Une Boutique Ultimate eCommerce & Corporate Theme

Une Boutique Ultimate eCommerce & Corporate Theme

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Une Boutique – Ultimate eCommerce & Corporate Theme is a clean, feature full theme for WordPress and WooCommerce. With the power of Master Slider, Visual Composer advanced page builder, and Slider Revolution and iLightBox premium plugins, Une Boutique brings to you one of the most complete eCommerce and Corporate themes on Themeforest to help you start your online store beautifully and with ease.

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V2.5.13 (Jul 15th, 2016)
Compatibility update for woocommerce 2.6.x (latest) 

V2.5.12 (14/04/2016)
More WordPress 4.5 compatibility fixes

V2.5.11 (14/04/2016)
WordPress 4.5 compatibility update

V2.5.10.1 (02/04/2016)
Made Une Boutique theme compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce

V2.5.10 (31/01/2016)
Fixed issue with deprecated WooCommerce template files

V2.5.9.8 (27/01/2016)
WooCommerce 2.5.1 Compatibility Update

V2.5.9.7 (23/01/2016)
WooCommerce 2.5 Compatibility Update

V2.5.9.6 (06/10/2015)
Critical Security Update for Visual Composer
Added VC 4.7.4

V2.5.9.4(29/08/2015) {awaiting approval}
Updated form-pay.php template file
Theme is now compatible with WooCommerce 2.4.7

Made theme compatible with WordPress 4.3
Included the latest version of the plugins

Made theme compatible with WooCommerce 2.4.2

Security Update (Make sure you are using Visual Composer 5.3
Updated Language Files
The plugin installer now alerts you for premium plugin updates
Minor bug fixes
Latest WooCommerce compatibility

Minor bug fixes
Latest WooCommerce Compatibility

Made Theme compatible with VC 4.5
Included latest versions of VC and Rev Slider

Security patch for the recent wordpress XSS vulnerability

Made theme compatible with the latest update of WooCommerce.

Made theme compatible with the latest version of Visual Composer
Included the latest versions of all premium plugins
Minor bug fixes

WooCommerce cart-total template file is now compatible with WC latest
Updated the language files with a couple of missing strings

Wishlist and cart tables are responsive again
theme folder named renamed back to une_boutique

Fixed the issue with cart shipping calculator dropdowns in Firefox and IE10+

V2.5.4 (13/02/2015)
Fixed issues cause by WooCommerce 2.3.3 update
Added support for the new Wishlist plugin
The issue with WooCommerce default lightbox (prettyPhoto) fixed

V2.5.3 (12/02/2015)
Une Boutique is now compatible with WooCommerce 2.3.2

V2.5.2 (27/11/2014)
Fixed Issue with media files not uploading
Updated the core files for theme Option Panel (critical for WP 4.0+)

V2.5.1 (16/11/2014)
Fixed modal register form
Fixed the typo in widget positions
Updated language files

V2.5 (22/10/2014)
Re-designed and improved the sticky navigation and back to top links
Added to cart notification for simple products
Redesigned the add to cart loading animation
Added new style to add to cart buttons (Icon and text)
Redesigned the Theme Options Panel
Updated the language file
Latest versions of premium plugins added
Fixed reported bugs
Checkout page now can have sidebar
Out of stock products now have their own icon
Removed the one pager plugin. Will be replaced with a brand new solution in later updates.
Dynamic.css codes will be loaded by default upon theme activation.
Advanced Buttons Shortcode (comes with Ultimate Addons Plugin) is now compatible with Une Boutique styles
New import files for dummy data, theme options, master slider, rev slider and essential grids

V2.4.7 (13/09/2014)
Une Boutique is now compatible with WooCommerce 2.2.2
Replaced products video tab with products custom tab so that you can now use it for whatever you want, the tab now features a visual editor too.
Added latest version of Visual Composer and Master Slider
An issue with product alternate images animation not working on FireFox is now resolved

V2.4.6 (08/09/2014)
[Fix] and issue with the visual composer images not taking links is now fixed
[Plugin Update] Latest versions for Master Slider, Ess Grid and Rev Slider is now included
[Content Update] Dummy data and essential imports files updated
(Very Important - If you are using Rev Slider with versions prior to 4.2 please make sure you upgrade to the latest version)
(Very Important - If you are planing on updating Ess Grid to the latest please make sure you make a backup of your grids by exporting them before you update the plugin)

V2.4.5 (25/08/2014)
[Fix] Fixed Corporate header style not working without WooCommerce
[Plugin Update] Added the latest version of Visual Composer

V2.4.4 (18/08/2014)
[Fixed] An issue with links not working on mobile devices.

[Improvement] Retina logos just got smarter, just upload a retina version of any image type ending in @2x. This feature now works for any image anywhere in the theme.

[Plugin Update] Latest Version of Master Slider included.

V2.4.3 (12/08/2014)
Yelp icon added to Social Icons shortcodes
Fixed the box layout
The premium plugins are now served from a CDN, so the theme weighs only 1.6MBs now
Latest version of Master Slider and Visual Composer added to the theme.

V2.4.2 (03/08/2014)
Added the latest version of Visual Composer plugin (4.3.1) with the following change log:
   - UX improvements in Backend editor
   - New: Offset option is added for columns
   - New: Now you can add any number of columns inside row (it will be placed to the next line if there is not enough of space)
   - New: Clone for columns
   - New: Control your layout accross multiple devices. Now you can set different column width for mobile and desktop layouts
   - New: Hide Columns on particular device
   - New: Added support for mqTranslate (qTranslate fork which works with WP 3.9+)
   - New: Row can be minimized in backend (to save space)
   - New: Empty space content element
   - New: Custom Heading content element
   - New: Predefined layouts
   - New: CSS syntax highlight added for Custom CSS option
   - Fully reworked css for frontend and backend editor. Modular and divided across multiple less files
   - CSS loading is moved to the wp_head();
   - Other small fixes and improvements
   - Obsolete vc_spanX classes removed (caused problems for some users)
   - Fixed: "llegal offset type in ... shortcodes.php" 
Made Une Boutique theme compatible with the latest version of VC plugin
Fixed a small bug in the demo child theme.

V2.4.1 (29/07/2014)
Fixed some CSS bugs
Fixed modals for child themes
Added a demo child theme

V2.4 (28/07/2014)
(critical upgrade for better performance and smoother experience)
Une Boutique theme is now 25% optimized in script performance
Changed scripting logic for Menu DropDowns, Sticky Nav and Back to Top button
Styles are now minified and optimized for speed and smoother animation
Eliminated 2 heavy weight scripts and replaced them with CSS solutions
Added the latest version of Rev Slider, Master Slider, Essential Grids and Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer plugins
Updated language files
Moved the theme demo to a much faster and powerful server so now the dummy data could be imported without issues
Added youtube to social icons shortcode
Fixed reported bugs

V2.3 (20/06/2014)
Added Essential Grids plugin (premium worth of $24)
Added Social Icons shortcode
Improved CSS codes

V2.2.4 (15/06/2014)
Included the latest version of Visual Composer
Included the latest version of Master Slider
CSS bug fixes

V2.2.3 (12/06/2014)
Essential update patch for Rev Slider's new slideshow button not appearing. (Recommended for users using Rev Slider 4.5) Make sure you upgrade Rev Slider to which is included with the theme version 2.2.3

V2.2.2 (09/06/2014)
Included Latest version of Visual Composer, Rev Slider (Major update release), Master slider
Fixed color presets
Improved responsive menus
Fixed some CSS bugs
Fixed reported bugs

V2.2 (06/04/2014)
Master Slider premium slideshow plugin added to the theme worth of $25
Transparent headers are not set by page templates and not from theme options
Une boutique 2.2 now weighs 65% of it's previous versions
Load time is faster
Improved typography significantly
All fonts now are being called from google fonts
added Video Backgrounds in slideshows
added Hot spots in slideshows
added all Google fonts now available in slideshows
New dummy data
new slide imports for Master Slider
New eCommerce homepage template
more is on the way...

V2.1.6 (05/25/2014)
Row Separator Styles added
Improved the preloaded script
Fixed reported bugs

V2.1.5 (05/19/2014)
Fixed the anything slider navigation arrows not showing.
New slideshow added
Columns Match Heights added

V2.1.4 (05/17/2014)
Added transparent header styles
Added animation effects for sticky Navs
Fixed reported issues

V2.1.3 (05/15/2014)
Latest version of Visual Composer added
Latest version of Ultimate Add-ons added
Image Carousels are back again
Headings Shortcode added
Google Trends shortcode added
Fixed checkbox dependencies
You can now set the columns in a row to have matching heights
Columns can now have background images
Columns can now have overlays on mouse hover
Language file updated
Dummy content updated
New homepage templates added

Updated language file
improved css styles for some elements
fixed the issue with text separator module
columns and inner columns can now have background images
added background position to columns and inner columns
fixed reported issues

Fixed Mobile Redirect issue
Fixed reported bugs and issues
Improved mega menu

Fixed all the issues and bugs reported by clients
Added another premium plugin (Ultimate Addons For Visual Composer)
Parallax Backgrounds added
Video Backgrounds Added
Icon Box Added
Unlimited Icons (Import your own icon set)
Mega Menu Added
More Page layouts added
Updated: New Language file
The theme is now compatible with WordPress 3.9
Latest Versions for Rev Slider and Visual Composer added
Text Rotator Added

Fixed woocommerce breadcrubms issue when there is only one product added
fixed header style V3 issue for mobile devices
fixed left sidebar page template issue
fixed sidebar search forms on some page templates
fixed text domain on mini cart file when cart is empty
revised 404 page tempalte
new language file

Fixed main navigation naming classes
Upgraded the rest of woocommerce template files to the latest version

UneBoutique is now compatible with WooCommerce 2.1+

Fixed Missing codes in the footer when boxed layout is selected
Drop-down cart widget is now hidden when shop is set to catalog mode

added a new header layout
upgraded evnato wordpress toolkit plugin, it is now installed directly from github to stay updated automatically
added new settings to customize main navigation typography
wishlist table is now responsive and mobile optimized

Upgraded Theme Options Framework to it's latest version
Added new feature: fixed background images for full width rows
new home page template added
new dummy-content.xml

V1.2.3 Fixed product and forum search form styles for dropdown search widget position
V1.2.2 Minor CSS changes, improved google analytics code in the footer
V1.2.1 Minor CSS changes, improved responsive menu on mobile devices
V1.1.5 Minor CSS changes, removed some redundant codes from the footer
V1.1 woocommerce catalog mode added to theme options

Une Boutique All Theme Features List

  • WordPress 4.2+ Ready
  • WooCommerce 2.5x compatible
  • Unlimited Page Layouts
  • 5 Header Styles
  • 12 built-in color presets
  • Advance Page Layout Builder (WPBakery Visual Composer [worth of $25])
  • Slider Revolution premium plugin included with the theme (Worth of $16)
  • iLightBox premium jQuery plugin embedded and included with the theme (Worth of $13)
  • Boxed and Stretched layouts
  • Fully Responsive
  • Powerful Theme Options Panel
  • Retina-Ready
  • Smart eCommerce breadcrumbs (combination of history and hierarchy based breadcrumbs)
  • Fully Customizable Colors and Backgrounds
  • Translation Ready (.po files included)
  • Easy Theme Installation
  • Easy Theme update with evnato toolkit plugin (packed with the theme)
  • Supper Easy auto plugin installer
  • Demo Content included(.xml)
  • PSD files included
  • On Going Theme Updates (more features and languages coming soon)
  • 50+ Visual Composer Page layout Blocks (drag & drop elements)
  • Easily Upload you logo and favicon
  • Unlimited Sidebar Positions With WooSidebar plugin
  • Beautifully Designed Blog
  • Clean forum (bbPress) design
  • Easy woocommerce catalog mode switcher
  • Video Background
  • Horizontal and Vertical Parallax Backgrounds
  • Mouse Tracking and Multi-Leyer mouse tracking parallax backgrounds
  • Icons Boxes
  • Time Line
  • ...

None of the stock images used in the theme demo are included with the theme download files.