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Great looking form and while there are tons of other forms, this one does really stand out.

The only thing I am missing, and in my humble opinion most of the forms are missing, is some kind of price calculation. It would be excellent to have such an option within an order form.

Is it possible for you to add this, or create something new with price quotations?

Something like this: what we are looking for. Just check it out and try ordering a dedicated server and see all the nice options within this form.

For example; real-time domainname check, different billing cycles, coupon codes, configuration options. And the greatest thing of it all, is that the price are calculated from it on the fly.

We already tried to hire a freelancer (on the likewise named website), but this resulted us being left with an unfinished script after spending 150 USD .

Let me know. Thanks.

Hi, is there anyway i can remove the twitter section from this or even replace it with a facebook section

I’m not sure what’s wrong, but all i get is a text website… there’s no background picture. any idea what could be wrong?

I figured out my install problem. It works great!

If your tweets are not appearing, read this :

This script is using the standard twitter search, so it’s not a problem with that script but a limitation with twitter search functionnality.


What do I need to do to use accents properly?

I’ve change the word “Days” for the word “Días” in the jquery.countdown.js

Please help…

I want to purchase this template today only. Will the template sends email automatically when user sends submit button? or do I have to write PHP code for that?

Great option, but the contact form is coded with the PHP mail() function, which means it will have MAJOR PROBLEMS sending to Gmail or Google Apps addresses.

It would be brilliant if the code could be upgraded to use the free but robust PHPMailer. It has far more funtionality compared to the regular mail() function, and doesn’t allow header injection or spamming. It also supports SMTP . See:

Hello, Is there any way to get a general instructions for installation if you are a newbie? Thank you!

Hiya, never heard anything back. Is there any way to get help with this installation? I love the theme but can’t figure it out… thank you!!!

Hi there, I just purchased your theme and have a really dumb question? In Wordpress the theme won’t load and tells me I am missing the style.css file? Can you provide me with the info I need to get this to load?

Sorry and thanks in advance!

Hi, I downloaded this but now can’t figure out how to put it on my website. I can’t load it as a plugin in WordPress. Are there any instructions on how to intall it? Please need urgent help as I want to use it today.

Can you maybe upload images of your backend?

Hello there,

I have had this for awhile now, but I am still unsure what to do and why the twitter posts are not showing up. Please take a look and advise if possible. I appreciate your help and your time.

Thanks again… as you can see, nothing is showing under follow us on twitter.

Hello I have a problem with é à è can you help me please..

for the counter i have catch jquery.countdown on you link jquery ;)

I have a very strange problem, has been designed using this script.

When I use iframe to load images from flickr it works well on all browsers except the infamous IE and when i remove the jquery include from the top the script works in IE….

Please help me

Check your Live Preview link.


when is there gonna be a new update?


Live Preview seems a 404 page