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Hi, is there any option add some description text about the brand with logo in product detail page.


You can, for example, create a custom attribute “Brand Description” and add that attribute to your products so that the description of the brand will be displayed on product page.

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Love the theme but I have a problem and I can’t figure out how to solve it. My footer at the bottom goes from edge to edge on the screen like I want it to on the home page. But on my CMS pages with a 2 column with left bar the footer have a boxed layout. How can I make the footer be wide like on the home page on the CMS pages??

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Thx for fast anwer! here the grey and black footer is wide as it should be but not here I would like the footer to bo the same across the hole website.

Any clue?

It looks like you have some invalid HTML (e.g. some not close HTML tags) inside the content filed of that page or in one of your static blocks. And that is breaking the layout of entire page, because normally the
.footer-container is outside .main-container, but on your site it is inside .main-container.

Thank you so much! Solved it in minutes :)

Hello, I understand that products are shown in grids (home page, category page, etc) and bring name and price as base attributes however I would like to add “manufacturer” (either above or below). Is there an admin function on your Ultimo to solve this? Thanks.


There are no settings for this in admin, you would need to modify Magento to add this feature.

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Your theme is very good. Before using it I was using the extension Msemantic in order to have the rich snippet :

Since I am using your theme impossible to make it work.

What can I do ?


Yes, and we’re planning to implement it.

So you want to make Msemantic working with your theme ? or you want to implement your own code ? If you want to implement your own code what is the delay ? Regards

Our own code for rich snipets. unfortunately no ETA yet.

If I’m starting the site from scratch do I have to add the maintenance.flag file? It caused errors last time I added it.

I could be totally missing it but how then to I do all the other steps under “preparing your Magento” if I can’t access Magento admin?

We’re sorry that the instructions are not clear, we will fix it in the update. Sorry for all troubles.

You need to first finish all steps in the admin panel, and then create maintenance.flag. Then install all files and then remove maintenance.flag.

Thank you for helping me with this.

Hello I have developed a website using the ultimo theme. It had been working perfectly until yesterday. The search facility has completely stopped working. The website link is, could you please advice what the issue could be? If required i can provide access to the admin panel.

Hope to hear from you soon


Search is Magento’s core functionality not related to the theme and it wasn’t modified in Ultimo in any way. Please refer to Magento documentation and forums for details, for example: . More references can be found in our user guide:
Help & Support

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Hi, I am also developing another website. I am having problems displaying a left hand sidebar on the inner static pages and product pages. Once it is activated the left hand side bar drops to the bottom of the page. The website URL is

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The main column is normally inside container with class name .col-main, but on your site there is no .col-main container at all.

So it looks like you modified the base page template files or something overrides theme’s default code in your Magento, most likely your custom modifications or:
- some third-party extensions,
- some elements that left from previous theme

E.g. I see that you added a lot in the default styles.css, e.g. you added visibility:hidden; to .product-name so the product name on product page is now invisible. So it seems that you may have more customizations that breaks the theme.

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Dear infortis

Thank you so much for your prompt response in this matter. Could you please advice how i can re-instate the container with class name .col-main.

What file do i need to add this to and would you have the code i need to make this work?

Your help and guidance would be much appreciated.

Base page templates can be found in app\design\frontend\ultimo\default\template\page\ (there are 4 files, e.g, 2columns-left.phtml). It looks like you modified those files or they are overridden by sub-theme or extension.

Hello I’ve some problems with the ultimo theme and the brand slider:

The first and most important is with the more than a word brands or the common name, in this cases the brand icon on the home or in the product links to a search page with a brand name search but this page shows all the coincidences not only this brand products. How can I solve it?

The other problem is related with special characters I find comments about it from a year ago, it’s solved now?


It’s all solved, brand module was updated in the latest version Ultimo 1.7.0. Please re-download the theme, info about changes can be found in the “Update Guide” PDF. Special characters are fully supported now. Brand logos can be links to: a) quick search results page; b) advanced search results page; c) custom pages (e.g. category view pages, CMS pages, pages created by 3rd-party extensions etc.)

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Hello! I install the Theme here:


- I see only the structure of the theme, why I can’t see the image of the demo? - How can i see the pages (preset in the demo)? - The different demo i see here Is all include? i can use it?

Thank you so much



Other pages are available if you add index.php after base URL, e.g.:

so it seems that Web Server Rewrites are not enabled in your Magento. Please enable it in your Magento (System ? Configuration ? Web) and then re-index everything and flush all caches.

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Hi, I have upgraded theme recently. When the home page is being loaded the featured products are being loaded vertically first and then the home slider later. When finally loading is done the featured products are aligned horizontally. Have you known about this problem and how to solve? Thanks.


Which version are you using? Product slider items are invisible during loading.

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Thanks for the reply. Magento ver. and Ultimo 1.7.0. If you could take a moment at www.sodiumshop(dot)com that’d be great.

Again the way the page is loaded looks strange. First, featured product title and then the product description vertically loaded >>> and then product images vertically loaded >>> and then the home slider and the same time the product slider is horizontally aligned finally.

It just looks like the images (and also other resources such as scripts) are loaded very slowly (so the page layout is build element by element during images loading). This indicates some server issues or the server is just slow.

Hi, I justed wanted to let you know that we too would be very happy with a Ajax add to cart extension. If you can make this extension within a reasonable timeframe I am sure many existing and future customers (including us) will buy it!

Hello, Thank you for your suggestion, every voice counts.

Kind regards

How to change the doctype of the page to <!DOCTYPE html>


In base page templates in \app\design\frontend\ultimo\default\template\page\

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.product-view .add-to-box { display: none; }

The above hide for grid, can you advise the CSS to hide for row?


I apologize, but I don’t understand the question. Can you please clarify what you are trying to change?

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I am trying to hide the Add Cart I applied the above but it only hide for grid

In the grid mode (in category view) you can disable the button via admin, no need to make any changes in code: System > Configuration > Ultimo > Theme Settings

On product page correct CSS selector for button is .product-view .add-to-cart

To find out which part of CSS you need to extend or override you can use Firebug, an add-on for Firefox:
( ) or other similar tool.


Is it possible to change the default font ? i can change the heading font from theme setting but i want to change the font of product description also can you tell me which is ur CSS for that ?


Base font is applied in styles.css, in this line:
body { font:75%/150% Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; ...

In one of the next updates we’re planning to add an admin option for this.

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I have been using the Ultimo theme and it truly is brilliant.

I am however having one issue. Since installing it my brand pages shows up blank with nothing but the slider in the right column and when you click a brand logo it performs a search with the brand name and displays results rather than taking you to the manufacturer paged. The manufacturer pages is now also blank.

I would greatly appreciate any help

Please forgive me but I don’t quite understand what is the issue in this case. Theme doesn’t create brand pages. Brand pages can be created manually (or by some extensions) or you can configure the brand module to link the brand logo to the page with Magento search results for that brand name (that’s how you have it currently configured on What exactly doesn’t work?

There were some changes and improvements in the new version 1.7.0 so after upgrading you may need to configure brands again to check if all works as you had it configured before upgrading.

There is more options now, e.g.:
brand logo can be a link to: a) quick search results page; b) advanced search results page; c) custom pages (e.g. category view pages, CMS pages, pages created by 3rd-party extensions etc.)

We have created brand pages but since installing Ultimo they have disappeared,

I’m sorry but I’m not sure I understand your issue. Your pages at these URLs works just fine.


is there a way to get the slider above the crumbpath and into the “main-before-top-container” (just as home) for a page or category?

Thnx in advance.


It can be done with layout update XML. Add the following code in the Layout Update field of your page or category (it will work similarly to the slideshow shortcode which can be added to static blocks):

<reference name="main_before_top">
    <block type="ultraslideshow/slideshow" name="myslideshow" template="infortis/ultraslideshow/slideshow.phtml">
        <action method="addSlides">

It will display the slideshow in the same place as on the home page. Replace block_slide1, block_slide2, block_slide3 with identifiers of your slides. You can of course add more slides if needed.

You can add this code to any CMS page: go to CMS > Pages, select a page and open the Design tab:

Design > Page Layout > Layout Update XML

You can also add it to any category: go to Catalog > Manage Categories, select a category and open the Custom Design tab:

Custom Design > Custom Layout Update

Best regards

Thanks! I was so close ^^ Only didn’t figure out the addSlides method tag in the xml layout


When I’m within this category the hover effect for this menu item doesn’t work anymore. When I’m on other parts of the webshop it does works.

P.S. it’s the first menu item “BRACES EN BANDAGES”


It looks like you just configured exactly the same color for standard menu item and active menu item (Item Background Color and Item Active Background Color fields in System > Configuration > Ultimo > Theme Design > Main Menu section).

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Jep, haha. Sorry for the post.

Hi, Very happy with the Ultimo theme. Can you help with this point please? I would like to remove the ‘Selected Store’ box showing at Top Right of my site. Where/how do I do this please?

Many thanks


I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand, by default there is no ‘Selected Store’ box at the top. Please clarify what element you meant.

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Hi – Can you take a look at stefstyle(dot)com and you will see on the very top right a dropdown menu that is revealing my backoffice names for the different store views. I need to remove that from public view. Originally, that area showed your language store views.

Many thanks

Thank you for clarification. This is a store view switcher (standard Magento feature), it’s normally used as a language switcher (if each of your store views is for a different language).

You can, for example, configure 3 store views with different languages in your Magento and the store view switcher will work as language switcher.

To remove it you would need to edit this file: app\design\frontend\ultimo\default\template\page\html\header.phtml

and remove this line:
<?php echo $this->getChildHtml('store_language'); ?>


I just started working at a company who uses this great theme, is there any way I could get the documentation?

Thanks in advance

Hello, It’s included with the theme package, so you can simply redownload it from the account.

Kind regards

I’m trying to change the way the sidebar categories are displayed, so I’ve gone System – Config – Menu – Parent Category, but no matter what I change it to this doesn’t seem to have any effect? I’d like to only display subcategories for the selected category (ie. if you’re in top level category “Laptops”, it only displays sub-categories of Laptops), do you know what could be causing this not to work? Any silly mistakes I may have made/overlooked? Any help would be greatly appreciated


If your sidebar menu is not displayed via shortcode, but in a standard way (via admin settings System > Configuration > Menu > Sidebar Menu > Enable Sidebar Menu) then in the Parent Category field you can select “Current category”. Then re-index Magento, flush all caches and try again.

If it’s displayed via shortcode then you need to use parameters in the shortcode, because Parent Category field will not take effect.

Kind regards