Discussion on Umbrella - Photography WordPress Theme.

Discussion on Umbrella - Photography WordPress Theme.

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So I am still actively working on my website. I decided to create a photo portfolio on the top left of the menu. However, there seems to be a glitch everytime I open this menu on any desktop. I actually have to refresh the page to get my content displayed. This does not seem to be a problem on my mobile cell phone device though.


Could you please show me your page in private ticket https://nk.ticksy.com/ . Better if you give me a temporary access to your admin login.

How do I make each slider image have a different out going link ? Like www.google.com Just the html theme not the wp theme.


This is only possible with code customizations, that we don’t provide.

Thanks _nK for getting back to me so quickly. I am able to write js, html and css. I tried just adding an tag around the image. This usually works with carousel sliders but not with this one. Is there a Code Pen that I cant get some code for this issue of creating link from slides? best regards, Luke


This is not possible with simple <a> tag, only with PHP and/or JS customizations, that we don’t provide.

With the Umbrella theme how to load mobile images into the slider when at a mobile width? thank you!


This is also possible only with code customizations, that we don’t provide. By default script works only with 1 image.

I got “ERROR 2” in importing demo “MAIN”. What’s going on?


Please, try to increase your server configurations https://nk.ticksy.com/article/11087/

Also you can try to import demo manually https://nk.ticksy.com/article/9693/

If nothing helps, please, provide a temporary admin login and URL to your site in private ticket https://nk.ticksy.com/

Regards, nK.

Thanks So Much! Solved it. Anyway I’d prefer to have more support for customization, I don’t mind if I have to pay for it. How does it work? let me know thnx!

We don’t provide customizations.

How can I make the top left menu responsive which is for categories so that it would show also on mobiles.

Hi. You can get support here https://nk.ticksy.com/

Hi, I am using Umbrella theme this is awesome.But I just want to say that how can I make top left menu responsive which is about the portfolio categories so that it would show on mobile screen also. Thanks,

Hi. You can get support here https://nk.ticksy.com/

Hello, Very nice theme! we have downloaded the theme from Envato Elements but we are facing an issue. The KingKomposer elements dont show correctly when the page is loaded with ajax (only when I do F5 they show correctly).

Kind regards


Please, try to update the theme to 1.1.4. Don’t forget to clear cache.

Will you ever add Woocommerce?


Are there any plans for other major updates? If so, do you have an estimated time. I am asking because I have made quite a few customisations, but with the new update, adding new portfolio items has gotten a lot more complex. I am thinking of updating the new version but would prefer not to if there is a new update coming soon. I do not use Kingcomposer so update is quite tedious to me personally.

No, this theme has no much popularity, so we will only make bug fixes, no major changes.

The theme works fine. But how can I make the categories menu also shown on mobile? That is really a big issue and I can not finde anything about that on your support site. It seems there are others have the same problem.

Hi. This can be done with custom CSS.

Can we get the Advanced Custom Fields PRO updated please?

Plugin updated on the server. How to manually get the latest version, read here – https://nk.ticksy.com/article/11085/

FIXED! Thank you!

Hi guys,

interested in buying this template. there is an issue i think with the menu. i press it, it pops up, i select a certain page. then if you want to close the menu it keeps you on the same page and the menu categories. any ideas if you’ll fix this soon ?


I don’t understand the problem. What happens with the menu? The menu opens the page and hides, then you can open the menu and go to another page. Could you give some more details?

Regards, nK.

Hi, I like the theme and considering buying. I have one question regarding the hamburger menu, will I be able to customize it? Meaning the hamburger menu that is set to primary. I’d like to be able to set it to always on for example as it is not obvious to everyone that it’s needed to hover over it to activate it. Also I like to adjust the size and color. Please let me know. Thanks.


You can show the menu on page load using custom JS. But this is a custom solution, you will need to make it by yourself.

In the theme Customizer you can change accent (red), back (dark) and text (white) colors.

Regards, nK.

Hello, I downloaded the theme from https: //elements.envato.com. But I get error 2 when importing demo. How Can I fix?


Try to improve your server configuration, or use manual demo import. See here more info – https://nk.ticksy.com/article/11087/

Regards, nK.

Thanks for your reply. I got it. Next quesiton.

How to change the photo crop in desktop view? I want see full size image.


Most probably you need to make styles customizations, that normally we don’t provide.

p.s. If you have questions about Elements products, you need to get 3rd-party help as support from the author is not included.

Regards, nK.

Hello, I also downloaded the theme from Elements and having this ERROR:2 . Tried to solve this as per your suggestion 1. Changing PHP configuration (done) 2. Import the theme manually (done) . Unfortunately I still have some issues like missing menus for studio/contact/blog and primary menu also. Few features still not working.


Answered in ticket system.

p.s. If you have questions about Elements products, you need to get 3rd-party help as support from the author is not included.

Regards, nK.

hi _nK! I downloaded the Umbrella theme and I get one problem when importing. the message says:

The package could not be decompressed. The theme does not have style sheet style.css.

The installation of the theme has failed.

How Can I fix? Thanks..

ok i resolved the problem.. keep in touch! thanks.

This theme looks INSANE (AND just as much on mobile view #mobilefirstdesign)! Wow, how are the page built (page builder or?) Pls if I could see a Docs link and can https://wp.nkdev.info/umbrella/ Slider be set to auto rotate? WOW! My hats off indeed 100, one of coolest, engaging, dynamic WP mobile view styles (+your mobile menu w background image my fav style to design into sites) I’ve seen, even https://wp.nkdev.info/umbrella/demo-video/ auto plays on mobile with easy swipe to the next vid etc #BIGUPSUMBRELLA!


Thank you :)

Layout and slider settings are from Customizer and Page Metaboxes. Pages content built with King Composer (https://wordpress.org/plugins/kingcomposer/), example here https://wp.nkdev.info/umbrella/team/ (white section).

There is no option for slider autoplay, but you can do it with custom JS code.

Documentation https://nkdev.info/docs/umbrella-wp/

Regards, nK.

After one year of using this theme I’ve just realised that surprisingly the Umbrella logo is displaying on mobile version, even if I don’t have the Umbrella logo in my media library. I use my own logo. How to get rid of the Umbrella logo on mobile version? Thank you in advance.

Thank you. This is so kind of you. Here is the link https://coiffeuse-paris.com/ It’s ok on the home page, but it’s displaying the “umbrella” logo on inner pages. Thank you in advance.

Have you changed the logo in Appearance > Customize?

menu logo

Thank you. I’ve just changed it. It does work now :-)

Good day, How can I add a top center navigation using this theme umbrella?


By default top-center menu used for slider filtering. You can change it with CSS customizations only.

Regards, nK.

Dear nK,

I used your Website-Theme for some time now and am absolutely happy! However, I would like to ask if some minor things are possible:

1) I use Images in both formats, portrait and landscape, and while on a mobile, it cuts off the landscape images and while on a desktop it cuts the portrait images. Would there be a way to show only wide images when on a computer and only portrait images when on a mobile. Or is there a plugin maybe?

2) when you open the menu, a little X appears to return, that seems new, love it. But if you enter a page, that x turns to the hamburger menu, would it be possible to add the X to that page too?

3) If you look for the page on google, it shows the numbers of the sliders (1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10,....) rather than the SEO Snippet, how can i fix this?

Thanks a lot and hope to hear from you gus anytime soon! kind regards, A


1. We don’t have a solution for it. But I think it is possible, but you will need to make it by yourself or with 3rd-party help.

2. This X button is for the menu only. You can’t “close” the page content.

3. Have you tried a plugin for SEO optimization? For example this one – https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/

Regards, nK.

Hello, thanks for your quick response!

1. That would upgrade your theme enormously, would love a solution from you guys. 2. This would make the template so much easier to use – I get a lot of complaints, that users have a difficulty to navigate – adding an option to close the page, would make it a better template too. 3. yes, that finally worked, thanks for the tipp!

Kind regards from Innsbruck! Aria

its pretty hard to customize and don’t forget that you need to purchase additional plugins which makes it really expensive. other than that, it is stylish, unique theme.

_nK Author

I don’t know which plugins you bought additionally, even if you didn’t even buy the theme itself…

Everything you see on the demo site you can make without additional plugins. Furthermore, we use the King Composer plugin, so you can build your pages with no problems.