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The web in general is very fast but very slow control panel. You’ve encountered this problem?

Thank you!

Are you on local host or a live one? I am trying to make the front end more optimized, I have never had problem on the admin panel.

But I will certainly look into it to see if i can find what might be causing the slow load time for you.

The web is in production on a public web server. It could have been a server problem because today looks faster …

Thanks for the reply!

You are welcome


I have a few questions.

1) Is it possible to use text “Add to cart”/Button etc instead of the icon? 2) Is it possible to remove the Wish list completely even from the products? 3) Has this been tested or are there any issues with Woocommerce 2.1.x?




1) it is possible but it will require some customizations in the codes. I have added this to my to do list to add an option for it in the future.

2) to remove the wishlist just disable or remove it’s plugin, that’s it.

3) the demo theme is running on the latest version WooCommerce right now.

Hi, I want buy this theme but I want know if the design cart icon can change.


It can change by customizing the CSS a little bit.

I can guide you through the process. Also if you add a feature request after purchase it will be added in future updates.

Hi Capital! Hope your feel good? I try to import the content. It seems there is a problem because when I go into WooCommerce products, I see no product. Could you help me please? Note: This is a wordpress network installation.


The problem could slow server time on my server or yours. Try again later, some times you have to try serval times to make it work.

I have just moved to another country, I am planning on changing my host provider as soon as I settle down. Thank you very much for your patience.

Ok Thank you H :)

Hi, I purchased this theme yesterday (very nice theme), when I upload WooCommerce plugin I can’t hace access to dashboard it gives me “500 internal server error”, what should I do?



This is a server error, mostly caused by php memory limit. Please contact your server provider and ask them to do the necessary changes so that you can upload larger files and files demanding more memory. The changes are in php.ini which should be done by your host.

You can use the appearance -> Install Plugins panel to install plugins automatically. Try that one too.


I’m trying to login to the support forums but the purchase code doesn’t allow me access for some reason.

What is the username you used to register in the forum?

Hi, I really like this theme but wonder about one point. When I view a product and have multiple pictures from different angles your demo page doesn’t seem to replace the main picture easily with a different view (it opens in a separate window in a clunky way). Is it possible to change this easily?


Thanks for your interest in the theme.

There is an option (if you install master slider plugin which comes with the theme) to turn the single product images into a nice touch read slideshow of the product gallery images.

We are also working on the clunkiness issues of the theme in some parts, very soon a very much optimized version of the theme will be released.

Hello! I am interested in purchasing this theme, do you provide custom services at extra pay in case I need to add something or edit CSS etc? Thanks!


I can help you with theme issues, but to customize the theme codes I would strongly suggest using Envato’s most recent service. There you can find and hire someone with good prices just to customize themes and even write you custom plugins.

Just purchased the theme. Noticed there isn’t a Portfolio section/page to the theme. Any plans of including in a future update? That would complete this awesome theme!


Thanks for your purchase, and your interest in Une Boutique theme.

Actually you already can use the Essential Grid Custom Post type as your portfolio section. The only downside to that is that in it’s permalink it contains essential-grid too.

I am planning on adding it to the theme core, but right now the priority is to make make the theme faster and perform better, adding more features to the theme before that will cause the theme to slow down even more. But it is in my to do list.

we just purchased your theme yesterday, is there a way to add a button on our slider and smoothly scroll to our div contents? some theme has this functionalities.

i found an answer using the button to slide below the slider, i just only need help on how to make it smoother on scrolling below, because its too fast. here is the link of our site, and im talking about the explore button scrolling below the slider >>


The link you have sent does not authorize me.

Here is the link to the docs section teaching you how to create smooth scrolling local links

Did you use this method?

hi, im having error 500 internal error when im importing the demo content.

and this is the error log

Sat Jul 12 09:30:32 2014 [client] File does not exist: /home/pevincom/public_html/pureflowcoco/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/slide-2.jpg, referer: Sat Jul 12 09:30:20 2014 [client] File does not exist: /home/pevincom/public_html/pureflowcoco/404.shtml, referer:

please help me how to resolve it.

i added the slide-2.jpg and the error was gone but still i am having internal error 500 with new item on error log Sat Jul 12 10:46:38 2014 [client] File does not exist: /home/pevincom/public_html/pureflowcoco/500.shtml, referer:


Please use this new demo content and import it, this is from our new servers.

If this fails too, there must be some limitations on your own server. Please contact your server provider and tell them about this error you get while importing some extern files, they will check your server error log and will change the settings for you.

By the way, to get faster support responses please contact us via support forum. The comments here are checked less frequently.

Best Regards


Having an issue with menu showing up on home page.

For some odd reason the nav will not show.

also the logo is hidden behind the slider.


Please use the private message form and send me an access to your wordpress admin to check it for you.

Thanks just sent login info.

Thanks for your email, the username and password is not working, I replied your email with more info.

Hi there! Bought the theme and I liked it. However, I can’t login to your forum, as I haven’t received just one ‘forgot password’ mail yet..? That’s why I ask my questions here:

1. How can I change the background of the ‘transparent menu’?

2. How can I change the button border style to rounded borders?

3. How can I change the preloader bar color?

4. How can I change the background of the WooCommerce product pages?

Thanks for your support.

Thanks for your quick reply :) Most of your answers helped me out (thumbs up), but other didn’t.

1) Unfortunately changing the background of the ‘transparent’ menu didn’t work out this way.. I copied your code in both Custom CSS field (under General) and Dynamic CSS (under Color/Type/Styles). Any thoughts?

2) Works fine, thx

3) Works fine too

4) Works

5) Done

6) Where can I edit the text color of the Contact Form 7? Even with CSS changes, the input and textarea remain white (like in the demo).

5) the codes I sent you where to change the transparent header when hovered over with mouse. If you meant that, send me link to your site while you have added to codes to the custom css field to see what is causing the issue

6) Here is the code to change the text color for form fields in the dark footer widget positions

#footer-dark input[type="text"], #footer-dark input[type="email"], #footer-dark input[type="tel"], #footer-dark input[type="password"], #footer-dark input[type="url"], #footer-dark textarea {
color: #F7F7F7 !important;

change the color to your liking.

Pre buy question : all test page are in dummy content ?


Yes they are.

Pre buy question Have you done a french PO (fr_FR° Thank you


unfortunately it does not contain the french translation yet. Might add it in future but right now I am mainly working on optimizing the speed of the theme.

An error occurred while updating Master Slider WP: Update package not available.

May you fix the problem of update Master Silder WP Plugin ??


You can not upgrade the premium plugins that comes with the theme, I will provide you with the new updates whenever I release an update for the theme. Do not worry about it.

I’m trying to get my menu at the top of the page to look like this with a logo where the is can you help?

Also, I think I turned off the menus in a previous custom css edit, how do I turn back on?



Use the Header Style V1 and put a widget on the left and one on the right master header widget position and the logo will be centered.

How did you turn it off in the first place?

Thank you for this update H. So, do not forget to update your changelog too.

La version française est pour bientôt.

Sorry, I really should get in the habit of adding pre-release change log

It is now available in the Theme’s description page

Just know that it is a critical update, performance wise. Here is the detail:

(critical upgrade for better performance and smoother experience)
Une Boutique theme is now 25% optimized in script performance
Changed scripting logic for Menu DropDowns, Sticky Nav and Back to Top button
Styles are now minified and optimized for speed and smoother animation
Eliminated 2 heavy weight scripts and replaced them with CSS solutions
Added the latest version of Rev Slider, Master Slider, Essential Grids and Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer plugins
Updated language files
Moved the theme demo to a much faster and powerful server so now the dummy data could be imported without issues
Added youtube to social icons shortcode
Fixed reported bugs

Thanks for this one too !

My pleasure :)

Hi H, I fail to import dummy data into wp 3 times – it gets downloaded into media library as .txt file. Can you please help, thanks.

p.s. I’m trying to have the template pages up, but unable to progress


When did you purchase Une Boutique theme? If it was prior to yesterday, make sure you use the latest version (2.4) Download all the files and use the dummy-data.xml file that comes with this version for it is served from a much faster and stable host.

Hi Where I can find the license key for video composer, so I can hide the message: Hola! Please activate your copy of Visual Composer to receive automatic updates :-)


You simply can not, unless you purchase a license yourself, which you would not need, I will provide you with newer version of all the premium plugins for free and life time. Just ignore the plugin nagging :)