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Hi infortis Team !

I would love to know if in “product slider” it’s possible to make the product title in ONE line. You do it in your demo, but you’ve got title’s product very short. What can we do if title are in 2 or 3 line in products slider ? Do you have any shortcode to do it ? (exactly like ” Theme Settings/Display Selected Elements/Display Name in Single Line/If set to “Yes”: if product name is too long to be displayed in a single line”


All the Best


I have a few questions :

1/ I translated the string “Special price”. Flush my cache, but the change doesnt show. Any idea?

2/ Is it possible for a slider to show new products from a particular category (automatically, not creating a category and assigning products to it)

Fantastic! Your theme is the best i have ever seen!

We’re happy that you like it, thank you. :)

If it’s not a problem, we would be grateful if you could rate our theme (in the download section of your ThemeForest account).

I will do it right now!

Hello Infortis,

I've just installed your theme version 1.6.1 in a new Magento 1.8.1. I cannot configure a simple wide menu with right block. I've activated Wide Menu, and also enter some example code to the right block of a top category.
But I cannot see anything. What I'm doing wrong?

Regards, Carlos.-


After saving your changes you will need to re-index Magento and then flush all caches.

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Hey Infortis, well, i have a test website, can i install it on my official and my test e-commerce?


One license is for one website, but you can also install the theme on your test server for testing purposes (that version shouldn’t be available to the public).

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Hey Infortis, how can i authenticate my License ?

I’m sorry but I don’t understand your question, what do you mean by authentication?

Hello Ultimo

If I buy the regular license to test the theme on my localhost personal computer, will I have to buy it again when I move to my web server?


According to the ThemeForest license each regular license entitles you to use the theme in a single website, but you can also install the theme on your test server (e.g. on localhost) for testing purposes (that version shouldn’t be available to the public).

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Hi there!

Very nice theme! I’m planning to buy this theme but I have one question before I do! Is there any way to change the “add to cart” button to another button that redirects you to another website? I was planning on opening an affiliate website and I will not sell any products, I was just thinking on doing affiliate.

Regards, Andy


This would require small modification of the template files which are responsible for “add to cart” buttons.

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We now have our site running live using the Ultimo theme

Really happy with the excellent work infortis have done to produce this theme and we’re looking forward to more updates and developments!

as you can see here footer columns’ contents do not appear even though they are enabled and have contents. Please help…

Yes I did that on purpose. It worked fine for a while after i changed it, so that is probably not what caused this..

Upon further investigation, I found out that anything inside is not showing up. What could be causing this?

In that case please check this chapter in the user guide:
9.2 Disable responsive layout
(section starting with “remove collapsible elements from the footer…”)

Some additional steps are required when responsive layout is disabled.

1. Does this template allow wholesale users to login to view wholesale prices? I want certain users to have access to wholesale price and check out from there.

My site will be retail and wholesale site and both capable of check out using their account info. Please let me know if it does that. I will buy this template as long as i hear back from you.

2. Important: Is this template upload fast speed? Is it lightweight? I have problems with other magento themes causing my site to be very very slow.

Hello, Just purchased this theme, and it’s great!

I have a question about pausing the main page slideshow while an embedded video is playing back. It pauses just fine when the cursor hovers over the slideshow. No problems there. But when an embedded Youtube is playing, I have to keep my cursor hovering over the video playback to keep the slideshow from moving on.

Question: How can I get the slideshow to pause while an embedded video is playing back without hovering the mouse over the slideshow?



Unfortunately there is no such feature in current version. We will try to improve this in updates.

Kind regards

hello how can I get the demo 5 and demo 6 style for ultimo


I use Chrome (on Win7) in which the auto-complete functionality only applies to forms which has an Action and Method specified. In the case of the check-out of Ultimo the form doesn’t have this. It will yield a small message “This web page has disabled automatic filling for this form”. Adding method=”POST” and action=”javascript:void(0)” to each of the relevant <form>-tags will remove the message and allow for a faster and easier checkout for my customers thorugh autocomplete.

Is there any reason why you haven’t taken this into consideration? Or could you for the next upgrade make the necessary changes?


This is Magento’s default. Checkout template files were not modified in our theme to avoid conflicts with 3rd-party checkout extensions.

Kind regards

I run a marketplace, which has multiple businesses with their own logos & products. I want to replace the Brands on the PRODUCT PAGE, not the home page and not the slider. I want to completely eliminate that part, and put a static block in its place. I have my own code that can display the proper logos and links, but I can’t seem to get anything in the place of where the Brands are on the product page. How can I remove the brands on the product page and replace it with a static block?


You can easily disable the brand logo on product page, you can do it in theme admin panel: System > Configuration > Brands. Please check the user guide for details:
12. Brands

In chapter 6.2.4 Product page you can find all available blocks on product page. Block block_product_secondary_bottom will be at the top if you disable the brand logo so you can use that block to show your content.

If you need to make some more modifications on product page, you can also customize the template file which is responsible for the product page. To check which template files you need to edit to customize specific sections of Magento, you can enable Magento’s “Template Path Hints”, it will display the names of template file of each block in the front-end. Please see this short video tutorial for more details:

Kind regards

I cannot get my products to link to the product page. I click on any product to see more about it and it goes to index page. The only way I can see the product page is by adding product to cart and then choosing edit at checkout cart. Then I can see product page. Please help what am I doing wrong?


Please make sure you installed everything correctly. Refer to the “Troubleshooting” chapter in the user guide and check the list of possible sources of problems in chapter 14.1.1.

If it doesn’t help, please contact our support via the contact form on our profile page for assistance.

Kind regards


Before I start modifying anything, or look to other extensions, I figure I might as well ask you guys first.

Is it possible to make a dropdown menu with brands?


For example, you can use predefined block number 6:

6. block_header_nav_dropdown – drop-down block in the main menu in which you can add any custom content.

Kind regards

Need Help!!!

I upgraded the theme to latest version and now search seems to be show only one coloum ( in Grid View), are there any settings or where can i change? Also after the upgrade, i dont see icons for “Add to Whishlist” & “Add to Compare” in product view:

Where can i change the setting?

Thank you for your help in advance !!!


Nothing was changed in the updates in elements which you mentioned.

Something just overrides the default Ultimo code in your Magento and changes it’s default behavior – most likely some third-party extensions (e.g. you have some “loyalty points” extension)

E.g. the grid view in your search results wasn’t rendered by the template file from Ultimo (please compare its HTML with grid’s HTML in our demo). The same with “Add to wishlist” links, they were not rendered by the template file from Ultimo.

It can also be caused by:
- some custom modifications (e.g. custom sub-theme)
- some elements that left from previous theme

Kind regards

Thanks INfortis…Let me check

HI I need help to show product rating under products review tab, its only show form not rating options, thanks Kindly Regards

I sort this problem now, I only need change rating star colour black to yellow thanks


Rating images (stars) can be found here: skin\frontend\ultimo\default\images\img

Kind regards

Hello good day

I have some questions

I’m using the demo version of the theme, but I want to know how to start adding my own products for example in the section of “our featured products”. I want them to appear my products that I have to add attributes to appear there??

In the section “Recommended Shoes” and Recommended Bags>

That options have to add them to my products to appear in this section and how I can change the name of shoes or bags to umbrellas for example

thank you


Usage of sliders is described with details in the user guide, please check this chapter:
6.1.4 Featured Products Slider

Kind regards

I am trying to add a Brand Image to a Product Page. Does the Brand image not show up for configurable products? I have a Brand as an attribute and everything is setup right but no Brand Image, Please Advise.


Brand logo is displayed for all types of products (in our demo there are many configurable products).

You just need to configure it properly, select an attribute (the easiest option is to use Magento’s default attribute “manufacturer”), add values to attribute etc. Please check this chapter in the manual:
12. Brands

Kind regards