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yep nice and clean, welcome to TF and good luck with the sales ;)

thank you both:-)

i like it.

can we change the background image (the one that includes the text “Under Construction”) to our own image? what are the dimensions? Thanks


Please check your email



Just 1 hr before i purchase this theme. Very nice theme,

i face the problem in getting input mail id's collection. Please send your mail id , i will send the site details.

Regards, sasmy

You’ve got mail:-)

Hey, I just purchased this theme, it is great. Only issue I am having is my ability to receive emails of people who want to be notified is not working. I am using the index.php as instructed and have entered all info as instructed… thank you

  • figured it out, great theme!


Hi I just bought this and for some reason though there were color options available. Do you not have the main Under Construction image in red? Your help and quick response would be appreciated. Thanks

No, sorry, I don’t have it in red. However it can be quickly transformed in red if you have Photoshop for example

Thanks for the quick response Seal.

I have Photoshop but it doesn’t not convert easily to red unless I am missing something…?

Thanks again

Well in the current situation I think it will be easier and faster to point me what shade of red you are aiming for and I will do a quick color change of the main image for you

I figured out how to do the color change in Photoshop! Thanks for the offer to do it though.

I plan on purchasing some of your other templates as well.

Thanks again Seal.

Thank you!

Hi Seal - Two last questions on this template:

1) Where would I go to slowdown the speed of the locations. I want a bit longer time between images.

2) How can I add text under the location images?

Thanks again


1. If you open the html file in a text editor you will find the following line:
$("#featured > ul").tabs({fx:{opacity: "toggle"}}).tabs("rotate", 5000, true);
Change the number 5000 to a greater one for longer pause between location change

2. You will need a small code change, let me know your email (you can send me a PM from my profile page) and I will send you the replacing code

Thanks. Just sent you an email via your profile page.

Thanks again Seal for all your help!

missing style.css?

I’m sorry, missing from where? The main style is named main.css

File will not load in wordpress, says that the style.css is missing. If I rename the file it says the style.css doesn’t have a proper header

This is an html template, not a Wordpress one

Hi, I’m getting the following errors after installation the php version:

Notice: Undefined variable: body in /data02/virt40567/domeenid/ on line 72

demo link broken “’s server DNS address could not be found.”