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Nice idea, good luck with sale.

Hi, I have purchased your under construction template and it has been downloaded to my computer. I am just not sure how I change the template so it has my website details on it ie. Name, count down time and how to post it to my url now. Can you please help me with this. Thanks Amy

Thank you amomartin, mailed :)

The demo seems to be broken

Ok, The demo is working now! thanks ;)

Hi, page is very well done. Was wondering if it will work with wordpress.

mmm! this page is only you can upload it to your host and when you want to start your website remove the under construction page and install wordpress

is it possible to scale it to 520 pixel widht?

Thanks Valerio

mm … you can delete the clock icon from the PSD file and do some scales like you want, then edit HTML /CSS files, or you can select one from the others 3 themes.

salut couzin , bon je croie que vous ete marocain c sa ?

c super vos trvaux je suis aussi dans le domaine mais jai jamis essayer de vandre mes trvaux sur intrenet tu vie ou toi ?

je suis aussi marocain d’oregine mais je vais pas au maroc alors sa te dit de me passer ton email ?


My name is Amine, my gmail ID is:

Hi, I have purchased your under construction template and it has been downloaded to my computer. I am not sure how do I upload the contents using iweb on a mac. if you provide other details as well it will be great. Thanks Shagir

Hi, I just purchased this template to use on my GoDaddy hosting account. I am a complete novice and have no clue how to upload this to my site. Please help. Thanks!

Hi! thanks for contacting me.

First select you favorite color or theme from “Upload files” folder and edit the contents (Follow the help page) and then upload it into your server/host.

Any other questions is welcome


Any suggestions on troubleshooting the counter to work in IE? Works fine in FireFox and Safari.


There’s problems always with IE, but I’ll put an update as soon as i can. Thanks for the purchase ;)

Hi ! I’ve just bought this theme and i’m really satisfied. Great job 8-) But i’m unable to find where to modify about and contact and about block. :stress: Please :whistle: help!

I The PSD folder you can find the Template files.

Live Demo:

Error 404 not found !!!!


I will fix it soon as i can, i am very sorry about that but you can see the screenshots at this time.

Thumb up! Very nice!

Thank you for purchase my item :) enjoy !!

demo not working!

It’s working now :)

Demo is down, I would like to see it live


I purchased this template but have no idea how to upload it i want to use the pink backround and clock also to edit it first.

Please advise Thanks Sean


I have had no response and i am really not happy with the service.