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Nice work Thank You.

I got a problem sending emaisl, seems that the script send emails from primary domain name of the server, i receive emails from, and the form display errors when sending.

I contacted the support and it seems that i should add function $header;

$headers = ‘From:’ . ”\r\n” . ‘Reply-To:’ . ”\r\n” . ‘X-Mailer: PHP /’ . phpversion();

and add $header to all the other variables being called to mail.

How to achieve that?

Thank you

Question: What happens to the email addresses submitted thru the “Stay Informed” form?

I having a problem with the contact form. I have followed the documentation and edited the config.php and added my email address, but when I use the contact form and subscribe box nothing comes in to my inbox.

Have I missed something?


Have you checked your spam folder? Do your error logs mention anything?

Thanks I have solved the issue now, nothing major, thanks for your help

Thanks for your powerfull script ! :)

Any risk of spam on the clear email ? (I have try to write admin [@] but sending email and notification doesn’t work…) ;)

Subject: ERROR
Running PHP 5 .3.x, an error occurs when you submit an email address in the “Stay Informed” tab. Click here to see what I mean. Looks like your code uses eregi() which was deprecated in PHP 5 .3.0.

I went ahead and re-uploaded the new files. They are currently awaiting review. If all goes well, they should be available to download within the next day or so.

Thanks for the prompt response! Nice work.

The new files have been uploaded! Anyone that has purchased this theme in the past should consider downloading the updated files. There are a few enhancements, and a bug fix for PHP 5 .3.

It appears that when you don’t have a fairly recent tweet, an empty twitter message bubble is rendered- click here to see what I mean. Shouldn’t it display the latest tweet, no matter how old that tweet is?

When I set the COMPLETION _DATE to be 24 hours from my current time, your page says “we hope to be back in 21 hours” – 3 hours off.

When I set the COMPLETION _DATE to any time in the future but still on the same date (e.g. if it is noon and I set the COMPLETION _DATE to 8 PM on the same day, 8 hours in the future), it says “we hope to be back in 0 hours”.

Please advise how to correct this time discrepancy, so I can put up your “down for maintenance” page when I need to bring my site down for a few hours only, not days. If I do this now, your page will say “back in 0 hours”.

Re: countdown & twitter issues (cont’d)

To illustrate the issues: When I set these 2 different Under Construction pages to the same time (i.e. about 2 hours in the future, same date) and twitter account, I get these 2 different results:

THIS under construction page – WRONG (back in 0 hours, empty twitter message)
OTHER under construction page – CORRECT

Please advise and/or fix. Thanks.

Hmm, I don’t see how changing ‘h’ to ‘H’ would help. Doesn’t that just change the hour format from 12-hour to 24-hour? In any case, I went ahead and tried your suggestion, and it’s still not calculating the time difference correctly.

To illustrate: with the hour format set to ‘H’, current time Sep 1 6:47 pm and COMPLETION_DATE set to Sep 2 6:50 pm (i.e. just over 24 hours in the future), like so:

[18:47 1021] grep stamp config.php | grep hour
$hour = date( 'H', $stamp );

[18:47 1022] date
Wed Sep  1 18:47:24 PDT 2010

[18:48 1023] grep COMPLETION_DATE config.php
define( 'COMPLETION_DATE', '2010/09/02 06:50:00 PM' ); // YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS AM/PM
$stamp = strtotime( COMPLETION_DATE );

What I get is just over 5 hours difference (which is obviously wrong!) – click here. Also, if I set COMPLETION _DATE to 2010/09/02 18:50:00 PM (24-hour format, military time), it’s worse- I get 0 hours difference.

Something is clearly broken with the time calculations. Have you tested for these cases:

case 1: just over 24 hours in the future
case 2: 4 hours in the future, same date

These cases don’t work for me. Do they work for you? Please advise.

Thanks, Randie

I’ve tested all the cases that you’ve mentioned, plus more, and they all work fine for me. Please use the contact form on my profile page to further discuss this directly.

Got your updated index.php file. Date/time calculation works now. Thanks.

What about the Twitter issue? Any idea when you might be able to get to that?

Just purchased, and used for the first time – so far all features are working great! I’m a novice coder and it was easy to follow doc and get set up and make changes to it.

Funny thing is I used keith wood’s countdown a few weeks ago for my under construction countdown (praeterdesign[dot]com) and it was hard for me to get the time right – resorted to trial and error – but your version is much easier to set up/control.

Great work and perfect under construction page!

Thanks for the purchase. I’m glad you’re happy with the files!

Looks very nice! Great features! One of the best under construction pages on themeforest.

One question though. Is it easy to remove the twitter post and replace it with just static text?


Thanks for the purchase and the compliments!

It’s not that hard to remove or change content on the page. Use the form on my profile page to shoot me an email and I’ll show you how.

Thanks again.


I have customized your theme and it works very well.. but I want to use the wibiya toolbar..

Whenever I do it breaks the page if I do it after the tag as stated on the wibiya website

any suggestions.??



Thanks for making the purchase. Unfortunately, I’ve never dealt with the toolbar you are referring to, so I’m not really able to provide you any support with it. However, If you’d like me to integrate the toolbar for you I’d be happy to. If interested, just use the form on my profile page to contact me and we can schedule an email or phone consultation.

Thanks again!

Hi been using this for a while now and its great, i have been trying to add a check box validation on the form page and have spent about a week trying to figure it out myself but i just cant figure it out.

the check box is to agree to terms & conditions of submitting their details:

In the form i have:
  • * I have read, understood and agree to the site terms and conditions
  • in the ajax-actions.php i have:

    if( !isset( $_POST[‘optin’] ) ) { $print .= “

    Please click the Agree tick box

    ”; }

    i have tried to create a function to check if it has been checked but it doesn’t work.

    Thanks for your help


    Hello I just bought this file this evening! Pretty simple to get up and running but I did hit a few snags.

    I too am a little surprised that the Twitter feed doesn’t work when you don’t have a recent Tweet. I have a couple of other Twitter scripts I am going to play to see if I can get them to work.

    Also I have tired to use the Wibiya toolbar ( like @muzzle has and have not been able to figure out why it breaks the pages either. This would be a nice “bonus” for anyone, like myself, that bought/buys your file if you could help us figure out why it does this. This is a GREAT toolbar when a site is just starting out.

    In all, I really like this file. Hopefully, I can just get it to work correctly. :-)

    Thanks for any help!

    i liked it, good job

    Hi plasticbrain great script!

    Can you help me add an input type=”file” so that the users can send CV’s as attachments?

    Thank allot

    I’m having a problem with the contact form. When I try to submit a test it says:

    “Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 451 See djb/docs/smtplf.html.”> in D:\hosting\7388029\html\js\ajax-actions.php on line 72 We’re sorry, but an error occurred and your message was not sent.”

    What am I missing? Thank you in advance for your response!

    jquery.tweet.js out of date now, not shows tweets. implement new version of this file please, its solving problem.

    nice job btw :)

    can i buy this with wallie?