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I am not a fan of lobster font, but the template looks really nice. GJ :D

Thank you :)

I like it very much, congratulations!

Acidstream, thank you for good words! ;)

Just purchased this – can’t wait to get my site moved over to it; Undotheme looks fantastic…keep up the great work!

Cool to hear that you like it :) Thanks for purchase.

hello Your theme is really nice. Just before I buy, I noticed a difference enltre firefox and ie at the level of padding between the titles. And the font does not appear like either. is it just me? I can make a screenshot of what I see if you like. one more thing, how you one change the font on your theme? there are others available?

thank you in advance


There could be some differences in different browsers. It’s very hard to adjust template for all browsers. Anyway, you can send me a screenshot and I’ll try to solve this problem.

To change fonts you should go to style.css file and find lines where fonts are coded.

Regards, Modestas

Cool template ave very easy to do your own customization.

Thank you very much! :)

Hi Echh! Your theme looks nice! Anyway I have a problem on IE 8 and Google Chrome. Let me know where I can send you a screenshot.

Thank you!

Send screeshots to baran.modestas@gmail.com with IE and Chrome version :)

Hi i am having trouble with the contact form, i was wondering if you could help or redirect to me a support page?

Hi, what is the problem?

In IE 9 is in the menu on mouse over an error. The characters are not completely filled. Above is a small remnant white. Is there a fix?

Well, I’m not a programmer and it seems that the problem is in code. I need to contact my coder, and I’ll contact you if I get a fix :)

By the way, can you drop a screenshot? I need to see how it looks :)

Labas, labai grazus darbas!

Sveikinu jus is Ispanijos

Sekmes :)

D?kui :) smagu gird?ti, kad kažkam patiko :P

Great Theme!!!

But I’m not able to install it! I zipped the undotheme_html and tried to install it, but I always get the error: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.

Theme install failed.

Someone who can help?

Hi, thanks for your purchase :)

Talking about your question, I don’t really understand what are you trying to do? You mean, you are trying to unzip files, and get an error, or your trying to install this for some CMS or what?

This is only HTML template, and you can’t install this for wordpress or other CMS .

If you get an error while unpacking, please contact me via email: baran.modestas@gmail.com

Hope this comment was helpful :)

Ohhhhh I thought it is a wordpress theme… . So it’s not right? :( And I can’t use it as a theme?

Sorry, but you can’t :)

No more updates?

Sveikas, neblogas darbelis ;)

Wow! happy with sales;