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I noticed on the home page that the products don’t pop out like they do in the category list views.


Yes, in the current version this effect is only for category pages.

Hi… i’m for certain buying this theme. One question… is it possible to create more labels? i needed some more besides the “new” and “on-sale”... like -50%; 2 for 1…

Thank you…great theme and suport!


There are only labels for new and on-sale products (the word on the label can be changed).

Hi there, we are having a problem with: block_footer_links

Even when disabled the links: Site Map Search Terms Advanced Search Orders and Returns

are still showing, where are they being called from if the static block is not enabled?


Those links are hard-coded in Magento. With Ultimo you can disable those link with special switcher in: System > Configuration > Ultimo > Theme Settings > Default Magento Blocks.

In the block_footer_links block you can override those default links (remove some of them, add new custom links, etc.)

HI on product grid pages, how can i include “Quick View” on products? Its one of the most imp requirement

Thank you

Unfortunately there’s no such feature.

Hi! please, can you help me with a little code in css? I like to put the welcome message aligned to the right (top of the cart).

I was tried somethings, but don’t work. thanks!


You need to edit this template: app\design\frontend\ultimo\default\template\page\html\header.phtml

In the line 53 replace item-left with item-right

Thanks! :)


How adding more items into the navigation menu.

Please I need help.



There’s only one block by default.

You could customize the template and layout files to add more blocks. Please see these files as an example:

app\design\frontend\ultimo\default\template\page\html\topmenu.phtml (line 99)

app\design\frontend\ultimo\default\layout\local.xml (line 171)

1) is it possible to connect to a specific product at the navigation menu? instead of going to category but to specific product right away.

2) how do you change the category type at the navigation? like how demo2 and demo3 is different from you demo.


1. No, in Magento’s main menu you can only add links to categories.

But in the block_header_nav_dropdown block (which is displayed as a drop-down box in the main menu) you can add any links and content, also liks to specific products.

2. There’s a menu style switcher in the admin. Please see the documentation: 7.1 Main menu

Any plans to add Quick View and Brands Slider?


Yes, there will be a brand slider. We’re not planning to add quick view, since there already are Magento extensions which offer this functionality.

How do you take out the BRAND section? In product view, where it has 1,2,3,4 on the right


It’s a static block block_product_secondary_bottom. You can disable it in CMS > Static Blocks

Please take a look at the user guide if you have more questions. We created it to help you configure your store.

Sorry 1 more thing! How do you add Shop By: Category, Price, etc at the side bar?


This is Magento “layered navigation” feature (not from this theme), it is displayed by default. You can add attributes to “layered navigation” by configuring those attributes as “Use In Layered Navigation”.

Hello, I’ve already contacted you for the template FORTIS but I have discover your new template ULTIMO , and I find it very beautiful!! Very better like fortis for me. I would like to know if I can add a static block below the main menu on this template. Like this example (with the template FORTIS )—> if is yes, could you help me? Thank you very very much.

Ok, thank you very much for your answer. But you think it’s not very difficult to do it ? It’s possible to do it ?

I have bought the template. Thank you.

When you will be ready, please contact us for help on email (contact form is on our profile page).

Your works are great. Do you plan make pinterest like theme. It is very popular now.

Thank you very much, we’re glad that you like it. Currently we’re not planning anything like this.

Hi, I haven’t brought this theme yet but I’m looking to use for a company that sells prescription sunglasses and therefore would have to add a section in the checkout for the customer to enter their prescription. Is it possible to add a custom section? Thanks


You would need a custom extension which adds this type of functionality. There are extensions which let you create additional fields in the checkout area, you might find some of them on Magento Connect.

I’m sorry but iPhone (mobile) navigation menu doesn’t do any justice to this theme. you need to have a better navigation menu for this theme. Is it in your planes?


Our goal is to improve this theme constantly. We’re planning to improve many things, the menu is one of them.

About answer to my question How do you take out the BRAND section? In product view, where it has 1,2,3,4 on the right

I already disabled that block. How do you take out that section from product view? that just takes out the content and block is still there. I want the block itself to be gone. When i make the primary column width to 8grid, the BRAND block goes below the primary column.

I want product column to be 8grid and brand block to be gone which is 0


You can leave Secondary Column Width field empty, this will hide the secondary column.

All available column values (Image Column, Primary Column, Secondary Column) are shown below those fields in admin panel, sum of all entered values has to be equal 12 grid units.

thank you very much! it will be nice to put “leave blank if you want to disable” with the “Specify value in grid units (between 2 and 6).”

Great theme! Guide does most answers, had to read it twice front to back to finally get all the options. I have few points tho, can we have more products in home page, sat 4 rows wide 3 tall? I understand currently we have only options new and featured and they are slide type. Also on mobile phone, those show little too small then looking on category. I think that defiantly need some improvement. Also we try to install extantions for quick view, but looks like none of them can work with theme, maybe explain more about in guide?


Unfortunately in the product sliders number of products is not configurable. On category page you can display products in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 columns.

Regarding third-party extensions:

This theme (and any other Magento theme) isn’t by default compatible with all third-party extensions. There are thousands of extensions so it is impossible for the theme author to make the theme compatible with all existing extensions. Please see the user guide for more info.

Every extension can cooperate with almost every theme. Often (but not always) you need to customize the extension to make it work properly with the theme. You need to ask the author of the extension for more info about correct installation.

Hi, the theme is really nice!

Just that I got a question on the main menu bar. Is it possible to change the word “CUSTOM BLOCK ” on the main menu bar to some other phrase I want?

Also, can I increase the font size of the “Add to cart” button on the product page ?



1. You can set any name instead of “CUSTOM BLOCK ”. It is as simple as changing the name of a static CMS block.

2. Yes, you can do it by editing CSS styling.

We’re about to buy this theme, but we think that one feature is a must have: change product image on mouse over in the catalog

Does it have this option? If not, do you plan to implement this feature?

Great work!


Yes, we’re planning to implement this feature in the near future. After purchasing you will be able to download updated version of this theme when the update is ready.

Do you know why it would show +1 columns in Categories when i use wide menu style?

When I do 4 columns, it shows 5. when I do 5 columns, it shows 6, and so on.

thank you.


The specified number of columns is for the default page width: 1024 pixels. If you set greater width, then the number of columns in the menu and in the products grid will automatically increase.

This should be explained in more detail in the field description, so we will add better description in the next update.

Hi guys,

Please let me know how to display bullet points, standard

    is not working [css is maybe stripping it?].



In product description on product page bullets are displayed automatically for every unordered list (<ul>...</ul>).

On CMS pages you can use two CSS classes “bullet” and “disc” to create lists:

<ul class="bullet">
   <li>Sample item</li>
   <li>Example text</li>
<ul class="disc">
   <li>Sample item</li>
   <li>Example text</li>