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Hey there! What’s wrong with the twitter feed? It doesn’t seem to be working anymore… Thanks in advance!

Hello! Twitter was change some API settings, I’m working on update now

Hi Mate! Is it fixed now? Cause i still can’t see the feed in the preview window! Many thanks for your reply!

Hi! Yes is fixed today

Hey! How’s it going? I’d like to buy your work but, please tell me…why the preview window doesn’t seem to work properly? I’d like to see the twitter feed working again, before i buy. Regards!

Hello! It’s works locally on my computer, but not work on website, I’m try to fix it

Sorry, i don’t understand! Will it work on my website if i proceed to buy it??

Maybe yes or not, let me know if not, I will be change plugin settings

Hey Mallini! The Twitter Feed doesn’t seem to be working anymore! Twitter’ API has been updated!

Can you fix this problem? Thanks a lot!

Hi! Thank you for waiting. Please download new template files and replace parts of code for Twitter in index.html and custom.js

Thanks Mallini! ;)

I applied the Twitter update and it is still not working? Need working fix please.

Please read template documentation and twitter! I create widget for your account and it’s works: ‘a class=”twitter-timeline” width=”500” height=”180” data-theme=”light” data-chrome=”noheader noborders transparent” data-tweet-limit=”1” href=”” data-widget-id=”365719989631713280” ’ Tweets by @indyfloat ’/a’

don’t forget inset ‘a’ into tags <>

I would invite you to use the feature “View Source” in a browser and note the code is character by character exact, matching Twitter specification, yet the feed does not work in your template. As a note to other readers, the only way to get the feed to work is to delete the following which corrupts the feed in this template (The extra “space /” below is a failure of themeforest to allow code to be pasted accurately using the code tags.)

<div id="twitter" />

please help, I have little programming knowledge I need to modify the page:

With that program I do?

Hello! You can use simple text editor or better text editor with code highlight like Notepad++, Adobe Dreamveawer

amazing stuff, love this!;