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gr8 work…

Thanks alia!

very very very very very VERY Nice Work :)

i Love the Pictures :)

can you tell me who´s the Photographer ? Thx

Sincerly, I don’t know.In fact, they are wallpapers from deviant art made by some good guys which allowed redistribution(so they are free stock images).

Wonderful design, great job. Good luck with sales :)
I hope the countdown never ends :)

Thanks…really appreciate it.

It’s really great. Can you share the source of these photos? Are these included in package?

Hy…after an hour of research: It wasn’t Devian Art…i think I was stick with that site in my head.

nice design.. good luck!

Clean design, glws!

Thanks csspress!

Beautiful work! much sales 8)

A lot of sales I hope too…thanks :)

Yep…the idea with the circle seems brilliant.

Salut marian, Imi poti lasa o adresa de mail ori un contact?

How do I go about loading this unto hostgator?

Hy Stephen and sorry about the delay in response…geographical time problems. Ok, so I’ve downloaded the theme and nothing is missing.That means you most likely had a problem when you downloaded the source files.Host Gator has Cpanel and that means you should have a button for Upload in the top bar.You can upload a .zip and dearchive it there.Also you could use a FTP client like Filezilla.

Please contact me again if you encounter any other problems.

With respect, Marian

I seem to be missing a lot of files…why is it not uploading…can someone please help


Sorry about the problem but the .zip file it’s perfectly okay.All the files of this template are hosted on envanto’s servers(themeforest’s servers), which are very secure.

You could try to download the files one more time.

Just as a quick note, no files are missing, just “experthemes” ran into some problems, but everything was fine after some help. :)

Why the timer on under construction didn’t work on my site? Can you tell me how to fix this template and ho the “submit” can work on my email?


Hy darwan and thank you for buying this template. It’s because the timer has ended.But that’s of course normal.Just go in js/script.js to the line 48 and you will see (-0, 2012, 10 -1, 17). 2012 is of course the year, 10 is the month, octomber, which has passed, and 17 is the day.The -0 and -1 are needed for the script so don’t take them into accoount.So to see the timer set the date in the future, for example (-0, 2012, 12 -1, 24), this ending the timer on the 24th of december.

Hope it helps!

With respect, Marian

thank you marian has been answered and was very helpfully..last question, how to “submit” email work if some people enter their email?


It works, read the documentation file or simpler check the .txt file where the emails are stored.

I am trying to upload this into wordpress, I am very new at this. When I upload the theme .zip file i get this message: unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.

Theme install failed.

What am I doing wrong? I really like this template. I use please help!

Hy and thanks for buying the theme!The reason it is not working it’s because this is not a Wordpress theme, but an HTML/CSS one.To “install” it you have to enter in your Cpanel and upload the archive there and then follow the documentation.