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Im proud to say congratulations on a masterpiece :)

thanks! :)

How do you set the date? I would like to use September 9th, at 8:30pm

Thank you!

Thank you very much for the fast response. I guess what was throwing me off was the -1. I assume now it is because JS views January as 0, and not the beginning of an array? So the -1 allows the user to use commonly known numbers of the month?

One last question, is it possible to downsize the counter at all? Is there some sort of wrapper that I can put on it to make it smaller without recreating each image?

Thank you again, John

Actually, I figured it out. Just a matter of tweaking the CSS and JS height and width. Thank you again

yes, but for better quality … better to resize them.

Nice work. Just a simple question.

How do I make corrections to the progress bar ie 60% or 40% ( the file increments of 20) . I think I misread your documentation. I can do everything but that.

And where did you get the social icons. I want to add You Tube and my space.

Thanks again for such a great piece of work.

When you open index.html you will find 80% inside of span

<span class="progressBar" id="pb1">80%</span>

progress bar script read the value inside the span…

I used this icons package :


Thanks, I tried everything but the right thing.

Keep up the good work

Thanks for the beautiful template, got it up and running on my site in no more than 10 min. A great buy for anyone needing an under construction template.

thanks! :)

How do I add my own Logo on top of the Current Logo

Outside the Emphasis Area.


that is an standard image for under construction page, but if you want to change it the name of the image on default template is under.png 252×240 (images folder)

The send email button is not working. It doesn’t send the message and shows another form with another name,email, message etc… Please Advise


Please send me the link with the script location, because mine works … you can try the demo.


Thank you for your great work on this template. It is very easy to edit and understand.

I had a problem with understanding dates and times for count down, I get reply from the author pretty quick (please do consider author’s also have their own work and have other scripts, time zone difference etc..).

I recommend this template for sure anyone who is in need of such under construction landing page.

5 stars dude.


var dateFuture = new Date(2010,8 -1,56,18,58).getTime();
   2010 = is the year
   8 = month
   56 = days
   18 = hours
   58 = minutes

I’m glad you like it, thanks! this is what happend when i upload. on dreamweaver test it works great.

I can’t see the loading bar and time counter. but i can see the counter only when all are 000000.

I see it working …

Loading bar it’s on 16%

49 days 13 hours 49 minutes 32 seconds

Great template but I have one problem when somebody enter the ”?” in the contact form…I get this error: Please don’t use parenthesis or other escaping characters. If I don’t use them the mail is send normaly.


You need to remove

 elseif ( ereg( "[][{}()*+?\\^$|]", $_REQUEST['message'] ) ) {
        $pass = 1;
        $alert .= "<li>" . $alertmessage . "</li>";

starts from line 113

now script will check only if it’s empty text area…

Now I can’t send email…I get this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/content/18/7386418/html/ceman/inc/sendmail.php on line 151

I figure it out :) thanks for a quick reply and help…keep up the good work.

Hey zmeutz – great work. I have a question. Whenever I change the countdown year to anything other than 2010, the days up/left/back and days/down/left/back do not load.

I’m installing @



isn’t work if you change year because the limit is 99 days


So if today is 3/24/2011 and I want the clock to countdown to 6/1/2011, wouldn’t I need to change the date to 2011?

Thanks for the quick response.


You need to put

var dateFuture = new Date(2011,6 -1,01,00,00).getTime();
year, month, -1, day, hour, minute


Love the template, but I can’t get the email working. I changed the email address to my gmail to test ($sendto = ‘’;) and published it on to my server but I get the following error message: Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 501 5.5.4 Invalid Address in \\nas01\nas\s\h\\web\inc\sendmail.php on line 137

Line 137 is part of the code your commented not to touch, please advise.


The script works fine to send emails, the only problem it’s with your email address or with the server


Buna Stefan, scriu in engleza ca sa citeasca si altii :) I need to translate this in Greek, changed the encoding to Greek ISO in Dreamweaver and the font to Myriad Pro who supports Greek characters. The weird thing is when I write in Greek between the h1 tags absolutely nothing appears whereas the other tags work just fine. Any ideas?

Multumesc frumos!

Buna, trebuie sa generezi scriptul fontului din nou selectand Greek and Coptic de pe

You must to generate again the script for the font, selecting Greek and Coptic from



What did you mean, “didn’t work?”

Any video. that teaches how to install it. buy it, I thought it could be installed like any wordpress template.


Isn’t any video to show how to install it … But is simply, select your desire template, upload it on your server and change the name of html to index.html

This isn’t wordpress template…

Hello, i love template, but how can i put ó on the page, it doesnt work :S

Please give me more details, how doesn’t work?