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Hi, I don’t have the Menu option in System>Configuration>Infortis Extensions. I only see Slideshow, Zoom and Brands. I’m using the latest version of Ultimo and Magento



In that case not all files were uploaded to your server during installation (or you have other errors). Please install again. Before you do this refer to the “Troubleshooting” chapter in the user guide and check the list of possible sources of problems in chapter 14.1.1 (to prepare your Magento properly).

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Why are my landing page links not working ? See Static Block code is here


Please add class “clearer” to the container, like this:

<div class="landing-page nested-container clearer">...</div>

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How does one upgrade from Ultimo version 1.5.3-c to the new version? My boss purchased this template from Themeforest, and 1.5.3-c is the version that has been provided. Can you please tell me how to get the latest version. Thank you so much!

Just to explain, I see this message in themeforest: You have already purchased this file. You can download it here. If you wish, you can purchase it again.

And this is the zip file that I installed here to learn: yet, under Configuration, it says that I have 1.5.3.

I did unzip the file on the server, but when I open the zip file on my computer it contains a folder for version 1.5.3.

Where can I get the latest version? Can I get a free upgrade or do you need to pay for upgrades?

Hello again,

Please reply below your first comment (I replied there too). No need to create new threads, it’s hard to track the conversation this way.

Sorry, I couldn’t find it. I’ll keep looking…


I know that you’re not supposed to provide help with custom templates but I really need your help for this!

How can I change the tabs position in the product view? I would like them to be below the Add To panel. In fact, I would like the tabs in the same position as the block_product_primary_bottom. I know how to create a child theme and how to edit templates but I can’t figure out how to change position of an element. Thank you for your help.

Thank you for you reply. I already use Template Path Hints. tabs.phtml is the template to make changes on the tabs but I can’t change the position of the block which contains the tabs… I don’t understand how to do that

tabs.phtml create tabs. But tabs are displayed inside product page template so you need to edit product page template (view.phtml).

Thank you, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

Hi, I have a problem with the Layered Navigation functioning. When I click on any attribute displayed, does not filter what I chose, still displays all the products in that category. (theme ultimo 1.5.5) Can you help me?

hi, my installation’s homepage is not getting its logo and other homepage images from ultimo, but instead still pulls them from base. please help.

thank you.


have you configured your home page after installation? Refer to the user guide: 6.1 Home page You should remove the “default” home page or replace its content with custom content.

Regarding image, please check this: 14.1.10 Images are not displayed

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I’m just trying to create a product slider that displays only one product but contains 5 products. The code I’m using is:

{{block type=”ultimo/product_list_featured” category_id=”16” product_count=”4” show_items=”1” is_ =”1” pagination=”true” move=”1” hide_button=”1” block_name=”Swiss Lace Closures” template=”catalog/product/list_item_slider.phtml”}}

Isn’t the product_count=”4” show_items=”1” part correct? It’s still displaying 4 images for me. Thank you Infortis!!

Removed the is_ =”1” (don’t know how that got in there) but it’s still displaying 4 products… Only want to display 1. I am using version 1.6 with the new Owl sliders as well.

In new version you need to use parameter breakpoints to specify the number of visible products.

{{block type="ultimo/product_list_featured" 
template="catalog/product/list_featured_slider.phtml" category_id="16" product_count="5" breakpoints="[0, 1]" pagination="1" move="1" hide_button="1" block_name="Swiss Lace Closures"}}

Please check the details in the new user guide:
6.1.4 Featured Products Slider

Perfect, thank you Infortis!!!


I would like to change the copyright (Copyright © 2012-2013 Premium Magento Themes by Infortis. All Rights Reserved) in the footer but i can not find the correct static block.

Which block is it?




This is part of magento settings in System > Configuration.

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I want to move the main menu under the Homepage slider, how can I archieve that? Best!

And can you tell me please, how I can move search box to left sidebar?


Unfortunately custom modifications are beyond the scope of our support.

You would need to customize template files which are responsible for those sections. To check which template files you need to edit to customize specific sections of Magento, you can enable Magento’s “Template Path Hints”, it will display the names of template file of each block in the front-end. Please see this short video tutorial for more details:

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I’m looking for a way to align all elements to the red line on the left of the page (see screenshot below). I know that I should edit the CSS but I’m on it since yesterday and I don’t know how to do it, I tried to change padding and margin of a lot of div and classes but it doesn’t work… Anyone has a simple solution for this ?


Different sections has different alignment because they can have background color, so they can’t be all in one line (we’re planning some changes here to add more control via admin panel).

To find out which part of CSS you need to extend or override you can use Firebug, an add-on for Firefox:
( ) or other similar tool.

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Thank you but I already use Firebug and it doesn’t help. I tried everything and I can’t get what I want, it’s a real mess and I can’t get a clean alignement. Even on your theme demo we can see the sample custom banners are align on the left but not on the right…

Please ask about specific elements, otherwise I’m simply unable to advise.

I didn’t receive an answer yesterday to my post/question about trying to download/access the latest version of Ultimo. Hopefully today you will be able to tell me how to get the latest version, when I go to “purchased downloads,” the version is still only version 1.5.3-c, not the most recent. How can I get the updated version please?

Very simple question that I din’t find in the user guide

Menu -> block right

How to display products on the right as in your demo under Fashion menu “recommended bags”

ok sorry stupid question… I found it

Just to poin out that if a product has lable new and this products in the slider in the menu, lables isn’t resized


Thank you for your notice, product labels in menu will be fixed in next update, we already have this on our list.

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how to sequence/ order of left side categories. its not working with category position on backend..


It will work, you just need to re-index magento and flush all caches after you change the order of your categories in Magento admin.

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menu’s are classic but the custom one is wide. how to make the custom menu as like classic.. sample code to post on block please


Custom drop-down is always wide, there are no settings in admin to make it like other drop-downs.

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I am trying to hide the lower sub categories in the menu, as there are too many and this is making the menu far too big. Is it possible to hide the sub categories.

You can see these at www . giftscentral . co . uk

under the Browse by Department >> Socks & Slippers >> Snoozies

I need to hide the sub categories for the snoozies styles collections only

thank you


Depth of the menu can be configured in your magento settings, please refer to the theme User Guide for more details:
chapter 4.5.3 Depth of the menu

For example, set the menu depth to “3”. This will hide the 4th level of sub-categories.

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Thank you, that solved it, I was trying to do it in the menu section of the them.

Is there anyway we can limit the number of sub categories showing on the third level.

For example only have it show 4 sub categories then have a more link to take you to the category page with al of the categories showing.

Thank you

Unfortunately there’s no such option but we’re planning to add something similar in the future.


I found you have two other magento theme on themeforest

What’s different between each theme?


Fortis theme has similar features, it just has different design. Third theme is Fortis for OpenCart.

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I really can’t find any different except very few things, like login account menu, and footer design Can you explin that’s different for both design? I can’t design what to install and that’s better option for me

Different is all what you can see in live demos. There are elements that are similar and elements that are different.

Hi! I’m using Your theme! It’s cool. I have one two mini problems. I can’t translate top category of the category tree. It’s still showing as Categories (i’m using Russian), no other problems with translation, just it…

Another question. I use two currencies, one for backend and one for frontend. When customer makes order it’s display him price in two currencies, but for money operations i’m using just frontend currency. Backend currency just for price correction. How can i hide backend currency from customer? Thank you!


Translation is Magento’s functionality, it’s not related to the theme.

The same with currencies – it’s all part of Magento. Please refer to Magento documentation for details, for example: Magento user guide. More references can be found in our user guide:
1. Help & Support

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Hi, why in demo, when change the currency, does not change the price in the block of new products (New in Store) in the homepage?


This is Magento bug related to cache. To fix, add “cache_lifetime” parameter to your new products block and set it to the minimum allowed (1 second).


This will keep the New Products block uncached while safely keeping all other HTML block elements cached as usual. And if this issue is fixed in a future release of Magento, this fix can easily be removed by simply deleting the cache_lifetime

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We have purchased theme In home page brand slider how to add???

In cms page you called like this {{block type=”brands/brands” show_items=”4” is_responsive=”1” block_name=”Our Brands” template=”infortis/brands/brand_slider.phtml”}}

But i dont have brand_slider.phtml file?? how to add brand slider??


And what version are you using? If it’s 1.3.0 or newer then you must have brand_slider.phtml it’s part of the theme.

If you don’t have it, then you didn’t upload it, which means that other files may also be missing so you would need to install again properly.

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In your demo site Fashion in main menu, if you mouse over the fashion , sub categroies showing with image slide, So i added the main category and sub category in my site, that menu design not displaying like you site. How to display like your fashion menu?

To display menu like this first you need to enable “Wide Style” in: System > Configuration > Menu > Style of the main menu

What you can see under categories ‘Fashion’ and ‘Electronics’ in our demos was created using blocks which can be added to each top-level and second-level category. Category blocks are described with details in the user guide: 13.2 Custom Category Blocks

For example, the yellow banner under ‘Electronics’ is a content of the text field “Block Right” in Catalog > Category Management > ‘Electronics’. Please take a look at the screenshots in chapters 13.2.2 and 13.2.3, they show the layout of all custom blocks under top-level and second-level categories.

You can also display product sliders inside the category blocks. But sliders will work only if you have Ultimo version 1.6 which have new sliders (old sliders will not work inside the menu).