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Can I install a theme in the dashboard, edit it, test it all while the ‘under construction’ page is still live? Then disable the plugin and the theme will work?

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Hi chewdesign 31,

No, you can’t do that. Because “under construction” page is not a plugin. The easiest way I think is to edit and test your actual theme on a local server\computer while having “under construction” page up on the website.

I’m sorry for the late answer.


Hi Cepreu, I purchased the them and it is awesome! However, I have been unable to send emails when I put the files on a live server for hosting. however, i can send mails when I test it on the local host. The problem arises when I upload the files on the “public_html” or “www” folder. However, when I put the files in a folder within the root, the whole thing works well. Pls check the following links.

>> [forms do not work at all] AND >> [works well!]

I want the files in “ ” to work so that I can delete the files in the child folder “under-construction”since all visitors should land to “” as the default location. I Need your help

Hi Muriithidir,

I’ve checked the contact form on a couple of minutes ago. It doesn’t work for me either, I got an error which says that “contact.php” file isn’t found.

Here are the few tips for you -

1) Make sure you put all the files in the appropriate place and there were no errors while uploading them. For main domain usually you should use “public_html” folder (depends on a hosting provider). Check documentation and\or help section on your hosting provider’s website for any tips\guidelines.

2) Make sure you have fully edited your “contact.php” file. The code from lines ## 14-17 should look like this (for main domain) - '', '', '', ''

Also don’t forget to change the email in line # 11 to your actual email.

3) Make sure you have PHP function mail() enabled on your server. Contact support of your hosting provider if you’re not sure.

If there is any questions feel free to ask.


As for newsletter signup form, I believe it doesn’t work correctly due to insufficient file permissions. Please check the file permissions of “newsletter.txt”. The file permissions should be set to 640.

If you’re uploading files using a FTP client you can change file permissions after you have uploaded them to the server (right mouse click on a file > file permissions\info\etc.).

If you’re uploading files through the control panel in a web-browser there should be tools to change file permissions too. The tools and their work may differ and depends on a hosting provider so I can’t give you any directions.


Just purchased .. The html page doesnt work for me.. Have a look

Hi, how can I generate logo image with fonts of this product?

Purchased this as a plugin … is is worthless to me as a theme….


It is a HTML template with a bonus (which is the WordPress theme). The description clearly says so. I do not advertise it as a plugin. Besides there is special marketplace for plugins –

I have already told this to you 1 year ago. See –