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Firstly, what a BEAUT of site! It looks lovely and I can’t wait to get it start looking like my website. Secondly, I’m probably being really thick but can’t upload the file via the normal way of ‘zip file’ and am unsure of how to install it. Apologises for the dumb question!

What you’re downloading is the root directory of the site. There is no WordPress involvement needed. Just upload the contents of the zip file to your site’s root directory. Then index.html becomes your home page. It’s pretty simple.

I’ve put the folder (unzipped) into the root directory folder. Can you please explain how to set the index.html as a home page? I can’t seem to get it up and I would really like to get this working. Apologises for the questions, I am a novice and normally deal in WordPress themes…

That’s it really… index.html is always the default page that loads in any directory. If you still have WordPress installed and running, you may need to remove it in order to load the index.html in the root.


The twitter feed seems to have stopped working. The feed just sticks at “loading tweets”.

Was there a change in the twitter api? If so, what do I change it to, and where do I make the change in the code?

I thank you for your timely response ahead of time.

Yes… There was a change in the API. I’ll be updating this theme with an alternative. But for now you can always create your own twitter widget.

updating the theme is fine, but is there not just a simple change in the API that I can make to populate the tweets? Is it not just a change that needs to be made to the tweet.js file?

No unfortunately… Twitter completely changed the API and the way that feeds are pulled. The trusty old Tweet jQuery plugin is now obsolete. :-(

Hi. It’s not posible to show the galleries on mobile phones like on web. When you clic on a thumb, it open the image in a blank page and you can’t navigate into the gallery. I hope you can understand me and help me. Thanks!

No problem… All you need to delete is:

if( ! isMobile.iPhone() ) {

and then the closing


ohh yeah! Thank you so much!

The Twitter feed is still not working. Have you stopped support for this item?

No, I haven’t stopped support on this one. Just haven’t been able to update the item. I’ll provide an update asap. Thanks for bringing this to my attention again.