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Beautiful work, great job. :)

Thanks a lot!

beautiful! Really fresh.

Thanks man!

Do you have a wordpress version available? I just bought it :(

Thank you for buying my theme! Unfortunately, no wordpress version is available, and I haven’t planned on making one, at least not in the near future.

Can you tell me where in the folder the .ai illustrator files are?

I cant seem to find them.

Hi bluebeetle,

I didn’t included separated Illustrator Ai file, but you can find vector illustrations inside the PSD files. When you open homepage.psd, search in the layers palette for a layer called ‘illustration’ inside background>header group. You can click with your right mouse button on that layer and chose ‘Edit contents’. After that, illustration will be opened inside the Illustrator.

It will be created as the template for wordpress?

Hi bednarp,

most probably not, but I’m not excluding that possibility someday in the future.

I just purchased this and I’m about to make convert it to a wordpress theme, I will let you know if I’m successful

Great, good luck! :)