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Hi, excellent theme, everything as advertised, perfect documentation, thank you.

“Our Featured Products”: We need less positions with bigger images. The width of images is about 170 pixels now, we need 200 pixels or more. What should we do?

Greetings, Stefan


Unfortunately slider items can’t be resized. Width of the slider changes in different screen resolutions so we had to make the width of a single item fixed.

But in future releases we will add more options for slider.

i get errors if i try to override static blocks, override setting on yes:

Unable to import items (43) with the following identifiers (they already exist in the database):

any ideas what i am doing wrong?


No worries, everything is fine. :) This error means that you already have blocks with the same identifiers in your store, and Magento wasn’t able to import those blocks again.

If you want you can use Overwrite Existing Blocks option. if set to Yes, created blocks will overwrite existing blocks with the same identifiers. You can use this option when you want to restore the original blocks.

I already have “overwrite existing blocks” set to “yes”, since I wanted to overwrite the existing blocks from version 1, but it still gives me errors when I click the import button.

error: Unable to import items (43) with the following identifiers (they already exist in the database):

Please make sure that after you set “Overwrite existing blocks” to “yes” you save your configuration before you click “Import” button. In case it doesn’t help, please contact us via the contact form on our profile page.

The products new slider on the homepage dont show after the update?

Do you provide the sample data with the theme?


After the theme is installed, you can import the set of 40 predefined CMS blocks and the home page. Sample products are not included, can be downloaded from the official Magento site.


sorry, the product new slider bug was create by self, it was an url rewrite problem.

Yes, in many situations after editing products you need to reindex the data in Magento.

Dear Infortis, Im very close to buying this theme – however im BRANDNEW to magento and you might laugh at my questions, but here we go: 1 – do i have to install magento and then this theme? 2 – how about sample data? 3 – is it possible to narrow down the checkout process to less steps?

Im selling japanese knifes and kitchen stuff and currently using prestashop, but i got adviced to try out magento and i think this theme would do perfect.

Looking forward for your answers,


Hello Kristian,

Never hesitate to ask, there’s no stupid questions, only stupid answers. :)

1. Yes, this theme is like an extension for Magento, so Magento goes first, then you can install the theme.

2. After the theme is installed, you can import the set of 40 predefined CMS blocks and the home page. Sample products are not included, can be downloaded from the official Magento site. We will add some sample products in the future updates.

3. By default Magento (and this theme) doesn’t have a one-step-checkout functionality. You would need to install an extension for this, but there are many to choose from, for example on Magento Connect.

Hi – does the ecommerce part of this template interface with


Not the theme itself, but yes, Magento is integrated with

Theme looks great and cant wait to have it up and running.

Newbie question though….the support document pdf keeps refering to Magento 1.6 does work correctly with 1.7 though right?


Yes, it is fully compatible with Magento 1.7 and 1.6.

I´m about to buy this theme, I just have 3 more questions.

1 – I would also like to increase the width of images, do you have any idea when this update will be available?

2 – Can we change position and size of slideshows and banners with the second update?

3 – Can we show reviews stars in the home page under the image´s products?

4 – Can we change produtcts image size?

I wait your repply to buy this template. Thanks much


1. I’m sorry, but at the moment we don’t know yet.

2. Image slideshow is always at the top (it can also be completely disabled). Position of the product sliders and banners can be fully customized.

3. Yes, of course, ratings are displayed below the product images.

- You can set custom image size on product page.

- On category page image size automatically adapts to the number of products in a row (you can display from 2 to 7 columns, it can be configured in the admin panel).

- In product sliders image size is not customizable. Width of the slider depends on the screen resolution and the number of products in a row also changes on different screens: 1 on narrow screens, 7 on wide screens.

Hello. I really like the design of this theme. Would you help me installing Magento if I encounter some issues to install it? I use BlueHost. No worries if this is beyond your support. I am just a little worried because i’ve never worked with Magento before. Thanks!


Unfortunately we don’t offer installation services. But here you can find a simple tutorial:

After you finish with Magento, instllation of the theme is a piece of cake: you only need to upload theme files to your server and enable the theme in Magento admin panel.

Feel free to ask if you have any problems.

Thanks for your response. I hope I can install it without problems!

Hi there infortis. This is a great theme, but Ive noticed two little semi bugs in the css that would be nice if cleaned up. Firstly, the dropdown from the currency selector has a menu that covers the initial link, which just seems odd. It would be nice if the menu clearly droped down from the actual link. Secondly, when you move your mouse over the products in a category listing and you leave it one one you notice the the box that surrounds the image teeters about 2px to the right and then back.


Thank you for your suggestions. We’ll try to make some changes in the dropdown boxes. Regarding the second issue: in which browser did you see it? I would appreciate if you could send us some screenshots on email (through the contact form on our profile page).

I have try to view demo on my pc. I have 1280×768 resolution. I open demo in firefox and also in google chrome and see that some minor bug as firefox shows 6 itmes in featured products and new products where as chrome displays 5 items in featured products and new products as both checked with same screen resolution and maximized window size

I reset the zoom to default but still chrom shows 5 products where as firefox shows 6 products in your default theme

I reset the zoom to default but still chrom shows 5 products where as firefox shows 6 products in your default theme.

One more bug found is if we resize the browser screen and then maximized again the slide show becomes hidden only 15% of slide portion is visible if we click on next slide button then again slide visible normally.

OK, now I see what you mean. :) Thank you for reporting this. Previously I checked on the wide screen by narrowing the browser window. CSS media query is set to show 6 items if screen width is equal or greater 1280 pixels. Firefox displays it fine, apparently Chrome calculates the width in a different way.

This is a bug in jQuery Flexslider which displays the slideshow. We’re waiting for an update of this script.

Hi there,

I am having a little problem with the product page, when I have a configurable product the drop down menu for options goes to full width, it is below the images too. It is not as in the demo below the short description?


You can change position of the options, please refer to the user guide (“Magento configuration” chapter).

how can i set the screen width to 100% for resolutions of 1024px and below?


Set “Maximum Page Width” to 1024 px and “Fluid Width” to Yes, save, and then click “Refresh CSS …” button.

Will this work with Magento go?


This theme is designed for Magento Community Edition, we didn’t test it with Magento Go.

Quick question, how do i make on my theme/store to show the stock, like in demo “only 12 left” with that symbol? I could not find anything about that in user guide. Thanks in advance!


Please see chapter 4.5.2 Only X left indicator.

It shows the quantity of items left in stock if the stock level is equal or below the threshold specified in the admin panel. The threshold can be set in Only X left Threshold field in System > Configuration > Inventory.

For example, if you set the option to 20, all products with quantity equal or less than 20 will have the text Only X left on the product page. For configurable products this text is clickable and shows drop-down box with quantities of all products associated with that product.

never mmine..found it..section 4.5.2 in the guide!!

hi there ,, is it possible to make the register form with money, because I want to buy your beautiful theme, but previously I’ve never worked with Magento :)


I’m sorry but I’m not sure if I understand your question. What exactly do you mean by “register form with money”?

I want to change the SLIDER to my other slider that i have. Which files do i have to edit?

Please contact us via the contact on our profile page form for support.

Will this theme have any problem if the store language is in spanish? I need a theme that can have all the labels, images, icons, menus and words in spanish.


This theme can work with any language, also with spanish. Every text can be translated.