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Hi, I need the option to turn off the featured image on each single blog post. I know I can do it in the settings, but that’s universal. I’m switching themes and have a huge blog with hundreds of posts. In my previous theme, some posts show the featured image and some not, depending on the size. Is there anyway I could do this in the code? Would really appreciate it.

Hi gabyan,

For this you would need to modify the theme files, a task for a developer.

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Hi. Nice responsive template. How would I get the post’s image from the carousel to link like the title does? I’ve found the link code in ct-carousel-widget.php file below, which looks like the image should be a link, but it is not. Instead, you have to click on the title in order to view the post. Would really appreciate it.

<?php the_title(); ?>

Great, however the function.php doesn’t seem like I can customize that function? Is there another file where this function is located?

No. This function located in the file functions.php, so you can easily modify it.

Got it. Thank you!

hi i just purchased this.My problem that is carousel widget doesnt seems on my homepage.i put it to home page top section:)Whats your idea about this?Thx.

I’m not sure I understand your question, could you please clarify?

There is a folder called child theme.just asked why this is?


1) Can post comments require Facebook or Twitter or Google or Hotmail login and post to Facebook or Twitter timeline?

2) I assume so, but can posts in different categories have ratings?

3) Are ratings anonymous or can they be configured to require login?

4) What is the maximum amount of categories, and can posts be assigned to two categories (primary, secondary)?



1. You can add this functionality via third-party plugins.

2. Do you mean the Review feature like this? http://wp.color-theme.com/ultrafire/elephants-dream

3. By default, it’s review rating by admin (or author post).

4. Yes, it’s standard WordPress feature.

thanks. What do you mean by ‘review rating by admin’? Does that mean anonymous readers are able to rate the posts and then the admin approves each rating? If so, then can it be setup where the anonymous user has to provide an email address or something before they are able to rate?

No, only admin (or author post) can set the review rating.

Hi Again. After buying Pravda, I also bought your Ultrafire theme. Everything looks good, only post loading (Infinite Scroll) doesn’t look to work, and also homepage layout changing (3/4/5 columns) not working too.

Can you please try to tell me what might be the issue? Maybe a jquery or Ajax conflict? Note that I have disabled all plugins, and re-installed WP. Permissions are good too.


As I said before, probably the problem with your WordPress installation (permissions or plugins).

Hi, i purchased your theme a couple of days ago, just had it installed and got the demo content up and running .. Having some trouble with the home page though .. the issue in the top of the home page .. the sliders and the categories menu .. how do I get those functioning, i cant figure it out.

Help please :)


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Thank you :)

gladly, more questions though .. firstly the carousel widget and the small featured slider widget are doing some funny things, they do not display the same number of posts as specified in the settings, the top page carousel on my homepage displays 20 when i keep the settings at 27 .. if i want 3 posts to be displayed in the sidebar slider i need to keep the value at 5 .. not a huge issue, but just asking … secondly, when i visit a single post or a cetegory page, underneath the logo the text for the destination appears e.g “Category Archives: Live” .. is there a way to disable that .. i would really like it if these pages can have the menu, the carousel right underneath it just like the homepage and then the posts and the side bar .. and nothing else in between .. is that possible ..??

1. It seems because some of your posts do not have the Featured images.

2. Add to the style.css:

.category .page-title-bar { display: none; }

Hi, I’m having issues with the home page carousel. I have assigned featured images to the posts but it is blowing them up to full screen, even when they are small sized images.

Please see: http://reelise.org.au/preview

I rebuilt all thumbnails but issue persists. Thanks.


Just open your site and don’t see any problems and don’t see any Carousel.

I removed the carousel – just put it back. Take another look now please.

Aha, just add more posts to the Carousel.

Also enabling the Jetpack plugin seems to cause a conflict in the page editor – the page content is not visible in the editor with Jetpack enabled.

It’s not a theme issue.

Hello. Our posts are not showing up on our blogs even if enabling “Show Post Content” in the blog settings. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

Try to change the option “Ultrafire Options -> Blog Settings -> Use Excerpt or Content Function”

The content function works and shows information, but excerpt is the one with the empty information.

Well, I need access to WP admin panel, to see what the problem is.

Also, check the parameter “Length of Excerpt” in the UltraFire Options.

Hey Zerge,

After uploading the ultrafire theme I’m now not able to upload any images to put up… well my wordpress says them uploaded but they dont show up at all.

Not even when i try and view them in the media section.

Do you know how I can fix this?


It seems something wrong with your WordPress installation. Try to google your issue.


Can sidebars be turned off on posts so that the posts and inserted media (e.g. youtube video) can be displayed full-width?

Thanks j


By default no. For this you would need to modify the theme files.

Ok. Are you available for such customisation work if required?

Unfortunately we do not provide customization service.


You really create great themes – I had a few pre-sale questions on UltraFire… (yes/no is fine also!) :)

1) Is it possible to have a background photo for each category (like you do for ‘News Trick’ theme) or am I limited to setting a single “Background Image” that stays the same for all sections? 2) Is there a light color scheme? 3) Is it possible to remove the scrollable gallery below the sub menu (i.e. categories – post formats etc.)? or do so selectively? (i.e. display on home page and do not show on a blog page or the opposite)? 4) Can the main slider be configured to pick up recent posts/categories etc. or does it only pick up manual slides? 5) I noticed some issues when browsing from an Android device. I uploaded screenshots to the following links: http://www.calcatelli.com/temp/android1.png http://www.calcatelli.com/temp/android2.png

Thanks for your feedback!

Hi Oreeko,

1. By default no. You can set the custom background for each post or page. But, the category page use the background from the last post in this category, for example – http://wp.color-theme.com/newstrick-2/category/design/

2. No predefined schemes. But you can customise your theme via Options Panel and style.css file.

3. It’s just widget, so you can remove it, if necessary.

4. Only manual slides. It’s most popular Slider Revolution – http://codecanyon.net/item/slider-revolution-responsive-wordpress-plugin

5. This can be fixed easily.


I love this theme and Im thinking of purchasing it. However, Iv got a question. Is there a way to make the pictures of post on the homepage clickable, instead of just the text link – like you have in the pravda theme?

cheers man. Is there any way I can stop the auto load of more post on the homepage and use a text instead?


No, not without development work.


Fantastic theme, and I would like to use it to replace my current WP theme. One quick question; what is the size of the header logo and is this adjustable? My logo and site title would struggle to fit into the box on the demo site.

Thank you

Is this slider image size adjustable?

Of course, you can use any image size.

Great, thanks. Just trying to work out if I need new images before I change themes!

The twitter widget continually stops working and needs to be re-authenticated. This is very bad on a live site that is getting visitors!


I’m not sure understand what are you talking, could you please clarify?

The Twitter widget use the cache to display the feed, by default – 1 hour.

Every few days when I check the website the twitter feed says something like “Please check the settings and add your twitter details to show tweets” – this is on the FRONT END. I then go to theme settings and save the api key details again, which makes it work again. But only for a few days and then it stops working with the same message on front end.

No one has reported about a similar issue.

So I think you doing something wrong. Or may be you reset theme settings?

hello Zerge

Have always the idea to plan a theme for movies series, i ve seen one

http://www.lesinrocks.com/cinema/ really nice and surely this theme will get a great success, did plan to do something like this ??

best regards


Hi Sara,

Not planned yet.

Is there a way i can have different categories of post displayed on homepage but not mixed

category A with A’s, category B with B’s but all displayed on homepage?

Also how can i make the pictures in the carousel widget the same height?

Where or in what file can i find the element style you used for the header?

sorry my server was down…...you can recheck it now


ok thanks

This theme is wonderful, but I’m doubt to buy it because it has some features that I liked in Pravda and not have this, such as the design/break of the boxes – title, imagem, post and features – the functions of tag and share This on the posts boxes. This function would enable this theme?

To be honest, I enjoyed it to the top/ menu header of Ultrafire, but i like Pradva where I can choose colors, and more information for the single posts and blog

So I was wondering if these options are disabled or if they really do not exist in the theme.

Thank you for now =)

Hi didi4design,

All the features you can see on the Demo site. Of course, you always can add any additional functionality (mostly, the task for a developer).

Of course, if we compare these themes, the Pravda theme looks more completed.


Does this template offer sign in and registration features for visitors and users?


By default, no such feature. But you can use any third-party plugin to add this functionality.

Hello, is it possible to check the number of post’s views ? so raise the number of views?


The number of views you can see on the WordPress Dashboard. To change the number of views , you need to edit WordPress database table, or maybe some plugins can do this.