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Wow :) I’d love to code this for you :D Let me know if you want it as an HTML !

great stuff man !

I love this very much :)

Thank you all!

The illustration is amazing on this. It would sell pretty good as an HTML template. :D

Excellent first submission. :)

All I can say is CUTE ! Like Vasilios said, if you convert this to an HTML template, it would probably sell loads.

Great job!

I’d be this if it was coded, i love it.

Thanks, i will give my best to submit coded version by the end of this month

this is such a beautiful template

Vimeo style :)

very creative. i like this kind of thing!

Just bought the template and finished coding it, the site and the template are far from completion but check out www.templatetent.net

Plus give me feedback :D

@lukadadiani Thank you for purchasing my template :)

Anyhow, the HTML /CSS version is almost finished. All that’s left is to fix some minor IE bugs and it’s ready to go. Hopefully, soon you will see this in the site templates section.