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Clean theme! Good luck ;)

Thank you :)

Fantastic Design! congratz mate :)


You have great design potentials, if you can put that hard work into designing in wordpress, you can rank in some serious sales. Good luck, keep up with the awesome work.

Thank you! Most likely will be a Wordpress version, with many options included in comparison with this html version.

Ce fain e..Bravo ! Succes la vanzari !

Multumesc! :)

hi! i just bought your theme and i really love it! thanks for that great work!

one question: is it possible to show videos in the gallery-section?

best wishes, lorenz

Hi Lorenz,

Thank you for purchasing my template!

You can add videos from youtube and vimeo in the gallery section.

Best regards,


hi bogdan, and how can i do that ? is there a code snippet you can send to me?

You have to use iframe, for example, on youtube click the share button, copy the embed code and paste it in the index.html file. If you still need help please send me an email from my profile page on TF and I will show you an example.

Fantastic Design, just one question: i didn’t see php files in the info, how to configure the contact form?

The php file related to contacted form is included, I just forgot to specify in info.

All you have to do is to open contact.php and replace “to@email.com” with your own email address.

Nice look! Thank you! But: The slider image on the top does not fit the page size on my computer. i tested i with firefox + ie. Can you tell me how to fix it?


Thank you for purchasing my template!

The slider is build to center the image on your screen (this way it won’t distort the image), so depending on your image size it can cut the image on top/bottom or left/right.

Regards, Bogdan

Hello Thank you for your wonderful template. I have a problem with the contact form who does not work. The email does not go and nothing happens (no error page or success). Similarly, the form can not run once, after you have to close and open the site. Thank you for your help.

Jean Luc

Hi, I just checked the demo and the contact form is working, all you have to do is to open contact.php and insert your email address on line 15. For any other questions please contact me using the contact form from my profile page.

Hello, thank you for template !! It works very well with safari, firefox and chrome but… I have a problem with IE10 : the menu is showing vertically so my entire page is distorted…

Thank you for your help


It’s working fine in IE10. Go to developer tools (F12) and be sure that in Document Mode is not select IE7 Standards.


Helo, This a responsive menu don’t work. “- Navigation -” doesn’t work if active.

Hi, can you give me more details please? Everything work fine here.

Hello Bogdan,

template looks really good but on Safari the full width images on the qoutes_wrapper don’t seem to scale. Could you please take a look at it? Thanks in advance.



hi bogdan,

i wrote an email to you last week, regarding the way how to show videos in the galery section. i got no answer yet. please reply – my client gets a bit nervous ;-)

best wishes, lorenz

Hi :) Great template. But it looks like the photos in the top slider are reloaded on every rotation. At least that’s what firebug tells me. It would be great if it could be optimized to hide already loaded photos instead of reloading them over and over again. That’s really bad for mobile devices.

All the best Peter

Hi How can I change the Icons? Where will i find them? Thanks

Hi ,

Thank you for purchasing my template!

You can find all the available icons here: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/ Best Regards,


Hi There, Im unsure as to how to get the next page with the image, and blurb after they have picked in image in the portfolio.

I am using the sortable portfolio to sort house plans for a building company. Ive got it to display in the correct place, just when you click on it it says no page found. What do i do here?

There is an problem in this theme (download): The images in the top slider are always jumping to the right, because they were initially loaded 50-100px too far left (tested in Chroma and Firefox). You can see it in your templatefiles.

Can you provide me a fix please?

The preview theme looks great.

how to change icons in menu?


Thank you for purchasing my template!

You can find the complete list of icons here

Hello! I have a problem with the site when viewed in mobile vs, duplicated nav menus – Tinynav1 & tinynav2.

You can reduce the browser width to 400px to see this issue where: www.beta.fanepel.com/underground/index.html

Thank for the help ;-) Eduardo Monteiro

email sent :)

Bogdan thanks for the quick response! The issue was solved in record time! Congratulations for the excellent theme!

Best Regards, Eduardo

You’re welcome!

Hi bogdan, I’m stuck on changing the session id’s, every time I change the section id to something else, the section get’s distorted with no top and bottom border. What line of code or file am I missing to edit?


Thank you for purchasing my template!

Not sure I understand your question, I think you mean “section id”. If so, every id is styled in style.css and obviously if you change for example <section id=”services”> with <section id=”new_name”> the properties which apply for “services” won’t apply for “new_name” and you will have to add new properties for “new_name” in the style.css file, like ’’padding-top’’, ’’border-top’’ and so on. Hope that helps.

Best Regards,


Yes, the style.css was what I was looking for :) I have two more questions, and I think I am set.

I noticed the 1920×1020 images are all replaced in my index.html, but I still have the 1920×1020 placeholder images as the background behind the quotes sections. I used Notepad++ to search for any “1920×1020” but it said I’ve replaced all of them with my images. The top slideshow works great, but the rest is still the default 1920×1020 placeholder.

Is there something else I have to edit?

My last question is simply, how do I speed up the response time on the navigation buttons? (The “Home” “Services” “About Us” etc…) Every time I click, there is a delay in about 4-5 seconds for it to scroll down for me after I click.

Btw thank you for the great theme and help, was well worth the money.

Those background images need to be changed in the style.css file, those are background images, just replace background: url(http://placehold.it/1920x1020); with your own images.

Regarding your second question, you should open index.html and look for the script named scrollTo, located on the bottom of the file (start here: <!- begin menu scrollTo script->) and replace the value 1100 with 100, 10, depending on how smoth the animation you want to be, lower value means fast scrolling (this is the line of code I’m talking about: $.scrollTo(this.hash || 0, 1100, { axis:’y’,easing:’easeInOutExpo’ })

For further question please contact me from my profile page here: http://themeforest.net/user/bogdan_09 and don’t forget to rate the template if you like it :)




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