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Fresh copy from The Retailer theme.

Awesome work. Good luck mate :)

Thank you very much.

Amazing work, good luck with sales..

LaborThemes Nailed it. ^

Simply stunning. Absolutely love the theme, and I plan on buying it late ext week. Good luck with sales!

Thanks alot

One bug I found. I use a MacBook Pro, but I tested the theme on a Lenovo Windows computer, and when you mouse over the top right for the login/register dropdown, the dropdown disappears before you can put your mouse over it.

I don’t have this issue here.

please let me know what browser and browser version you experienced this bug on and I will certainly look into it for you.

Amazing theme hooman 8-) keep it up mate

Hey buddy, thanks :)

Looks amazing to me. The design is just great! GLWS!

Thanks mate

Wow this is a stunning looking theme. Is this theme compatible with all the Woocommerce extensions?


Well I have not tested all of them, but since this theme is based on _S framework, the same framework twentythirteen and twentyfourteen is made of they should work properly.

Hi, would i be able to add additional pictures under the more information page tab as shown in ur demo? Furthermore, is this wpml compatible? =)

Yes of course you can, there is a visual text editor for you so that you can add anything you want, just like a regular wordpress post.

the theme is translation ready, but I have not tested wpml on it.

Great theme.. Bravo! :)

Thank you very much

How do we change the footer information on the template?

I am not talking about the footer widgets but the information saying “Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Une Boutique by”


Just add a widget (eg. A text widget containing your own copyright text or a custom menu widget perhaps) to the left colophon widget position and it will replace the default copyright text.


Thanks for that :)

One more question, is there any way to make the search bar just search for products rather then all content such as post, comments ect?

If not is this something what could be done in an update, I have seen this in other templates on ThemeForest and it works a lot better if you are just using the template to sell products.


You Actually have 3 search widgets available to put the in the search widget position, one for general search, one for forum search and another one which is called WooCommerce Product Search is used for products and is the one you are looking for.

By The Way please consider rating my theme if you are satisfied with the theme and it’s support.


Can you let me know the backend user/password of the demo? I’d like to try.


Is this theme supports shortcodes that can post a product in the blog?

Yes you can add product/s by ID/s or SKU/s anywhere you might want, even inside a widget on a sidebar.

hi there,

this theme Looks awesome, one question: is there a mega menu with Images also possible? or a mega menu plugin supported? best regards


Thank you very much. I am planing to add a mega menu to the theme in upcoming updates of the theme.

As of plugins this plugin should work for you

I have not tested it yet though.

I love this theme and am buying it. Also love the megamenu idea PLUS perhaps a way to make the search box a bit more obvious. I know that people would benefit from not having to search for the little magnifier icon so much. Just a thought!

Thank you very much for the kind words.

I understand what you say, and I totally agree with you. I am working on the version 2 of the theme, with lots of exciting new features, I will consider your suggestions too.

Plus Une Boutique theme has a dedicated support forum with a suggestion box where you can suggest the new features you wish for the theme.

This is a fast growing theme, so keep in touch for all the new features that are coming soon…

Awesome! I bought it and love it so far. One request: if you use ‘catalog mode’ could you remove the ‘Cart’ from the header? No reason to have it there if the catalog mode is enabled. Thanks!

Hi can I integrate SagePay payment systems with this theme? Steven

I have not tested all the third party plugins on my theme, but one thing I am sure of is that this theme is based on the same framework upon which default wordpress themes are built upon, so if this plugin works on TwentyThirteen then it will work on my them too.

But to make sure you can send me a copy of the plugin and I can test it out for you to be 100% sure before buying.

Here is the link I found to the plugin … Thanks for your fast response! Steven

Thank you for the link. This is a premium plugin, so I can not test it unless I have a fully working copy of it.

It should be working, but there is no 100% guarantee unless I actually test it on my theme.

Nice theme. Does visual composer have all your shortcodes integrated into or just the stand alone version? Is mega menu included?

Right now you can add fixed backgrounds (semi parallax) to any row that you create, just by adding a fix-bg class to that row.

I am working on the version 2 of the theme right now, with lots of features, like mouse tracking parallax layered backgrounds, video backgrounds, one page layouts and more features.

Thanks. Any time frame? if its not too long we can wait a bit. We really like your theme.

Thanks for the interest in my theme.

I hope this would not take so long, I am doing my best to release version too as soon as possible.

I will reply on this comment to let you know once it’s out.

Best Regards.

I bought the theme today. Congratulations to the team who made it. Really remarkable job with very high quality results. Highly recommended for those who develop online stores

Thank you very much, I’m glad that you are pleased with my theme.

Please consider raring my theme on themeforest, i would really appreciate it.

By the way, if you have any question about the theme or even a suggestion for a new feature please do not hesitate to ask them on the theme’s dedicated support forum here:

best regards

This theme seems to me a tool for every developer and graphic designer. The architecture and functionality offered is at a high level and a source of inspiration and learning. Congratulations again to the team that made ??it. Such thematic elevate the reputation of Envanto.

Thank you very much for the kind words, this gives me more energy to make my theme even better.