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PreSale Question
1) The hybrid landing page, can I still have a main menu along the top?
2) How easy are shortcodes manipulated?
3) Can we customize the forum login? The look of it.
4) Do we have social icon for Linked In?

Looking forward to talking with you.

Thanks for the quick response :)

4) Can you add in linked in within the top where the social icons are? ie All of the inside pages would have that top navigation

5) Can I take out the my account and wish list?

Please advise,

4) Yes, I just added linkedIn for you, check the demo theme. Here is a list of all the social icons you can add via this shortcode:

5) These are just widgets, added to the toolbar right widget position, yes you can remove the widgets. If you don’t want wishlist at all, just do not install it’s plugin :)

Thanks so much for your help! Great quick responses.

Additional question before sale, we have a variety of projects (reports) that we have that I would like to have on the back end collected. I would like to be able to connect to it and just see a list of my reports. I would inturn want to be able to add these to a variety of pages that I am building. Do you have a shortcode to achieve this OR would you suggest a plug in?

For example (rough images)
1) To show how I want my projects to show on side bar: (image from somewhere online) 2) To add in projects using ids ANYWHERE on the site: this is using your FAQ page. It could be our About, or staff page.

Please advise, SPC

Take this page as your example

The recent products, and the recents posts are created with ess grid plugins.

Also these pages are created with the same method:

And yes you can filter the posts using categories, tags, meta infos, taxonomies etc. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

That is amazing!! Thank you very much!! I will be putting this pass my team and I will have someone on the team purchase that.

Thanks again!

Glad you liked it.

Une Boutique theme features 120$ worth premium plugins.

-Visual Composer

-Revolution Slier

-Master Slider

-Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer

-Essential Grids

-iLightbox jQuery plugin

How can I change the language of the theme? I can only find a default.po in the language file.

Thank you!

How about your admin? Is it in dutch?

Oh it´s alright. It´s working. I forgot the Thanks for your help and patience!

You are absolutely welcome.

Please let me know if you still need any help.

Also please consider rating Une Boutique theme if you like :)

Hello again, I suddenly have a problem with my pages. There is no content on them anymore, except the Menu and Dropdownboxes. The Shop pages are working. Its the frontpage and the contactpage that have no content showing up in the frontend. When I look up in the backend, there is still everything in place. Any ideas what I can do?

Thank you!

Okay, I can guess what the problem is. The theme and WordPress are upgraded but not the plugins. Visual composer’s older version is not compatible with the new version of the theme and wordpress. Hopefully, you already have the latest, just delete this plugin, then go appearance -> Install plugins and re install the latest version. Also do the same for other premium plugins that come with the theme.

Heureka. Thank you soo much! :)

You are absolutely welcome.

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Any idea why we have 2 x add to wishlist buttons on our product page with this theme at all?


Please read the third section of the article in theme’s docs

hi, i am new to wp platform but i know how to customize the theme but the thing is i am making an cash back eCommerce question is can i add some credit value to every user account on my whenever they purchase they will get some credits. and what are the plugins i am going to get by this theme


You will certainly need an extension/plugin for this. I have no plugins in mind right now, but I am sure by asking the WooCommerce support you can find what you need, or just simply browse their extension repo to see if you can find what you need.

Hello, I would like to use this theme with custom post types and use them with designated templates for all of them. Is it true that this theme uses Zurb Foundation as frontend framework? Thanks, R.


You can use custom post generator plugins, there are a ton of free ones out there. Then you can use Essential Grid plugins that comes with this theme and create beautifully animated and customized grids with it.

Yes this theme is based on foundation 4, but I have modified the css, also since the js scripts where poorly written and very slow, I have removed it completely and used CSS instead.

Thanks for this update H :)

You are most welcome my friend :)

Amazing theme Is it compatible with the latest WooCommerce and the Product Vendors plugin?

Thank you very much.

Well this themes is built upon WooCommerce plugin, and more features were added later on. About Product Vendors plugin, I have not tested it on Une Boutique, since it’s a third party and premium plugin.

awesome theme, congrats.

Thanks a lot :)

Hello! Is there a way to add the white footer to the front page?


Oh, yes it can be done very easily.

Go to appearance -> widget areas now go to footer light empty and uncheck the the page that is set as your front page from the list of the pages.

Technically, this widget area is created via the WooSidebars plugin, it replaces the footer while widget area but it has no widgets in it (you can see under appearance -> widgets). You can do the same with the rest of widget positions.

That was quick! :D Thanks a lot!

Welcome to Capital Themes’ first class ;)

PreSale Question

1-can i remove cart option everywhere(add to cart,complete cart)and wishlist 2- in product page can i redirect the buy now button to an another link

so finally whenever someone clicks on buy now(rename of add to cart) they will be redirected to another that possible,if yes how?


1) yes you can set the shop to cataloge mode and delete the wishlist plugin.

2) yes you can use external products and set the button name and link to anything you want.

Hi, We have purchased the theme and added the demo content. The creative page did not get transferred. Can you point me in the right area.

How do I login into your support? Do I need to sign up?

You can sign up here:

You need to confirm the purchase, click on the link below the registration form to see the visual guide.

yes that is what I thought. I am doing that now! Thanks

Hello, when I want to hide the title of a menu inside a megamenu it works in the browser on my desktop, but the title still shows on mobile devices. Is there a way to hide the title there also?

Oh, I see what the problem is now,

You see the mobile menu uses a different walker class(rendering engine for wordpress menus)

Now try this, on the appearance -> Menus make sure CSS classes is checked in the options you have in the screen options (top right of the page) Now all you need to is to give the menu item you want to hide for good a class of hide which mean in the CSS Classes field for that menu item write hide

Yeah awesome! Thank you! Your support is really really great!

You are absolutely welcome.

Please also try our support forum That is much faster and better managed, plus you might find your answers there before even asking. What could be faster than that?

By the way, have you considered rating Une Boutique theme, I would really appreciate that.


is there a way to have a home icon only, instead instead of the Icon followed by the Navigation Label? I tried to remove the Navigation Label, but then the whole menu item is removed.



Sorry, I meant the option to have an icon beneath a menu item in the Mainmenu. I worked with another theme, where could have an icon instead of the Menu label. For example a house icon istead of the label “Home”, which is kinda dull.

Okay could be done easily in Une Boutique

Type in a space instead of the dull word Home and use the menu icon selector, search for the word house in the icon pop up to find the icon you want or use any other icon you like, save it and and it should be done.

The menus that have no title might be shown oddly in your wordpress admin (it’t a wordpress bug) but it all works fine

Jep, that does the trick. Thanks!

And here is another question:

I don’t get the collapsable Social Media Icons in the Toolbar at the top left of the page. The FAQ’s say “if you add text to them they will turn into collapsible”. I added a simple text item to the Toolbar left widget and added the short codes like [csi url=”” icon=”twitter”]Twitter[/csi]. Icon and Text appear, but not collapsable, also there are no divider lines, if I add more than one shortcode.

You can look here:

Any Hints?



Also set the size to small like this:

[csi url="" color="#999" size="small" icon="twitter"]twitter[/csi]

Works, too. Thanks for the quick replies!

Hello! Can you tell me how to change the shopping cart icon in the drop down menu and the add to wishlist and add to cart icons in the productpreview?

Thank you!

To change the icon for the wishlist dropdown widget please go to theme-root/inc/custom-widgets.php

In that file go to line 199 where you see this line of code

<span class="ub-icon-star2" />
Use this guide and change the icon class to what you desire

Thanks! Your support is one if the best things about this theme!

You are most welcome :)

Could I integrate this with ?

We’ll to be honest I have never tried it or seen it before, but if it is an standard wc extension it should be integrated with no problems.


I use the vc plugin bundled with the theme. Know I try to add a google map. I pasted the iframe code as instructed:

<iframe src=”” width=”640” height=”480”></iframe> Unfortunately all that shows up, in the iframe is the hompage itself:

Any advise?

Thanks Sebastian

OK, will do, thank you.

By the way: Is there a yelp icon for the social media short codes?

No unfortunately it is not available in the icons.

I might add it in future updates though. Will add it to my to do list now.

OK, thanks. Yelp has become interesting because of the apple maps, as you surely already know …

Found my mistake regarding the maps. I pasted the whole iframe-code instead of the src-URL. The documentation of vc was a bit unclear about that. At least for me …

i see that translation ready chinese but i don’t find zh_CN.po

i need to translate by myself ?

Translation ready means the default language files are ready for you to translate to any language you want. Those flags have only demo purpose, sorry if it has created any miss conceptions.

i’m try to translate this .po thank you

You are most welcome.

Please make sure you make a copy of the default.po file, rename it to match your language and translate the copy, if you change the default file you will loose your changes whenever you upgrade the theme.