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Hello, I’m almost waiting a month for the update from 31 august as indicated. I really need the rich snippets update, don’t care about the rest for now. But now I see it’s delayed again! I think we are asking for this feature about 2 years now, can you finally make this ready, or possibly release a patch/addon to implement this? I have had installed all types of rich snippets extensions, all do not work with this theme or install some hidden text to implement the rich snippets wich is not good for seo purposes. I normally don’t want to rush anything but this updated is really many times delayed

It has to be perfect or it isn’t released, so that’s why it’s delayed. : )

I there an easy way to hide categories in sidebar, i’m using the categories to create links and that is fine in top menu, but I really hate it on sidebar since it is quite a long list

You can hide menu items with CSS.

Hello, I would like to add a linked in to the social icons but cannot find where the icons are kept, can you advise please


“Linked in”icon is already available in the theme. You can find it in chapter 6.5.3.D Social icons in the user guide.

In next update icons will be replaced with more powerful font icons.

Kind regards

I just removed the “add to wishlist” and other adding to custom.css .product-view .action-box { display: none; }

Now I would like to remove this two lines

The website is

In a previous post you answered me that :

Line is assigned to the div which have this class: “block_product_primary_bottom”. So you can remove the line with CSS. Also, you have used class “top-border” in your content inside that block.

But I really don’t understand what should I do. Could you develop a little more the explanation of what I have to do. Thanks!


Please don’t duplicate your question. As you can see we reply to all comments so spamming doesn’t make it any faster, it only makes our work slower.

We replied below your previous comment a few hours ago.

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For the menu, the main menu- custom links block is only for all stores or one language. How can I use the man menu – custom links block to link to a different cms page in another language? ie. Dutch menu has to have a custom link “Over Ons” that links to a dutch cms page and English menu has to have a custom link “About Us” that links to an English cms page.


In Magento you can create many versions of the same static block (each version for different store view).

If you have two languages (two store views): English and German: create two versions of the static block (with the same ID). Then, assign each block to a different store view – one to English store view and the other one to German store view. Finally, don’t forget to flush the cache.

Thanks to that, one version of that block will be displayed only when you’re in the German store view, and the other one will be displayed only when you’re in the English store view.

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Thanks, I understand. It’s unfortunate that the blocks have to both have the same id. This is not really seo-friendly I think. That would mean that my English store will have German url’s or the other way around. Is there a workaround for this?

I think you misunderstood this. If you create two versions of the same block, then you can have completely different URLs in each version of the block. So there are no drawbacks for SEO.

ID of the block is not visible anywhere on the frontend so it doesn’t matter for customers what is the ID of your block.


how to disable compare products in view list


The best option is to hide it with CSS. We’re planning to add some admin settings for this in future releases.

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Which ajax add to cart extension works best with ultimo ?


Unfortunately we don’t have any to recommend, we’re unable to test third-party extensions since there are thousands of available extensions. Please refer to chapter Third-party extensions in the user guide for more details about third-party extensions.

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I want to add office postal address in following link for postal services. Please let me know, how to add.

Address : Ranbhi Traders,......, Mumbai, India.


This is Magento’s built-in feature, it’s not related to the theme. You would probably need to extend the contact form by using some extensions or by modifying this part of Magento (we don’t have any ready solution for that)

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Hi, Infortis:

When I set 1360px layout width, banners called 1a, 1b & 1c(.png) don´t appear correctly, maybe a little short. What´s the ideal size for them?

Thanks in advance


Please check the size table in this chapter of the user guide:

11.2.1 Size of slides and banners

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Oops, sorry, I explained it very bad… If I set banners 1a-b-c down the slideshow (home page), don´t fit well (1360px layout or up).

Maybe now? :bashful:

There is no ideal size because there are dozens of possible sizes, all depends on your page size and proportions between columns created with grid classes.

Please try to measure sizes using Firebug and then create images of the size which best fits your page.

@ketavsharma I developed custom ajax cart for ultimo theme. See it live in my website contact for further information if interested.

Hi, Can you you help me where i can modify the sticker “new” in the product view so as to adapt it to my multi-language store. I mean the sticker that show up in the product image referring to a new product.



Sure. What exactly you want to modify?

  • Colors can be changed via admin panel.
  • Text labels are located in app/design/frontend/<ThemeName>/default/locale/en_US/translate.csv. This file can be used to translate the interface into other languages. It can also be used to change one text to another text. For more details please refer to the user guide: 4.9.1 Interface translation

Kind regards

Thank you very much. You saved me a lot of time was very helpful Best regards.

Hello,before I purchase this theme, i have one question.. I found that when put the cursor on the demo site’s nav menu, the dropdown menu appears with a little delay, and the color doesn’t change that quickly, was it a special efficiency? can this configure somewhere?I just want the nav responses and the color change quickly~

i perefer the nav menu response simply, directly,without a color change or dropdown delay~


It was designed to work this way. But this can be easily change with small modifications of the menu script parameters and CSS.

Kind regards

Folks, this is the very best Magento Theme on ThemeForest or else! Strongly recommend it!

I wonder if you know before hand a COLOR SWATCH extension that works with Ultimo Theme. I found a couple but from the comments there might be compatibility issues with some third-party Themes…

Any ideas?


Thank you very much, I’m glad you like it.

Unfortunately we don’t have any to recommend, we’re unable to test third-party extensions since there are thousands of available extensions.

Kind regards

Dear Support Team,

I am missing that little ‘’ sign in my Sidebar Menu that supposed to open the given Subcategory. I can see that its placeholder is there bit the ‘’ and ’-’ signs are missing.

If I check it with Firebug it’s visible that the link is broken and saying: “Failed to load the given URL” under the class .accordion .opener Here is the link to my site: (I am missing the ’+’ next to the Sex Toys category.)

Could you tell me the possible reason for this issue? Kind regards.


Files with those icons are missing, in Firebug you can see the list of missing files. (Or permissions for those files are in correct on your server)

Kind regards

After reading your comment I managed to solve the problem.

The problem was that the /skin/frontend/images/infortis/ultra-megamenu/opener.png path didn’t exist so I needed to create it. After copying the opener.png into the folder above it showed up. I am sure I haven’t touched the theme files tho, so don’t really get why the said folder didn’t exist or what could have happened.

Anyway it is working now, although is not perfectly lined up in Chrome. In FF it looks perfect.

Most likely some error during file upload to the server via FTP.


I used this extension to disable compare product and worked perfectly

I’ve places some usp’s in the static block block_home_preface. Is it possible to display block_home_preface on all pages? Now it is only visible on the homepage.


To add custom static blocks to selected pages, you can use the tool under CMS > Widgets

Kind regards


When I add to cart something page directly go to checkout page, I want to add to mini shopping cart or basket stay same page not redirect to checkout page. Do you have any idea ? or could you preferrer any extension for ajax cart.

Regards, J


This redirection can be disabled in Magento settings (in section System -> Configuration) and the customer can stay on the same page after adding product to the cart..

Kind regards

Hi, Which section ? thanks.

Admin -> System -> Config -> (Sales) Checkout -> Shopping Cart : NO



After upgrading the theme for the latest version the Related Products Slider falls apart on the Product Pages. It is showing all the items on the top of each other. The same happens to the Up-sell Products Slider and also the Description and Review Tabs are open.

Strange thing: after replacing the Related Product Slider with Static Box, all the sliders come together, and works fine. Unfortunately this won`t help as I want the Related Products Slider to show 1 product at a time as it was before.

Kind regards.

OK I found the root of this issue :) The problem was my sub-theme that affected the Related Product Slider. As the Update Guide says: (1.1/B) Review and update your sub-theme!

First let me say… Awesome theme! I’m reading you may have a new update any day now, and I’m wondering if you have a list of what it will include? Will the blog functionality mentioned in previous posts be added to this upcoming version?... or the Lightbox functionality on non-product page images? I want to offer products and design services, so a way to showcase a portfolio would be a nice touch. I could add a third party blog and style it, but I’m sure you would do a better job!

Thanks again for an amazing theme!


Here you can see the list of changes in the upcoming update:

Other new features will be added in next versions.

Best regards

Just one question….. I try to modifie the attribute “shirt size” for “size” only.

I change it in magento/catalog/attribute/manage attributes and it work find for the left size bar “search term result”.

But this not work on the product page!!

I try rebuild the index and flush all the cach and it not work….

Can you help me??


I found the answer!

I have to change it manually in every product it was generated before the change!


Hi, I wanna ask if I can move the full width slideshow into the header position, so I can update the css and have the slideshow shown behind the menu?



Unfortunately there is no such feature out of the box, this would require some customization.

Best regards