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Hello, this theme supports the russian language?


There fonts added to this theme that support cyrilic and latin character sets. The language files are also ready to be translated into any language you want.

Hi, I want to custom CSS for the child theme, but I’m not sure where is the dynamic.css.txt or Assets folder.


you should download all the files from themeforest

Inside those files there is a zipped file named essential imports, unzip it and inside that you can find the dynamic.css.txt file. Copy the codes inside it and paste it in the dynamic css field in your theme options panel.

Hey! I found it and now in editing.

Hi There,

I am having problems with the font. I have amended in the ‘theme options’ but it does not update the text in the pages/posts.

I’m using version 1.4.2 and wordpress 3.8.3. Could this be an issue?

Hi There, thanks I have installed the updated theme but all of the content has disappeared. It is still on the pages but doesn’t show up on the site (front-end). Help! Here is the site

Make sure you also update Visual Composer plugin too, delete the plugin and then go to appearance -> install plugins and re install it from there.

You might also need to update Rev Slider too, do the same for that plugin too.

On the iPhone the theme is forwarding to Here’s a screenshot

I’m running version 2.2. of UneBoutique. All plugins updated. Tested on multiple iPhones (4,5,5s) all with cleared cache. iPads tested and they were not redirected so this problem is limited to iPhones only.

Make sure you have the latest version of Ultimate Addons plugin installed on your theme. To make sure it is the latest version, go to wordpress plugins, delete the plugin then go to appearance -> install plugins and install it again from there, it will upgrade to the latest version that comes with the theme.

Thank you, that fixed it. I updated the Ultimate Addons plugin but it wouldn’t let me update WPBakery Visual Composer and it indicates that there is a new version. Should I delete that and reinstall to update?

Yes exactly, that’s how you can update VC and also Rev Slider.

Hi – Can you let me know how to make is so that the Tool Bar Right Menu is also visible on the Front Page Template?


It should be visible if you have the right header style selected in theme options. Header 4 for example shows it everywhere

Hi, Is this theme compatible with Quick View? And Image Zoom on the single product page?

Thanks in advance!


No I have not yet made it compatible, but in near future it will be. Thanks for your interest.

Hi, Is there a way to remove the Mega Menu? So that only the page title is displayed like a regular dropdown menu?


Mega menu is by default disabled unless you check mark the option to turn a menu item into Mega menu, which is set on the parent item.

To turn it off, just uncheck that option on the parent menu item. For example in the theme demo, shortcodes menu item is set to Mega menu in the menu manager.

Thanks a lot!

Hello Team,

I have a little problem with my sub category of products. They appear as a product in the main category, how can I remove them?

Example: The first product is a sub category.

thank you

The settings seem to be right, the main shop page is also behaving correctly But the category page is showing only one parent category which should not be, and my best guess is that you are using one of the oldest versions of my theme 1.4.2 version 2.2.2 will be out soon. The older versions are not compatible with WC 2 at all and might behave oddly here and there.

thank you for your quick response, if I update my layout pages may they be removed? The css is no problem. Thanks

No you will not loose the layouts, but make sure you make a backup of your site and database just in case anything goes wrong.

Hey. And how can I now import slides from a previous version of Revolution Slider? previous slides kept in a file with a resolution of zip. but I get an error in MasterSlider.

then show me where the button imports Revslider?

That’s odd

Please click on the global settings button on the top right and check if the View Plugin Permission: is set to admin and you are also logged in as admin. If that does not solve it, give me an email address so that I can send you another version of the plugin, I will check this issue with the developers of the plugin too.

Regular updating = powerful theme = happy customers = money in your pocket!

Thank your & Keep up the good work.

No installed yet. It’s for my purpose and im totaly busy rightnow.. but, coming very soon :)

Oh, tnx man :)

Mon plaisir ! :)


Something weird has happened with the theme. Everything was working great, but now background images for rows aren’t showing on the frontend? I had a look at the rendered source and the code is there, but for some reason background images aren’t showing. This happens for all homepage templates. Link to the site is here:

I’ve also noticed that the preloader has stopped working, so perhaps that is a problem?

Nothing that would cause problems with background images. Any homepage template which uses a background image on a row won’t display images on the frontend. I even tested with a new page.

Can you please send me an access to the backend of your site so that I can check it for you. An FTP access would be useful too. Use the private message form please.

By the way, who are you using the theme on behalf of? The info of your account says you have never bought my theme.

Hi H,

I’m hunting for a theme with a full-screen homepage because my current one has compatibility issues with the plugins I use (WooCommerce Personalized Product Meta Manager with Aviary image editor) and this one looks ideal. A few questions though:

1 I’d like to be sure that those plugins will work with the theme so I don’t buy something I won’t be able to use or refund. Product Manager adds product options to the single product page through meta. And my concern is that somewhat nonstandard arrangement of this page in your theme could cause problems.

2 Can this page be made more standard looking (especially the add-to-cart button) without much coding. Also the pop-up lightbox – could that be changed to something else?

3 Trying out the demo it loads a bit slow and on every page-load I see a full screen bar loader and it’s a bit annoying. I don’t know if it’s a server speed thing or something and I hope this can be solved (would I at least be able to disable the loader?).

4 If I don’t install all required add-ons, will that make the page look broken (style-wise) or will just the functionality be missing? I’d like the page to load as quick as I can.


1- That would be great. What do I do?

To explain my current problem so you know what to look for: Using an official Woothemes Maximize theme, the image loaded into Aviary editor doesn’t center vertically when it is loaded.

Woo support don’t know what causes that. When I test with their free theme and with Twenty Fourteen, all is good.

Hey, any news on that plugin compatibility?


Sorry I am on a trip. Please email me the plugins using the private message form. If you don’t have my email already send me a private message and I will respond with my email address.

Then give me some time to test the plugins. You can provide me with details on your email.

Hi, How can I disable the shopping cart Icon on the right-top?


just go to theme options panel -> shop settings and and disable the drop down cart.


Would it be difficult to add a nice subscribe with a required checkbox before submitting? (Constant Contact).

Your design is perfect, just need that functionality.




Thanks for the kind words.

I hear some of my clients are using Contact Form 7 plugin to create subscription forms, but I will certainly look into it. I just added this to my to do list.

Hello. Does your theme work well with the plugin, “WordPress SEO by Yoast” ? I mean is there any compatibility issue with this plugin? Thank you.


Neither me nor any of my clients have experienced any issue with Yoast SEO plugin.

Good morning,

to update the theme, you only have to update the contents of the template folder?

Thank you very much!

Updating via Envato Toolkit plugin only updates, obviously, the theme. The problem comes with the license request as several plugins and I imagine you have to update them manually.

What do you recommend to update the plugins associated with the theme?



As mentioned several times in the forums, all you need to do is to delete the plugin in your admin (you won’t loos any data) and then go to appearance -> Install Plugins and re-install the latest version that comes with the theme updates.

To them manually, either download the whole files from themeforest and go to plugins folder and find all those plugins with their manuals and stuff, or if that is too much bandwidth for you, just download the theme, and then go to theme-root/lib/plugins and find the installable version of the plugins there.



What can I do to create a child theme?


here is the official guide to wordpress child themes

Just bought another copy of Une_Boutique. This is really master theme. I found there everything what I want. It comes with loads of premium plugins like visual composer, revolution slider, master slider, essential grid and many more. Perfect solution for business page and also ecommerce websites. What’s important, Hooman, theme developer provides outstanding support. Strongly recommend!

Thank you very much for the kind words and for the support YOU have for this theme.

I would like to hide certain rows based off if they are on a mobile, desktop or tablet. Is this possible with your current CSS on the theme? And if so how do I do this?


You are in luck, in Une Boutique you don’t need to write custom code to control row and column appearance on different devices.

Just click on the edit row icon for the row or column you want to hide/show on different devices. Go to extra options tab scroll down to find the option that says Show/Hide Elements for Mobile Devices and from the drop down list choose the option that best suits your need.


How do I get the revolution slider to go to the top of the page on the “Transparent Menu – Light on Dark” template?


If there is a small gap on top use the edit row pop up in page using visual composer mode and go to design options tab and set the padding to 0 all around. Sorry i am in air port and can not check your site on a pc. Let me know if this resolves your issue.