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Just one question. Can the navigation menu be under the logo and aligned to the left? Is this doable via theme settings or can it be done via CSS? Thanks

Hi Pepminguezcastells! Do you refer to a very “old school” style menu where the menu is under the logo and they are aligned left? In case you need to use the Center menu and apply a few CSS (note that this menu cannot be transparent), in case you are not able to figure out, please share your site so we can create a few CSS extra codes for you!


Hi Pepminguezcastells and thank you for the confirmation! ;)

Hi The lightbox has stopped working on my site. When I select an image in my portfolio it should take me through to lightbox and allow me to view an enlarged image and then scroll left and right to the next image. At the moment when I try to do this it just displays a black area with the forward/back arrows but no image. I’ve switched lightbox off and back on again to no avail. As a matter of interest a few months ago my slider rev failed on my site and tech support at envato fixed it for me. I wonder if my current problem is related to this? At the time I may not have noticed. It’s only on updating some imagery on the site recently it came to my attention. I find it concerning that a part of my site can fail like this.

Hi helenellisbrown! Yes it’s really odd since my screencast is created with Chrome! Anyway, you are using Uncode 1.4.2 that is a version of years ago, my suggestion is to first update to the latest version that is Uncode 2.2.6: https://sundancecreative.co.uk/wp-content/themes/uncode/style.css

I haven’t been prompted to make an update to Uncode – so how do I do this?

Hi, since you have an old version of Uncode the best method to update is the Envato Market plugin method (remember to update also the plugins): https://support.undsgn.com/hc/en-us/articles/214001205#envato-market
Then, register the theme and you will be notified of next updates.
Since you have a super old version we suggest also to performa a backup before update: https://support.undsgn.com/hc/articles/360001216518
In a few words, there are tons of new features, remember also to clear your browser cache etc (all info in the Theme Update documentation linked above): https://support.undsgn.com/hc/articles/213454129

Hi, i have 2 questions. First i transported my website to another domain and wanted to activate the theme again but it now says: you have exceeded the maximum number of activations permitted for a single Purchase Code. Can you guys help me.

The second question is about the page not quite working. On chrome my page shows perfectly but on safari is does not show alot of stuff. What do i need to do?

Thanks in advance, Joeri Dullens

Hi Romywauben! About the first issue, as listed in the error message, please contact us with the same account you used to buy the theme from our profile page and include your Purchase Code: https://themeforest.net/user/undsgn
I’m sorry but it’s not possible to understand in words why you have this odd issue, actually we don’t have other user reporting the same problem so we need to check your site privately. We remind that support is offered in our Help Center, there is a dedicated Support Team at your disposal: https://support.undsgn.com/hc/en-us


rattar Purchased


I would like to ask you, how can I change order of columns on mobile, tablet… etc… I updated to Uncode 2.2.6, but I cant find it in “row settings”...

I found this guide…


But as I wrote… I cant find it anywhere… I also updated WP Bakery page builder on the last version… And Wordpress to last version also…

Or is it possible to use any other trick to change column order in Uncode Template??

Thank you.

Hi rattar! Yes, confirmed it’s in the Row Settings > Responsive Tab: https://undsgn.d.pr/wRKV7O


rattar Purchased

It is ok… I updated Uncode Core Plugin and function “Inverted device order” is alredy in Row seetings! Great!

Hi rattar and thank you for the confirmation! :)

Just one question. Can the carousel mode in the Posts block be configured to slide the posts vertically instead of horizontally? Thanks in advance

Hi Pepminguezcastells! No sorry the Carousel Mode is only horizontal.

Hi there, can I change the toggle menu color for individual page >> https://undsgn.com/uncode/homepages/creative-director/ like landing page is white menu, second page is white menu, third page is black menu etc?

Hi ArrowLine and thank you for interest! :)
This is a Slides Scroll example, do you mean in a normal website? Yes the menu coloration is based on the coloration of the main header, so if you have a light header the menu can be Light Skin (dark text and logo), if you have a dark header the menu can be Dark Skin (light text and logo). Let us know if you need more info!

Hi, I’m talking is this template https://undsgn.com/uncode/homepages/creative-director/ ... thinking using this layout but my landing page photo is black color and second page background color is white… so my question is can this toggle menu can manually change the color or auto change base on my entire background color?

Do you refer to sections of a page or different pages? If you have different pages any page menu coloration is based on the header, while if you refer to sections it works if you use the Slides Scroll as this example (obviously you can adjust based in your needs), in a few words it just doesn’t work if you have a normal page, this primary a Slides Scroll effect.

Hi Uncode Team,

the template is really amazing!!

Just one question:

I have setup the complete website with uncode. Now I want to add a blog site (Blog wide). How can I import and add just the demo material for blog wide site to my existing site?

Hi Cankaplan1996 and thank you for appreciate Uncode! :)
If you have not imported this page you can import it from the Selective Layout Import: https://support.undsgn.com/hc/en-us/articles/214001065#&gid=1&pid=3
Then you can use this layout as your main blog page! Let us know if this helps!

hi I’m using WPML to show arabic text. May i know why double quote in arabic text is in wrong direction ?

Hi hyperpower! If you think this come from the theme, please show us your website so we can have a check, otherwise, if this is something related to WPML you need to ask their support.


mespank Purchased

Is there a way to make last image in the gallery centered in the middle row, instead of being placed in the first row from the left (as observed here: https://bartekrutkowski.photography/gallery/ )?


mespank Purchased

I don’t see why this would be an issue, all you’d need to do is detect if you have ‘spare’ images (number of images / number of columns) and then if you do, add an invisible, empty block to handle floating. Just as with any other floating element on the theme ;)


mespank Purchased

But I understand there’s no way to do it right now, thank you.

Ok, thank you for confirming.


temia69 Purchased

Hi, I am trying to use my purchase code, but it says it is already in use. I do not have a website that it is used on, either way could you de-register it so I can use it?

Hi temia69! If you have this problem please follow the link next the error. If you want to use Uncode on a new domain, please send a message to our ThemeForest profile. Include your Purchase Code, and our team will unlock it so you can install Uncode on a new domain.


DanMae Purchased

Hello there, i was wondering why my code does not work anymore. Ive set up a local wordpress instance with my code, after that i deregistered it and tried to activate it on a server. but it does not work. is there any solution?

Hi DanMae! What is your Uncode theme version and what is the specific error message you have when you try to use this Purchase Code?


DanMae Purchased

It says: exceeded activations. but i deregistered it. so i dont know why it keeps displaying this error

Hi DanMae! When you buy an item on ThemeForest you can use a Purchase Code to build only 1 final website and this error means that you have used on other websites: https://themeforest.net/licenses/standard
Anyway, send a message from the form you have in this page and include your Purchase Code so we can verify and help: https://themeforest.net/user/undsgn


84studios Purchased

Hello. Am I able to change the skin of the menu for just 1 particular page? I don’t want to change it site wide, but just for that page.

Hi 84studios! You just need to change the Skin for that page header and the logo and menu coloration will be applied according, yes definitely it’s possible: https://support.undsgn.com/hc/articles/213459749
Anyway, if you need support is offered in our Help Center, there we have a completely dedicated support team, please submit a ticket so we can check your installation and support the solution! Thank you!  https://support.undsgn.com/hc

Is it PHP 7.3 compatible?

Hi marcoz123 and thank you for interest! ;)
Yes, it’s compatible and it’s the suggested PHP version.


flexxon Purchased

Hi , after page refresh the correct tab is not opening. Please click on this URL https://www.flexxon.com/login/#tab-1487327364-2-98. According to the URL, second tab should open which is “Register” Tab which is not working

Hi flexxon! In fact this works like a charm, ex: https://undsgn.com/uncode/features/tabs-accordions/#grid-system
The problem is related to an incomplete configuration of the cache plugin since you have JavaScript errors: https://undsgn.d.pr/dkvnk8
Please review the info here and exclude the necessary files: https://support.undsgn.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004168269
Anyway, if you need support is offered in our Help Center, there we have a completely dedicated support team, please submit a ticket so we can check your installation and support the solution privately! Thank you!  https://support.undsgn.com/hc


flexxon Purchased

Hi! Thanks for your quick reply. I checked that article, very helpful for other options, like excluding js files and performance options.The js errors gone but these options did not fixed my problem. I fixed my problem by writing a jquery code jQuery(document).ready(function() { var url = document.location.toString(); // select current url shown in browser. if (url.match(’#’)) { jQuery(’.logintabs .nav-tabs a[href=#’ + url.split(’#’)[1] + ‘]’).tab(‘show’); // activate current tab after reload page. } // Change hash for page-reload jQuery(’.logintabs .nav-tabs a’).on(‘shown’, function (e) { // this function call when we change tab. window.location.hash = e.target.hash; // to change hash location in url. }); }); Hope it helps someone

Hi flexxon! Happy you find a solution but as shown in the link above this works natively in Uncode, at this point not sure if you have other scripts that interferes. Anyway thank you for sharing! :)


nflyers Purchased

Hi, can you help me to make the carrousel that goes vertically instead of horizontally ? Thank you ^^

Hi nflyers! Sorry really not sure to understand what you need, do you need the carousel in vertical mode?


nflyers Purchased

yes but i saw you said there is no option for that. I really need it so if you could help me out it would be great :D

Yes, it’s confirmed, we never show this in our demo and it’s not part of the available options. This is not something simple we can create and suggest here on request. If this is vital for your project you can check some plugins with this features (you can use via shortcodes) or follow this page for customisations suggestions: https://support.undsgn.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000555209


noppah Purchased

After the last update content blocks are missing (blank) how sad I have an expired support :( please help

The contents are there, but the animations don’t start since you have a JavaScript error triggered by a plugin named “Nitro” or similar: https://undsgn.d.pr/gdAu6T
If this is a cache plugin maybe you need to exclude some files as listed in the doc: https://support.undsgn.com/hc/articles/115004168269


noppah Purchased

Thank you so much, it worked!

Thank you for the confirmation! ;)

It says that I need to verify my product in the uncode updates section. When I proceed it does not accept my api and purchase code. I also get this warning Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /customers/d/6/d/ahsengulsen.com/httpd.www/wp-content/themes/uncode/core/inc/main.php on line 5 Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /customers/d/6/d/ahsengulsen.com/httpd.www/wp-content/themes/uncode/core/inc/main.php on line 6 Notice: class-oembed.php is deprecated since version 5.3.0! Use wp-includes/class-wp-oembed.php instead. in /customers/d/6/d/ahsengulsen.com/httpd.www/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4802 Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /customers/d/6/d/ahsengulsen.com/httpd.www/wp-content/themes/uncode/core/inc/main.php:5) in /customers/d/6/d/ahsengulsen.com/httpd.www/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1265 Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /customers/d/6/d/ahsengulsen.com/httpd.www/wp-content/themes/uncode/core/inc/main.php:5) in /customers/d/6/d/ahsengulsen.com/httpd.www/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1268

Hi ahsen_gulsen! We are sorry for this issue! If you still have the API method registration, the problem is related to the fact that you have an old version of Uncode. The old registration system uses the old Envato API (that is now deprecated and has a very slow cache system) for the Purchase Code verification. You should update to the new version of Uncode that uses the new Envato API and a faster registration system with only the Purchase Code: https://forums.envato.com/t/rate-limiting-on-the-legacy-api/188055
If you want to update, you can use the Envato Market plugin method: https://support.undsgn.com/hc/en-us/articles/214001205#envato-market

Hello. I have a question, Is the UNCODE adapted to publish podcasts? Especially soundcloud. Is it as simple as paste the wordpress code from the soundcloud?


undsgn Author

Hi DominikSmialowski! Yes, confirmed, as you can see you can use SoundCloud, ex:

My theme was working alright and registered fine, but couldn’t update it to the latest version from 2.1 – which I assume I needed to do as I couldn’t import a demo landing page when I tried to.

I tried to log in and out, different browsers, finally to de-register and re-register and now it’s asking me to contact the theme authors, but I can’t do that via ticket desk since my support’s now expired.

I’ve now been able to update the theme via Envato Market WordPress Plugin, but still can’t re-register my item purchase code. It’s telling me:

“There was an unexpected problem with your Purchase Code verification. Please contact the theme author. (Error 12)”

My support period has expired but I thought my license was one-time purchase?


undsgn Author

Hi iragiorgetti! Are you using some protection system for your site? Error 12 means that a protection system is blocking the connection. Anyway, please send a message from our profile page, include your Purchase Code and site URL (if possible also logins can help to speed up the assistance): https://themeforest.net/user/undsgn