Templates:
  • app\design\frontend\ultimo\default\template\infortis\ultramegamenu\mainmenu.phtml
  • app\design\frontend\ultimo\default\template\checkout\cart\mini.phtml

2. Please see option “Proportions: Subcategories / Block Right” in 13.2.1 Category Blocks configuration

Great, that worked for me! :-)

What things do I have to do when I want to rename the already installed Ultimo theme? (also allready changed banners and other stuff, so I don’t want to lose that when renaming the theme…)


Changing name is not supported. If you want, you can label themes in your stores by creating custom sub-themes (with custom names).