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Hi There,

Great theme. Whens the next update? You mentioned a sticky menu is on its way in July/August, I am going to buy but thought I would wait if the next update is imminent.




Thank you for showing interest in our theme. Unfortunately we don’t have ETA yet so it may take some time.

Kind regards

Dear Infortis,

We have purchased, configured and customised the Ultimo theme with great success. Our client was under the impression that the Custom Mega Menus can be built using a simple drag and drop functionality. We have referred our client to the user guide where each Custom Mega Menu needs to be setup as a Static Block using custom HTML including any custom ‘Feature Product Banners’ as well as column layouts first, before it can be used. Also if an existing Custom Mega Menu needs to be modified in the future (for example amount of product category columns, or a ‘Feature Product Banner’ image) it needs to be done within the HTML setup of that Static Block.

Can you please confirm that this is the case?

Thanks for the response! We are currently using ‘ULTIMO THEME (1.2.0)’, is that the latest version? If not what is the procedure the to upgrade to newest version and will we lose our custom styling applied to current Theme?


1.2.0 is very old, it has almost 2 years. Latest version is 1.9.2, there were many changes between these versions. Please re-download the package from your account (it will be the latest version) and take a look into the Update Guide where all upgrade steps and important changes are described. Always test the upgrade process on a test installation.

ok – thanks for the reply.

My Category structure is as follows: Default > Parent > Child > Sub-Child

I would like my main menu to show a Child as the first category. If there a way to do that in the theme settings without touching the code?

I’m not sure to which comment you are referring to, please post a link. You can add links to the menu via a static block, those links will not be added to the site map.

Just wanted to make you aware of a logical bug. When you use Categories for a Custom Menu Item, it will add it to the Site Map Page of Magento and the XML site map as well. They will show up as Product/Categories links even-though they are just page links. (I thought menu via a static block is deprecated?)

Thank you for your notice, we’re aware of that, it’s just that it would be difficult to get rid of those links form site map etc., we would need to make many changes in Magento’s core features. I think it’s not worth it. If someone adds a link to the main menu bar it’s usually a link to some important page so it’s nothing wrong that the link will be inside the site map. Of course on the site map page the link will be among categories and will be signed “Categories”, this doesn’t look good but I thinks this is the only problem here.

Menu via a static block is deprecated but still can be used.

First off, your email support is a joke, they’re useless. Second: where would I find this option? “Ability to make a category link not clickable (so that it only serves to show/hide a drop-down box)”. I am trying to configure this in Magento but can’t find the option anywhere.

Collis Ta’eed, Cyan Ta’eed, and Jun Rung, their emails please? I need to send a complaint.



In category manager in Catalog > Category Management select a category and open the “Menu” tab. To make a category link not clickable in the main menu, just enter # in the “Custom URL” field of that category. Then reindex Magento and clear all caches.

Kind regards

After 1.9.2 upgrade, I have problems with menu: it’s double, not responsive and dropdown doesn’t work.

Solved, thank you very much!

What was the problem?

Child theme overwrite (new version considerably changed default one).

Hi, Presales question. Can I use 1 regular license for maintaining two stores? (same backend)

e.g. and, both using same magento installation?

Also, can I modify the theme / layout / colors independently for both stores?



1. Unfortunately not, with ThemeForest regular license you are licensed to use the theme to create a single website. For 2 websites you would need 2 regular licenses.

Here you can read more about ThemeForest licenses:

2. Yes, you can modify everything independently for all stores you have in your Magento.

Kind regards

Thanks infortis

I have Related Products set up on my website and they are appearing in the right hand column on each product page. The problem I am experiencing is that if the related product has a special price, the price can be cut off if the screen is a certain width as the responsive settings do not appear to be triggered by the special price. My question is therefore two-fold:

1. How can I change the responsive trigger point so that the price doesn’t get cut-off? 2. Can I move the Related Products block to beneath the product description, where I believe the Up-Sells appear?

I look forward to your response.

Kind regards,


The best page to see what I am talking about is here:

If you narrow the browser window to about 30cm wide you will see the special price get cut off and it stays that way until the window is about 24cm wide when the product image moves above the description.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,


Please remove this CSS from theme’s styles.css:

.product-view .price-box .special-price {
    white-space: nowrap;

That should do the job.

All done and it looks perfect! :)

Thank you for your help.


Hello, What changes are needed to display the Attributes in the Description tab on the product page rather than in the Additional Info tab? Thanks


Unfortunately we don’t have any ready solution, Magento displays attributes by default in that tab. You would need to edit the template file responsible for the block with description and add custom code that will display attributes.

To check which template files you need to edit to customize specific sections of Magento, you can enable Magento’s “Template Path Hints”, it will display the names of template file of each block in the front-end. Please see this short video tutorial for more details:

More details about theme/Magento customization can be found in the user guide: 5. Customization

Kind regards

Hello, On my main bar menu I have one menu with lot of subcategories and I want to deactivate the submenu. On the category when I choose Simple submenu (no drop-down) its not working I still have the mega menu, How I can fix it ? Regard, G.


Option “Simple submenu (no drop-down)” is for something else (please see description in the user guide).

In the main menu you can limit number of displayed category levels. To do that, go to System > Configuration > Catalog and specify the depth in “Maximal Depth” field.

To get rid of the drop-downs, enter 1 in “Maximal Depth” field and save the configuration. From now on, only the first level of categories will be displayed in the main menu, no drop-downs.

Kind regards

Hello, Thank you for your answer, I will do it just for one categories. With your tips, it’s applyed on every categories.

How I can do it just for one specific catégory ?

Regard, Guillaume

You can disable “Include in Navigation Menu” for all subcategories which you don’t want to display.
And in this case: no subcategories = no drop-down.

Dear Infortis, great theme, great work! Congrats! Can you please provide information on compatibility of Ultimo theme with the following extension: ?

Basically I would like to reconfigure the checkout process in terms that I want to exclude the shipping/payment part from the checkout process, and instead I would like to make the option for buyers to place an order jsut to get a quote (for the system and following installation costs) from me. I’m selling system solutions, which includes integration, installation, maintenance costs, so interested parties will ask for a quote (for the installation costs of the chosen system) instead of purchasing the systemright away.

Thank you in advance, S.


Unfortunately we’re unable to advise, we don’t test extensions because there are thousands of them. But this one should work out of the box because the checkout process wasn’t modified in our theme (we use Magento’s default checkout).

Kind regards

Hi, can you please help with details on how to disable Custom block, Compare products, recently viewed, poll and paypal from Category page?

As far as i know that option is there on config page to disable only on homepage, but what about category page ?


Static block can be simply deactivated in block’s settings (CMS > Static Blocks). Other sidebar blocks are Magento’s blocks and there are settings in Magento admin to deactivate some of them, but not all. E.g. poll can be removed in poll settings. You can find all details in Magento documentation.

Kind regards

Hello there,

I am about to purchase the Extended version of this product, but would like to ask a few questions about it before the purchase. Therefore, if you have some information about my questions, please do not hesitate and feel free to share your knowledge. 1. Is there such a feature for the visitor of purchased web page to change the language of the content? 2. Will the personal data of registered web page users be held somewhere in “Themeforest” database or servers of our own? 3. Does any protection from hackers come along with the product? 4. We are planning to use this theme for a web site to sell items, therefore, is there anything done with the section of bank operations? 5. Is there such a possibility to ask your staff to create a different filtering system for the search of items in purchased web page (of course, for an additional cost)?


1. Yes, in Magento you can install multiple languages and our theme can work with any language installed in your Magento.

2. Your customers data will be stored in your database on your server. Themeforest or anyone else will have no access to the data, only you.

3. Magento has a number of built-in security features aimed at keeping your store safe, it’s currently the best e-commerce platform. You can find all details on Magento website.

4. It is integrated with a variety of major payment gateways out of the box:

5. Unfortunately we don’t offer such services but you can find tons of “ready-to-use” Magento extensions on Magento Connect: or developers who will create custom filtering system for you,

Kind regards

Thank you very much for an explanation

Hi, I tired to change the subcategory drop down width both with pixel and percentage, but it won’t effect the theme. Already cleared the cache of magento and the browser as well as reindexed. Still no change. What else could I overlook?

Thanks and great theme


It must be problem with cache, please try to reindex again and clear all caches, also web browser’s cache.

Other than that, it may indicate incorrect installation, e.g. missing CSS files. Please refer to the “Troubleshooting” chapter in the user guide, check the list of possible sources of problems in chapter 14.1.1.

Kind regards

hi; i want to buy ur theme. is it compatible fullywith ver

Hello, Yes, it’s fully compatible.

Kind regards

Hello, i’ve got a problem with resized png images in cache folder being four or five times bigger (in weight) than the original uploaded image.

i don’t know if it is theme problem, or a magento problem, or server related issue. I don’t know where to start looking at.

Have you hear about this problem? Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately I’m unable to advise on this, never heard about something like this. It’s for sure not theme related, I also doubt it has something to do with Magento, rather server issue.

Maybe you uploaded png with transparency and server has some problem with it.

Kind regards

Hi there,

I am facing a SSL problem. When i am in the checkout.. the SSL is not working right. (no green balk) I discoverd that the logo.png is not secure. Chrome says:

The page at ‘' was loaded over HTTPS, but displayed insecure content from ‘': this content should also be loaded over HTTPS.

These are my settings in the backend:

What do i miss?


The main logo in our theme is loaded through Magneto’s default functions, so this issue is not theme related. I’m sorry but I’m unable to advise on this.

Kind regards

Hi I bought this great theme but I cant get the magentos layered navigation to come up for anchored categories.The sidebar menu comes up with no layered navigation at all. In the brands category I would like to get all brand names listed. when a customer chooses a brand then I would like them to chose other attributes etc.from magentos layered navigation. At the same time configuration-menu-sidebar menu controls don’t work either. I already reindexed, flush the cache etc. . Do you think I did something wrong during the installation. Thanks


On your site you don’t have any products so there is no Layered Navigation.

Layered Navigation is Magento’s standard feature, it is not related to the theme. You can configure each attribute to be displayed in Layered Navigation: “Use in Layered Navigation” field in Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes > [select attribute]. Please refer to Magento documentation for details:

Kind regards

Hello Guys I can change all the colours via config panel accept the Link colour. Nothing will change it i have switch off Cloud Flare flushed its caches also flushed Magento caches every one of them but nothing will change the link colours ???? Any ideas please ??

Yes, theme patch for Magento 1.8.1 and is the same. It just adds theme files which are needed in those versions of Magento.

SO are you saying if i upgrade i do not need to apply patch again ?

No, you upload theme patch only just after you upload theme files. When you upgrade Magento you don’t change anything in the theme files so uploading patch is not needed.


Just a quick question on our website which has been complete for some time now but we have just noticed it. The contact form on the contact page, when you submit your entry into the form it successfully sends fine, but for some reason it redirects to a random other page with a contact form and not the page that you were on. Our form is on this page:

But when you submit the entry it goes to this page:

Any way to stop it doing this?


Unfortunately I’m unable to advise, this is Magento’s feature, it is not related to the theme.

It looks like you just modified this feature, standard URL of that page in Magento is ”.../contacts/” not ”.../contact-us/”

Kind regards


I created a page called Contact Us and put in the contact form on there with the map that I wanted etc. There was never a page called Contacts that I could edit to add a map to and stuff.

Could you advise as to where I can find the default contacts page to edit?

Regards, Karam.

There is no such page, Magento just creates this URL dynamically when it displays contact form. So it probably always redirects back to that URL.

hello guys

i add new product and product will be added sucessfulli but when i click on product through front end then the page will be displayed the this ? and yesterday when i add a product it will displayed like that


This is not theme related, theme doesn’t affect or change product URLs in any way.

Kind regards