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Hi, I’m using 1.6.1 and when I show “Add to cart” buttons on my home page product sliders (hide_button=”0”) they work for a while but then they stop working and when I click on them the products aren’t added to the cart. Any ideas on how to fix/troubleshoot this?




I’m sorry but this is not related to the theme, adding products to the cart is Magento’s core functionality, it wasn’t modified in Ultimo.

If you upgraded Magento, this may be some issue with upgrade.

Kind regards

Is it possible to align the ‘Buy product’-buttons on the product sliders on the homepage:

I wan’t to align them, so they all are on one row and not jumping up and down according to the length of the producttitle.


We’re planning to add that option in future updates.

Kind regards

Hi there,

I just bought and installed the theme, and it looks really good. I got a question however: we had another theme installed already and it seems there are a lot of remnants from the old theme visible now (besides the content: it surely makes sense that thís is still visible). One of the issues relates to the banner/slider.

Question: when you install the ultimo theme (and chose for demo 1), should it then look like the live preview as shown on this website? Or should it be empty? When I installed it, the homepage had some static blocks from the old theme shown ón the (empty) slider, which is of course not what I want.

It would be much more convenient if the page looks just like it is shown in ‘live preview’, so that we can start from there!

Many thanks in advance,


Hi infortis,

Many thanks for your answer. It isn’t totally clear to me, so just to clarify: after I installed it, it does like demo 1 in the sense that the main menu is there, the ‘search’ function is there, the cart in the upper right corner is there etc. All this is indeed in ‘demo 1 style’. So that’s good.

But we don’t have the standard static blocks. Right under the main menu, it’s just empty. So we don’t have the slider, the preface (with ‘unlimited colors’, ‘responsive layout’, ‘mega menu’), the ‘our featured products’ section, the ‘New in store’ section etc. Should all this be there by default? Or should it just be empty the way it is right now?

Many thanks once again for your help,


After half a day of trying to figuring it out, I still haven’t managed to fix it. I can be more specific with respect to the issue now however.

On CMS > Pages, I set the URL key of ‘Ultimo Home Page’ as ‘home’, as is suggested in the guide. I can see what my homepage on my website should like like via ‘example’ (CMS > pages > ‘action’ on the right-hand side of the page). But, this is the problem: this doesn’t work. The changes seem not to transfer to the frontend. My homepage at the front end still says: “The was no Home CMS page configured or found.”

I emptied the cache several times, checked the troubleshooting-chapter etc, but to no avail.

Many thanks,

After installation you need (you can, it’s optional) to import sample home pages from all demos and sample static blocks. Please follow the instructions and then configure your home page like described in the user guide.

“My homepage at the front end still says: The was no Home CMS page configured or found.”

Enabling the home page is not theme related, it is part of Magento. Maybe you didn’t enable that page for proper store view? Or maybe your page is overridden in System > Configuration > General > Web > Default Pages

You can find basic info in the user guide and more can be found in Magneto documentation.

Hi there – I am presently migrating my site to an upgraded store using Ultimo as its theme. I use the Sweet Tooth Rewards add-on as a loyalty scheme, but after upgrading Ultimo today, whenever I use the points slider within the Cart, the subtotal box disappears. Please help. If I need to log this with Sweet Tooth, please let me know. The store is

The shop is in demo at present, so please pay around with it. Please email me for account details.

Thanks, Mike


Unfortunately we’re unable to provide support for third-party extensions. Please refer to chapter 2.3 Third-party extensions in the user guide for more details and make sure you installed the extension inside theme’s directories. Also, you may have some JavaScript conflicts.

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Hello Everyone! I have made something special, its a sprite image that adds Instagram to the social media icons! It will replace the envato icon with Instagram, and its really easy to install. Just copy it to /skin/frontend/ultimo/default/images, clear cache, refresh page, and you are good to go! Don’t change the filename. All I ask in return is to go to my page on facebook at and share my page on your timeline! If you want to see it in action, you can visit my website and scroll to the bottom! I hope this helps this wonderful template be even better! Here’s the google drive link. Hope this helps everyone.

Hello, Thanks for sharing with others. :)

Kind regards

I have installed this theme but pictures of slideshow doesn’t transit to next picture automatically even I set configuration of slideshow following user-guidebook. It was only transited when I manually click icon (next button). Could you give me some tips for solving this problem?


You need to use Timeout parameter to enable automatic transition. After configuring this, please clear magento cache.

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how to update ultimo to new version? i use ultimo 1.6, want to update 1.9, my CMS page & static block is many. I m affraid if I update and replace any file will lose everything. what should I prepare before update. TY

and also about the layout and design setting, after update, could it replaced all? or still my previous design? (I need maintain previous one). TY


Upgrade will not overwrite your current settings or pages and blocks, it will only add new features.

To upgrade, please re-download the theme from your account and follow the instructions in the Update Guide.

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I want to purchase this theme, but first I want to know, is this theme using any Frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation… Thanks


It doesn’t use bootstarp, it uses our own grid system and collection of modules tailored for Magento.

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can you advise me where can delete the text on the home slide 1 … Home slide 4 advertisement banner of home page? such as : “Customizable Theme You can change colors of almost every element You have never seen so many options ” , i don’t want any test on these banners.

Thanks Sherry

Home slide 1

i modify from the block_slide1, but not any change…

sorry, it is modify the block: Demo slide – s1 – 1

ohhhhhhhhh, Just now i have solved these problem. sorry to disturb.


How can I put the menu top links, in block “block_header_top_right”?

If you can help me, I’m happy ….

Thank you.


You would need to customize the template file which is responsible for the header section. To check which template files you need to edit to customize specific sections of Magento, you can enable Magento’s “Template Path Hints”, it will display the names of template file of each block in the front-end. Please see this short video tutorial for more details:

More details about theme/Magento customization can be found in the user guide: 5. Customization

Best regards

Hello, I have a problem in Ultimo version 1.9.2. I have disabled responsive layout in Theme Layout and in Main Menu Mode, I selected Drop-down Menu. Now, my website have this layout: I found this problem when I updated Ultimo from version 1.8.0.

How can resolve this?


We’ll take a look into that, thank you for your notice. We’ll let you know ASAP.

kind regards

How long more or less have to wait? Thank you very much

If this is a bug, we’ll post a patch ASAP.

i want to use a one step checkout, is there any supported by your theme?


This theme can work with any extension which was correctly integrated with Magento. Unfortunately we don’t have any to recommend, we’re unable to test third-party extensions since there are thousands of available extensions. Please refer to chapter Third-party extensions in the user guide for more details.

Kind regards


I’m looking for commercial support in customising this template. There are 2 stages of customisations that I’m expecting – would you be willing to go through a document which describes my requirements?

Ideally it would be to discuss this via Skype/phone.

Kind regards, Bogdan Ciocoiu 0785 715 1348 bogdan.ciocoiu


Firstly, thank you for this theme its EXCELLENT!! The best magento theme I have found so far.

I’m having a problem with prices on configurable products. The price of the simple producst nested within the configurable product don’t show, the value remains at £0.00 regardless of which options are chosen? Please could you tell me how to get the price of a configurable product/s to display correctly?

Many thanks John

I’m using Magento version Thanks


Maybe you just forgot to reindex Magento and flush the cache. Or there is some error in your configuration of the price. I’m sorry but this is Magento’s functionality not related to the theme. You can probably find some more info in Magento documentation, for example: . More references can be found in our user guide:
Help & Support

Thank you for kind words about Ultimo. :)

Kind regards

Hi Ultimo,

I have been building the site with your theme and it’s ready to go now. But there is just one problem, after added items in the shopping cart, I can not update the quantity in the shopping cart. I searched the web for the solution and there are many peoples who had the same problem but they all solved their problems with the line codes

” <?php echo $this->getMessagesBlock()->getGroupedHtml() ?> <?php echo $this->getChildHtml(‘form_before’) ?> <form action=”<?php echo $this->getUrl(‘checkout/cart/updatePost’) ?>” method=”post” class=”the-cart-form”> <?php echo $this->getBlockHtml(‘formkey’); ?>”

They all said if these codes are in the cart.phtml file, then it should work. But these code are in the Ultimo cart.phtml file already. I wonder if I need to modify some other file in Ultimo theme. Please help. Thank you in advance.


Hi again, After take a look at the template path hint, I find out the output cart.phtml file is this “frontend/base/default/template/cleancart/cart.phtml” instead of this frontend/ultimo/default/template/checkout/cart.phtml” and also missing “frontend/base/default/template/core/formkey.phtml” on front end.

Could you help me what went wrong? Thank you, Jesse

Hi Ultimo,

I solved the problem, it was one of the extension which replace the cart.phtml file.

Best regards, Jesse

Hey Guy’s,

Was wondering whether you are going to be bringing this theme out in a Wordpress / Woocommerce version?




We’re not planning to create version for WP. Thank you for showing interest in our theme.

Kind regards


for some unknown reason, newly added images (we upload via OscWare and everything is working well) are not scaled down in grid view. Any idea why this could be? The only thing these products have in common is, that they are the newest addition to the shop.

Example (scroll down a bit) here:


For category pages you can disable Keep Image Aspect Ratio option in: System > Configuration > Ultimo > Theme Settings > Category View

Kind regards

In order to have the Ultimo left side category menu navigation appear I have to check the “Include in Navigation Menu” for that category. However, this also make the category appear in top horizontal menu. Is there anyway to keep it out of the top main menu and only have it appear in the left side menu?

Also is there a way to remove the “Shop By” Magneto menu that appears below the Ultimo menu on the left hand side?

Thanks in advance for your support!


1. “Include in Navigation Menu” affect both menus as you usually want to show the same categories in all menus.

If your category (the one to hide) is in the 2nd or lower level, then in the main menu you can limit number of displayed category levels. To do that, go to System > Configuration > Catalog and specify the depth in “Maximal Depth” field. For example, if you want to display only 1 level of categories, enter 1 in “Maximal Depth” field and save the configuration.

This will not affect the sidebar menu because the sidebar menu has its own category depth control: System > Configuration > Menu > Sidebar Menu > Maximum Depth

2. The “Shop By” block (called Layered Navigation) is Magento’s standard feature, it is not related to the theme.

You can configure each attribute to be displayed in Layered Navigation: “Use in Layered Navigation” field in Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes > [select attribute]. Please refer to Magento documentation for details:

Kind regards

can I align the add cart button, pricing and description at same horizontal row? Now looks very messy.

There are no settings for this in current version, we’re planning to add it. For now you would need to do it with CSS.

Do you have any source where I can refer to? Because this could really improve the theme design.

We don’t have any ready solution, but basically you would need to align button with the bottom of the item (product) using position:absolute and add some padding at the bottom of the item.

Is the width of the Card Verification Number (aka CSC) controlled by the theme? On my site (, the box is only wide enough to display part of the 3rd digit


To change this, in this file: skin\frontend\ultimo\default\css\styles.css, replace this:

.sp-methods input.cvv {
    width: 3em !important;

with this:

.sp-methods input.cvv {
    width: 5em !important;

Kind regards