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Hi! Does this theme have ad widgets or any ad places?



Sorry, no it does not.

Good afternoon. how can I update the plugins? Admin panel in written me this warning “The following plugins need to be updated to their latest version to ensure maximum compatibility with this theme: Revolution Slider and WPBakery Visual Composer.” but when you try to update it does not work. and after the upgrade I did not even offer home page. Thanks in advance.

of course :)

OK, I need to walk you through the process and it is not possible to paste long PHP codes here. Can you please open up a new topic on the dedicated support forum of the theme?

I have purchased this theme, I have trouble and try to go to your registered in your support site. However I have a typo in my email and I couldnt use my purchase code again.

I tried to contact you guys but I have got no feed back. Can you please tell me what should I do now?

hi, my user name is beani


emailed the new password to your gmail and fixed the typo in your email address.


Hi very nice looking theme.

The scrolling when trying to scroll down is very strange – Any thoughts on what is causing this?



Thank you very much.

What is the OS and browser you are browsing on? It looks fine to me, the smooth scroll script is only loaded for chrome for windows, but if you are having difficulty with it, tell me specifics of the device you are browsing on and if there is a bug I would fix it.

Hi,which option can I add a link near by the cart logo ?


Next to the cart, there is a widget position, the one containing the wish list and user menu drop downs called master head right. You can add any widget there, but it can only contain two widgets.

Hey, thanks !

It’s took me a lot time to looking for …

Hi ! I made the upgrade to the new version and now I have a error : Fatal error: Call to undefined function vc_shortcode_custom_css_class() in /site/wp-content/themes/une_boutique/vc_templates/vc_row.php on line 26

Can you help me ? thanks greg


Please make sure you have also upgraded Visual Composer plugin. The easiest way is to delete the plugin and then go to appearance -> install plugins and re-install the plugin from there.

Thanks ! I ll check !


I previously had the old version installed which worked fine – when I installed the updated version it no longer shows my page content? I can still see the header and footer but nothing else?

Any thoughts?


As I have explained many times in the theme’s dedicated forum, you need to update Visual Composer Plugin, Ultimate Addons plugin and Rev Slider to their latest version which are included with the theme.

The most important ones are VC and Ultimate Addons and the theme should also be V2.1

Thanks..also I am trying to get the customer rating like you have in the new theme inside a product page..where the customer can leave a rating from 1-5? The old theme only lets you leave a comment?

Even the old theme let you leave a rating along with commenting, you have to enable it in woocommerce settings.

I had a problem registering on your forums, I keyed in my username and item purchase ID but did not get an email.

How do I change the title of the page from ‘Testimonials’ to ‘Designers’?

i.e. to

The images in the shops pages are hard cropped and blocks out most of the bottom of my photos (selling necklaces), how do I stop the hard crop? I tried disabling in WooCommerce but nothing


1- Maybe there was a typo in the email you typed. Give me the username you registered on the forum with and the correct email address and I will fix it for you.

2- You need to change the permalink for that page too, it’s right underneath the page title double click on it and edit it.

3- After disabling the crop on woocommerce media settings, you need to regenerate the image using regenerate thumbnails plugin. One effective way to avoid images to be cropped out, is to use larger images with the exact aspect ratio of the smaller ones. This way when wordpress makes them smaller it keeps all the parts.

Hi, I am having issues with Safari 6.1.

My logo pops up like normal, but after 2 or 3 seconds, it disappears.

Any thoughts?



If you are using Une Boutique 2+ there is an option to turn off the Retina Logo. If not, or if you want to have the retina version of your logo please follow the instructions here: Read the section about retina logos

Perfect thanks a lot! I appreciate you answering over the weekend

You are absolutely welcome :)

Wow… impressive theme! how is your support ? Fast ? :)

You deserve it :)

hahaha finally someone noticed that. Thank you :)

Can we add link to wishlist in details items :

Edit : Forget that question… And for those who were like me and ask the question without looking at: Yes, it is possible :)


How do i edit the single product page tabs like the demo?

I wanted to have both ‘MORE INFORMATION’ AND ‘PRODUCT SPECIFICATION’ tabs with the Review Tab as well so it’s 3 tabs in a whole. Currently i could only have the MORE INFORMATION tab.

And how do I have the title without the heading in the tabs or even changing the title names?



1- to have the product specification you need to add specification for that product and it will automatically create them, these specifications are in fact the variations created for a product which will be displayed in a detailed table. To have the review tab enable review and rating for your products.

2- The tabs titles are customized in the functions.php file. in the section named Renames default woocommerce tabs which is around line 673 change them to your liking. Just be careful, if you edit the core files you will loose the changes in the next theme update. Using child theme is recommended.

Hi ! thanks for your wonderful theme ! Just a question, is there a way to change the lenght of the post excerpt in the slider ?

thanks greg

ok so I have to insert some code ? because there is no way to change inside this php. Unfortunatly it’s too complicated for me.

Is this code a possibility ? function new_excerpt_length($length) { return 200; } add_filter(‘excerpt_length’, ‘new_excerpt_length’);

Thanks !

Ok, I have just insert this : function custom_excerpt_length( $length ) { return 20; } add_filter( ‘excerpt_length’, ‘custom_excerpt_length’, 999 );

inside the theme function.php and it seems to work !

Maybe a good option for the next update ? thanks greg

Yes you can use that filter, but this will globally change the excerpt length in the whole theme. But anyways thanks for the feed backs.

Several updates = a reliable site = a satisfied customer.

haha ! When it’s a good job, I say. And when it’s a bad job, I say too.

Well thank you anyways, lucky me ;)

Like i said before.. you deserve it ! :)

hello i have a problem, my site is almost finished, but there is some link does not function: “return to the store when I’m in the basket and it is empty” “Continue Shopping” and when I do a simulation control no message tells me that my order is passing.


There are two possible explanations for your issues. First, you are using version 1 of the theme while version 2.1.5 just came out today. I have addressed many issues with woocommerce. Also make sure you update WooCommerce, WordPress itself, Visual Composer and Rev slider to the latest available versions recommended by the theme.

Two after doing the upgrading you need to go to woocommerce -> system status -> Install WooCommerce Pages and re-install woocommerce pages to make sure the right pages are assigned to right permalinks.

After update I have only error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function vc_shortcode_custom_css_class() in /wp-content/themes/une_boutique/vc_templates/vc_row.php on line 26 Can you help me?


as mentioned in the docs, please make sure you also upgrade visual composer plugin too. The easiest way is to delete the plugin once, and then go to appearance -> install plugins and re install the plugin from there. to upgrade rev slider go to its admin page, press the manual update button, browse for the latest version that comes with the theme and update rev slider.

Working, thank you very much for your help.

hello themes function I followed all your instruction but many pages does not function

Sorry I am a bit confused here. The home page is filled with content and I can not find the Beauty Board (maybe its because it is in another language).

After adding a product to the cart it is redirected to the cart page, and that is an option on woocommerce settings where you can turn it on or off.

The issue with checkout not showing the thank you message has been resolved in the version 2.1 of the theme, make sure you theme is up to date.

I hope I am not missing what you mean here. If it is possible send me links to the pages you want, and if possible open a topic on the forum and send me some screenshots.

Hi I perform all updates, that of wordpress, the theme and WooCommerce pages, with version 2.1.5

So I am forced to the old version because the site is already online.

I have problems with large pages for my site and with the latest version it’s even worse for me.

Version 1: No redirection to the shop and no confirmation when the order is placed.

Version 2.1.5: no redirection to the shop, the contents of the home, contact and beauty advice page are blank, problem with the characters of the words (some are in bold)

To fix the checkout re direct issue please make sure you have removed these .php files


To fix the content not showing in some pages, please use the private contact form and send me a link to both the back end and front of those pages plus a username and password for me to access the admin panel of your theme.


I was trying to follow your instructions “The easiest way is to delete the plugin once, and then go to appearance -> install plugins and re install the plugin from there” but after I deleted the plugin, it’s not in install plugins. How do I get it back?

I found this page but it’s $30:

Help please, thank you!

There is no need to buy the plugin again. It is part of the deal with this theme. If the auto installer does not install the plugin for you, there are two places where you can find the plugins. If you have downloaded all the files from the themeforest, you can find the full package for all the plugins in the plugins folder, the zip file includes the installation file and the documentations for the premium plugins included with the theme.

If you have not downloaded all the files and just the theme, you can find the installation file of the plugins in theme-root/lib/plugins

I’m getting a message that says I need a product license key to update?

Ignore that message, dismiss it. The licensing rules in does allow multiple activation codes. I will keep the plugins up to date for you.

Can you take a look at these screenshots and help us figure out what we’re doing wrong?

1. The info area that is supposed to be to the right of the image on the product page is being pushed down underneath it

2. Getting this message
Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /home/sinovel/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpai_woocommerce_tabs/views/admin/import/index.php on line 204

3. Nothing products populate at all on the shop page

4. Relevant products are displaying vertically instead of horizontally

Thank you!

The error is being thrown by the plugin woocommerce tabs which you have installed it. This might be the reason for the rest of the issues you have written here. Disable the plugin to check if it is resolved.

If not please send me a link to the pages where you have issues so that I can check them for you.

The shop(products) page is not showing any products, this is most probably cause by wrong page set as the main shop page in your woocommerce settings.

Hi, in Header V2 – Is there a way to remove the shopping cart information on the right side of the navigation?

Thanks for your help.


You can disable the dropdown cart in your theme options panel.

Thanks – Perfect – Sorry about that

Hello, this theme supports the russian language?