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Looks Good Theme :)

Thanks ;)

Very neat layout. Will sell like hot cake:)

Thanks 2schaa ;)

Very cool theme. Good Luck :)

comfortable theme. keep it up

Spasibo Sergey ;)

hi, good theme! I’ve a question about the content column.. is it possible to change the width of the column? Example; fix the column like pinterest, a 100% width masonry?


Hi bodega,

Yes, you can change the width of the columns.

Nice theme compared to Pravda theme, does it show Categorys like Pravda theme does with the icons for each category, and any advertisment options, and what happen to share the article on homepage option like pravda, seems like your adding more features to this theme no?


Thanks :)

All that is present in this theme you can see on the demo site :)

Also its H1 on the home page, but not H1 on the post it self, in pravada the post and page the titles are H1 not H2 now days it seems H1 is the way for seo thats what i seen to improve my results


Already fixed.

awesome work mate ;)

Thanks :)

Great theme! Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks Olga ;)

Nice quick fix for those h tags, now which one to buy pravda or this i cant decide wish i could use features from pravda into ultrafire, maybe trough forum on how to ad a few things to it

It’s not a trivial task to add some features from another theme :)

hmm good to know, u got giving me ideas now haha, i want to add the social icons to the boards on home page to this theme from pravda and the big titles to big as on pravda, if thats not a big issue then go ahead and go with ultrafire because its much smoother seems newer coding

All this customization is a task for a developer.

Can this theme come with an author page template like the pravda theme?


Yes, this template already added in the next update.

I love the theme and i’m really interested in buying it, i just have these 4 questions.

1. Is it possible to change the background on each individual slide on the TOP slider instead of having it the same background each slide, like on the demo page?

2. I know there is an option to make pages full width, but is there an option to make post full width?

3. On the mobile site the slider with individual post on it all the text is overlapping. Is it possible to fix that?

4. Is it possible to change the default commenting system on this template to Discus?

Thank you so much in advanced for taking the time to answer these questions, i look forward to purchasing.

1. Yes, this can be changed via Theme Options panel. For example

2. What the overlapping do you mean?

This can be fixed easily.

I would like to use this theme for a blog. How would I allow people to subscribe to my blog using this theme?

Hi gabbyg ,

You can use one of the special plugin for this, from the WordPress Plugin Directory – http://wordpress.org/plugins/

Hey Zerge! Nice theme going on here. I’m planning on purchasing it after fooling with the demo, but I have a few questions first?

1) How customizable is it? Can you really transform for the look and feel of this entire template to your own liking? 2) I’ve noticed that the Home page is set up like a blog/grid. Can you make the home page a static page? 3) Can you add galleries/portfolio based pages to the theme?

ok. Thanks! What I mean regarding question 3 is that can you create a page gallery just for pictures just like other sites have? I’m an artist and I’m wondering if you can set up a gallery page?

Yes, you can create a page gallery, like here with thumbs – http://wp.color-theme.com/ultrafire/invasion

Or you can use the third-party plugins to create a more advanced gallery.

Also, can wordpress plugins work with this theme?

Yes, of course. Most of WordPress plugins will works fine with this theme.

I’m in super love with this theme and considering buying it.

I’d like to know whether there is an option to add social buttons on individual posts like on Pravda theme?

Also do you intend to develop this theme further?

Between Ultrafire and Pravda which is more advanced in terms of features and customisation options?


Thanks :)

1. Do you mean on the Home page or on the Single post page?

2. For example?

Pravda theme is more advanced.

1. Home page

2. I meant to ask do you plan to add more functions or options into this theme?

Which theme shall I buy? ;)

1. No a such option for the Home page. But there is nothing difficult to add these buttons.

2. Not planned.

Don’t know, the choice is yours :)

I’m thinking of purchasing this theme. Can you tell me if it has the ability to add 3 columns. ie left sidebar, content, right sidebar? As I can see it says unlimited sidebars but not sure if this is meaning unlimited right sidebars for different pages or not? Thank you


1. Yes, it’s possible, after a small modifications.

2. Unlimited sidebars only for post and pages.

Let me know if you have any other questions or need further clarification.

hello zerge,

i ve buy two from your themes, and i m searching a theme like http://demo.rockettheme.com/wordpress/wp_metropolis/

i mean a theme like ultra fire, with the custom background, related post, blog pagination, carousel like your you do, just with the possibilities to have the category for movies and series action, horror, comedy and so on

i don’t know if you had the idea to do a such theme for entertainement, but anyway, i would like to see a such theme, they are rare and if you have one time the idea to create a layout like that i will surely buy it.

best regards


Hi Sara,

We’ll think about it :)


great, just send me a mail if do one like that, i will buy it surely, because i m searching a layout for movies series, it will great…:-)

on i ve forget i ve prada great theme and trick magazine, pravada is really good, just like i say im searching a layout for entertainement, with the possibilities to get the category like the metropolis theme, or better like http://moviepilot.com/movies/15593-man-of-steel

i know such theme are really not easy do to, but anyway something like that will be surely asked

and sorry for my englisch

anyway let me know if you plan to do a such theme

best regards



Great looking theme!

Does it use the Page Builder module for drag and drop pages?

Thanks, Lawrence

Hi Lawrence,

No a such feature, it’s unnecessary.