Discussion on UniBody - Elegant Business WordPress Theme

Discussion on UniBody - Elegant Business WordPress Theme

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domega Purchased

Hamburger menu on mobile phones not working. Waiting for a reply from the dev. Hope I’ll get one soon…… apparently he doesn’t reply no more


domega Purchased

hello Egor. Very nice theme. Can you reply to my ticket please ? I would like to increase more than 10 items by page in the blog section. Didn’t find in your code where to modify that.

Kan iemand mij vertellen waarom ik in Wordpress 6.2 geen header afbeeldingen kan toevoegen?

Hi Guys, the theme gives bugs with Wordpress 6.1, the menu doesn’t work anymore. And it give a black page (overlay) when We try to open dashboardwidgets or any other page. Please update theme!!!!!

Hello !! Will there be a beautiful update for your excellent theme?

Do will you make update for wordpress 6.1 version? I still don’t see the promised update that you said months ago you were going to do. Are you there… very nice theme, you can keep update today for more time, THanks


Will update theme this summer :D


So no updates for year now, not compatible with latest wordpress version…

javjav2014 there is no support. I wish someone would have told me that

Hello Egor, how are you? Does your template still have support or new updates for the year 2022? Thanks

Thank you for your interest.

Yes, I will update the theme in a minimal format (bugs, security). New pages/updates of design are not planned.


I just purchased theme. Are you no longer offering support?

I need to assign a mobile logo. Why is that not an option in the theme options. I dont want the normal site and the mobile site to be the same size


i just install your theme, and every pages in “dark mode” are weird. There are the title in big and and a sidebar with blog’s navigation.

How to remove it ? Thanks.

Hello, I posted a message to get support for a problem with the hamburger menu not working on the mobile version of the site, but still no answer from you.

Dear Friends

The latest template update has a problem In mobile mode, we can not use the menu and open a link, and after opening the link, open another link again.

This is a problem for Android and iOS


I will send a message as a reminder

I will send a message as a reminder

Hello Egor. Is your template compatible with wordpress version 5.8? I need to upgrade to version 5.8 from version 5.7. I ask you why everything is going very well at the moment, I just have a little fear that something will go wrong or your template has an incompatibility.

Can you please confirm that it is already compatible?

Hello, yes, you can update WP to 5.8 :)

Hello; the hamburger menu is sometimes not working on Mobile. Page needs a refresh. Could you fix this? I also made another ticket 2 weeks ago; but hasn’t got a respond yet. Could you help me, or is this theme dead?

Ticket has expired. Could you extend?

“Sorry, the support license on this ticket has expired. The ticket owner will need to extend their support license and submit a new ticket.”

1 month ago, this was still under support. Could you email me at jochemjackers@gmail.com ?

Hello, like many others we’re experiencing the swipebox (black box) issue if we try to update to Wordpress 5.6 or newer. The theme is updated and the Unibody Helper plugin is updated but these have not fixed the issue.

However we’ve purchased this theme a few years ago so I cannot submit a ticket. Do I need to purchase another license to receive support?


Hello, did you clean a browser cache?

You can send me email to dankov.theme@gmail.com

I will check your website.

Thank you.

Hello body, I just bought the UNIBODY theme and the file with the documentation doesn’t work. Please help me

Hello, I have replied to your ticket.

Please, check it out!


Thank you,

Hello Egor. Is your template compatible with wordpress version 5.7? I ask him why I start seeing comments:

“Hello, I installed WordPress 5.6. The theme has an incompatibility with the new version….”

We are going to work on your template this end of the month … and we hope you have it reviewed and optimized because if you have a problem with version 5.6, I imagine there would be another incompatibility with the new version 5.7.

I would appreciate if you could review it and avoid having to look for it for compatibility of new versions.

many greetings.


Yes, my theme has compatibility with 5.6 and 5.7 versions.


Hello, I installed WordPress 5.6. The theme has an incompatibility with the new version.

thank you so much for your prompt resonse

Hello, you need to update the theme to the latest version.

We have fixed that a couple of month ago.


Great support Egor, Received your feedback 15 days later. applaudes!!!

I replied you for the same questions two weeks ago: https://take.ms/6C0DK

so, my response to this comment did not play any role.

Hi there,

When I visit the mobile version, if I click in the menu bar or any link it shows a black overlay and it is not possible to close it.

I have sent a ticket.

I have tried with safary chrome and it is not working in any of those.

Can you please help ?


Kindest regards,

Mauro Martins

Why nobody replies to the tickets?

Hello, we have replied you yesterday. Please, check out ticksy support board.


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