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Upgraded from 1.8.1 to 1.9.2 today and everything appears fine except for the Submenu Type option that is supposed to be in each Category. The manual talks about specifying Submenu Type under the “Menu” tab for each category but mine looks the same as it did before with no Submenu Type option showing. I’ve flushed the cache, reindexed, and everything else the upgrade manual told me to do. I’ve even restarted the server but there is no option available. What am I missing? Under System->Configuration->Ultimo shows version 1.9.2.

I know all the files are there are correct. Is there a manual query I can run to update the db?

I had to completely gut it from my current install from files to DB and then started over. Now it works. Hope future upgrades aren’t that much of a task. Thanks.

There is no problem with upgrade, you just didn’t upload all files or they were not accessible for Magento because of file permissions on your server so the upgrade went wrong.

I think I found a bug;

When I go to – system – > configuration – > advanced

and turn of mage_review

The review options on product page are still enabled

Is this correct?

It should disappear after that. Unfortunately I’m unable to advise on this, this is not theme related (review module is part of Magento). You may have some extensions that override this feature or there are some errors related to cache in your Magento.

Yes, the function disapears, only not the TAB and the link in the product page ‘be the first to review’. but the function inside the tab ‘review’ is now empty.

So the TAB needs to be removed also (just like the button).

It should all disappear after disabling the module and clearing the cache. Which versions do you have? (theme and Magento)
There’s probably some issue on your end.


i want to move the area ” Brand Logo” in the right side of product page.

Can you advise me how to delete it? if the product without manufacturer put, means this area is empty, but all models i need add the attributes which will appear at addition info, that will be ok. i just don’t want to display in right top side before block_product_secondary_bottom…



IF you want to get rid of the brand logo on product page, then you can disable it in admin:
System > Config > Brands > Brand on Product Page

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My Sale stickers are not displayed for all sale products, only few of them. I have many products in sale, I reindexed Magento many times, flushed the cache but nothing works. What can I do ?


Magento 1.8.1 and last version of Ultimo.


The “sale” label is only applied to products with directly specified special price. Reindex Magento and flush the cache if not all your products with special price display the label.

Labels are applied in app\code\local\Infortis\Ultimo\Helper\Labels.php in case you would like to customize it.

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we have Magento Version Our shop has two languages – German (main language) and English. Unfortunately, when switching to English CSS for fonts and navigation will not be accepted. Refresh the CSS after adding new store views – does not help.

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After creating new store view (or after changing the store view code), you need to re-save theme settings in System > Configuration > Ultimo > Theme Design and in System > Configuration > Ultimo > Theme Layout. After that, you need to flush all caches and clear your web browser’s cache. If this doesn’t help, please refer to this chapter in the user guide and follow the instructions: 14.2.2 “Failed generating CSS file”

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Hello, I am having problems changing theme color scheme in settings > theme design page.

I tried to change color in Footer – secondary > Inner background color to transparent by using rgba(0,0,0,0.1) value. It works fine and after saving my footer is transparent but in the settings after saving it always displays value #000000 and if I save again, my footer becomes black.

This leads to a thing that everytime I do some changes on this page I have to put my transparent value back. If I forget, I am back to black.

I didnt try transparency on any other field, so I dont know if it does this only here or in more places.

Is it a bug or should I not use transparency this way?



The color picker plugin doesn’t fully support transparency, so you will have transparent color on the front-end only after the first saving. After saving again, it will change to black, so you would need to repeat and put your transparent value again.

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thanks for reply, that is exactly what I encountered. Is there some workaround or are you planning on implementing transparency support?

With regards, LP

We’re planning to replace it with some other plugin in the future. For now you would need to repeat and put your transparent value again after saving.


we’re using your great template for a while. It’s still one of the best Magento Themes.

We tried to use the Simple Configurable Product module – it’s just supported until 1.5 – but in Standard Magento theme the function we’d like still works.

We have a Magento running. We would our productimages to be changed after selecting an option on the configurable product. Is there a possibility?


Unfortunately we’re unable to guarantee that third-party extensions will work “out of the box”. This is extension author’s responsibility, they should provide detailed instruction about how to integrate the extension with custom themes. Each extension modifies theme/Magento functionality, so it would be better to ask about details authors of that extension, they will know better how the extension works and what elements of themes it overrides.

Also, you need to install extensions in theme’s directories (instead of “default” theme’s directories). Please refer to chapter 2.3 Third-party extensions in the user guide for more details.

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I have downloaded the new package on 20th july, but as stated in the early package that new ultimo version will be updated in it, it still has 1.8 please let me know when it will be available.

Also sir the new menus used in 5th and 6th themes newly added can you please tell me where its code is present in user guide.

As after applying the patch the menu became classic.

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Thankyou for the prompt reply. Sir I am checking the manual but i dont get the exact code to make the menus used in demo. Also i dont get the block names that are in theme one and not in theme 6. I want the looks exactly as demo6 how do i do that sir.

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Update of the menu is described in the “Update Guide.pdf”. See the chapter 1.2 Ultimo version 1.9.0. There is nothing more than description of changes in the menu.

Description of all menu options is in the “Ultimo User Guide.pdf”
in 13. Menu

“I dont get the block names that are in theme one and not in theme 6. I want the looks exactly as demo6 how do i do that sir.”

If you want the same content of your home page as in demo 6 then you can import sample home pages from all demos and use the one from demo 6. Home page configuration is described in the user guide: 6.1 Home page

Thankyou sir,.. Really happy with the prompt reply and support. i understood and read that chapter and found the solution. Thankyou.. Also looking forward for updated package soon..

Thanks and Best Regards

hi, do you have an email address for pre-sale question? thank you.


Of course, you can always contact us via the contact form on our profile page

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Hi, i would be aewsome to add an icon library. I think this is simple to add and would help people a lot.

Cheers, ewen


This is in our plans for the near future. : )

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I am in the process of finishing my site but I have a problem. I am trying to make my Home page look like the Demo 3 page.

I want my footer to appear exactly how demo 3’s footer appears with the circle bullet points for Theme Features, Sample Heading and Footer Block and the Key Features on the end.

I want the images on the home page to be the same size as on the demo 3 site. I want the Feature section to appear with only 8 images and the recommended section to appear and for it to have the same look as demo 3.

I also want to remove the Paypal sign from the right side of all pages but I cannot see the option to deactivate it.

Can you please help me with this? My site is

It is Featured Products Slider, please check this chapter in the user guide: 6.1.4 Featured Products Slider, all its options are described there with details.

I do not want a slider, I want it stationery like in the Demo 3 version, like I mentioned previously. I have read the Featured Products Slider before and it does not answer my question.

I am using the same code from the demo 3 Home content page and it is giving me 16 images on the home page under Featured Products instead of 8 as in Demo 3 and Demo 5. All I want is what is the right coding to get 8 images instead of 16 and why if I am using the same code as in your Demo 3 is it not working. If you go on my site you will see

The code is

Featured Products
{{block type=’catalog/product_list’ category_id=’6’ grid_column_count=’4’ hide_toolbar=’1’ template=’catalog/product/list.phtml’}}

Forget it I have figured out how to do it after 3 days of asking

I have read all the comments on the topic of using colorbox outside of the products page. No real answers and no real help. I understand that you don’t want to go into theme customization, but if it is so easy to enable colorbox on all pages, then why not just tell us. I bet money, the majority of users with this question did not manage to get it running. The Colorbox website you link to is a joke, covering only borderline problems for people who already got it to run. The theme also seems to be configured in a way that it shuts-out all other js plugins. Please consider adding this functionality to future iterations or at least unblock js. This was proabaly done to improve page performance, but if the cost is disabling a basic, must-have, omnipresent, and much asked-for feature, it is unacceptable.

(and yes, we checked compilation status, analysed page sources, disabled/refreshed cache, the usual stuff etc)

Please advise on how to get Lightboxes running on CMS pages.


Adding lightbox to other pages is in our pans for one of the next updates.

“The theme also seems to be configured in a way that it shuts-out all other js plugins. (...) or at least unblock js.”

Nothing is blocked, we just load the colorbox only where it is needed (on product page), the same is done in any Magento extension – otherwise you would say that we don’t take care about site performance. : )

“if it is so easy to enable colorbox on all pages, then why not just tell us.”

With all respect, we’re unable to write tutorials about all the aspects of theme/Magento customization. Theme support is not equal to making custom modifications. We’re currently working on adding easy access to lightbox for other pages.

Currently lightbox JS file is loaded only on product page (for better performance) so you would need to customize this file: app\design\frontend\ultimo\default\layout\infortis_cloudzoom.xml

It is loaded with Magento’s standard XML syntax (which is not theme related, it works the same in any Magento theme or extension). Layout XML in Magento is a complex subject so it is beyond the scope of our support.

In short: files for lightbox (jquery.colorbox.min.js, colorbox.css) are loaded inside the <catalog_product_view> handle which indicates the product page. To load those files on every page you would need to put the lines responsible for that inside the <default> handle. Like this:

    <reference name="head">
        <action method="addItem" 
        <action method="addJs" 

Best regards

Thanks for your extensive answer. It definitely pointed us in the reight direction. Any ETA on the inclusion of Colorbox for other pages?

Unfortunately no ETA yet, other updates are in the queue.

hi guys,

i want to use live chat plugin in ultimo theme but struggling to embed…. and i also want to use various email form with different email address on the same static blog is this possible if yes then tell me how



Regarding the static block with different emails: yes, it is possible. But for support please use the account which was used to buy the theme on ThemeForest. Thank you in advance.

Regarding the chat plugin: unfortunately we’re unable to provide support for third-party extensions.

Best regards

I’m trying to figure out what to do here. I want to mix a couple of your base layouts. Specifically, I’m starting with your demo1 template, however, I want to use the footer from demo3. What’s the best way about going about this? There are no settings in the Configuration to point to any specific layouts/templates and I haven’t found anything in the manual covering this topic.

It’s like that probably because you don’t have any other store views in your Magneto. “Store View” field should be below “Identifier” field.

Gotcha. Perfect. Thank you so much! One more question off topic. Is there a source somewhere that breaks down block codes, markup tags and styling? For example, if I wanted to duplicate and edit one of the 40+ content blocks, where would I find those at? Because I would like to understand all those kind of options available to me. One example I came across a bit ago, I had an tag in a footer link that was different than most links…it had the word “go” as a value inside the tag. I’ve seen a couple of other examples in the manual, of styling options that I’ve never used or heard of. It’d be nice to locate all of them and find out what they do so I can implement them into my site.

We’re planning to add some more options in the near future so then we will describe everything in the manual.


i want to use live chat plugin in ultimo theme but struggling to embed…. and i also want to use various email form with different email address on the same static blog is this possible if yes then tell me how



Please clarify your question about those emails, I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve so it’s hard to advise.

If you just have many store views and many languages and you want to show different email address in each language version of your site, then in Magento you can create many versions of the same static block (each version for different store view).

For example, if you have two languages (two store views): English and German:

create two versions of the static block (with the same ID). Then, assign each block to a different store view – one to English store view and the other one to German store view. Finally, don’t forget to flush the cache.

Thanks to that, one version of that block will be displayed only when you’re in the German store view, and the other one will be displayed only when you’re in the English store view.

Kind regards

i want to make different product price for registered user as well as non registered user

what should i do…???


Magento has “Customer groups”, you can probably use this feature to make different prices.

Kind regards

Hello, Can I change the default media url or will that just get destroyed upon upgrading the theme? Example, currently, images are going to media/wysiwys/infortis/ultimo/ and then brands, ultimo and their sub folders/files. I created a folder via ftp right inside media that I use for my own decor elements. But then when I start to upload products, I was planning on creating a folder for them to keep separate from other images/media. However, it automatically does the default path of media/wysiwys/infortis/ultimo/ which I could create the folder in there but if I want to ftp to replace images, I’ll have to click through this entire path when I would prefer to just go into the media directory and access everything from there.

So my question I guess is…is this possible or will it break the theme code or upset something in magento files?


No problem, you can create and use your own directory inside “media” for custom images.

For brands, you would need to use the default media/wysiwyg/infortis/brands/

Kind regards

Okie dokie

Hello, we have had this theme installed on our Magento site since the fall of 2013 and it has worked great for us. However, a few days ago our client made a slight text change in the “block_nav_links” block. Before then our menu worked perfectly and the text change remained for about 24 hours before our navigation menu partially disappeared. The categories and home link remained but the CMS pages links set up in the “block_nav_links” block disappeared on the front end. Things still look fine in the admin panel, though.

I’ve researched numerous forums and anything else I can think of and I can’t seem to find a solution at all, not even things to try to fix the issue. Please help!!!


Maybe you just didn’t clear the cache?

To display links correctly, content of that block should have the following structure:

<li class="nav-item level0 level-top right">
   <a class="level-top" href="{{store direct_url='about-magento-demo-store'}}">
     <span>Sample Internal Link</span>

<li class="nav-item level0 level-top right">
   <a class="level-top" href="">
      <span>Sample External Link</span>

You can remove class right if you don’t want the links to float to the right side of the menu bar.

Note that there are no ul tags at the beginning and at the end of this code snippet. This code will be inserted inside the menu bar HTML which already contains ul tags and additional tags would break the structure of the menu. So you may need to disable Magento’s WYSIWYG editor, otherwise it may add ul tags automatically. It is recommended to disable the WYSIWYG completely so that it doesn’t process the code when you don’t need it. Turn WYSIWYG on only when it is needed. Go to _System > Configuration > Content Management_ and set it as Disabled by Default.

Kind regards

Hi, is there a way to do a slider like the featured products or brands with custom images or static blocks?

not sure why, the link should work. I hosted it on Google Drive here. Could you try this link:

or this link:

This works.

Your code looks OK, but you didn’t specify correct paths to your images in “media” folder:

<img src="/wysiwyg/Reviews/review1.png" />

Doh! makes me feel kinda stupid :) thank you!

G’day All!

Having a bit of trouble resolving a JS issue. There’s a conflict there in the lightbox that I think is preventing the rest of the scripts from executing

Chrome throws the errors
Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'msie' of undefined

I’ve removed all additional JS that we’ve added to the page, and am just short of reinstalling the template. I’ve also modified the jquery.colourbox.min.js to say “jQuery” not ”$”.

Any chance you can take a look? I’d appreciate it.


By default there are no JavaScript conflicts so most likely you have some other JavaScript added by some third-party modules.

Kind regards