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in the home page, shortcode “portfolio’ how to add mini function who make “auto slide” portfolio without click on the arrow left or right ?

In your demo theme, check in the bottom “featured projects”, i would like make auto slide the projects : http://unicorn.dream-demo.com/

Thanks for help

Please note that we provide support only via our online help-desk: http://support.dream-theme.com . Submit a ticket there and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!


it would be really nice if you’d please speed up your tech support response time from “a week or two maybe”, to at least 24 to 48 hours (max).

thank you.

if i could rate this theme i purchased i would but for some reason it wont take my vote. i would give it 1 or fewer stars for the customer support alone.

Sorry to have to say it, but honestly it’s been 3 days since my last support ticket request and still nothing and the request before that took weeks to get a response which only happened after posting a comment here.

the themes they make are lovely, but this one in particular i cannot get to work as shown to save my life and support is just not happening.

any update for wordpress 3.9 ???

not just because you got new theme that sold good .. then you forgot the one who buy your OLD product and support you before ..

any update for wordpress 3.9 ?

No, unfortunately :( New version of TinyMCE in WP 3.9 will not work with layout builder. This cannot be fixed in adequate time :(

Hi Guys,

I am using UNICORN to build a site.

If i go to a page in the backend and try add a shortcode via the top menu a box pops up, but not fully open. I see a light blue button at the end ( literally just about, just top part of button ). I cannot expand size of the box. I add any detail and click the little sliver of that blue button, nothing happens. No code added to page.

I am using CHROME.

I am building with WP 3.9.1


Hey Dream Theme,

THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. I only bought this recently. The notice on the theme page at themeforest about discontinuation of the UNICORN theme isnt very obvious at a glance. Why is it still for sale? You need to have a very obvious BIG announcement mentioning discontinuation.

I have paid you $45 for this only recently AND also bought other themes by you in the past.

I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THIS as I have a site built around this UNICORN Theme. Now it looks like I will have to BUY a new theme and do all that work again.


“The 7” theme does not do full screen background slideshows like Unicorn??

I’m sorry but according to ThemeForest user agreement (that you’ve accepted) you are buying product as is. Updates and support are authors good will and are not mandatory. If we could fix Unicorn – we would do it. But it is simply impossible.

Regarding The7. No, at this moment this is not possible. But this feature is the development.


That be as it may, least of all I would urge you to please add a more explicit banner at the top of the ITEM DETAILS page saying it is discontinued.

Other than that – quoting ThemeForest user agreement to a customer, while technically correct, is not great customer service ( in my opinion anyway ). I did buy that theme in good faith. OK it may be my fault for not reading the smaller text – but again if the ITEM DETAILS page had a very obvious discontinued banner I would not have bought it.

Hopefully 7 will have full screen backgrounds shortly ..

hi i just bought it in a few days ago, instead using cracked versions on the net.. as you know, the cracked copies also “as is” with their artifacts by GPL

i was in the think of support your team by financial way when i was buying this theme. now are you saying, was that a mistake of us?

pls consider our problems and start a process to fix the Major Bugs of UNICORN for stability on WP 3.9.x or stop selling this theme.

Not: i can accept you publish a compability list to run the UNICORN properly.

Why’ve you bought the theme that clearly states that it is discontinued??

theres no code can not be fixed if you want .. one day the 7 will be discontinue also .. you know why the best selling theme [ event they only selling one theme ] ???? .. cos they care to costumer ..they fix everything and always update THATs WAY WE PAY FOR [ cos we are not a programer ] .. i’m really upset with this developer you not fair !!!

Yes. As well as Avada, X, Enfold and others. I hope you’re getting the idea..

Tried the paid support, but it says that the theme has been discontinued and that i should update and pay for new theme. My client does not want to update to a new theme as this stage and I need assistance as the shortcodes in the editor under posts don’t display all the information in the popup iframe. All the shortcode shortcut icons on the TinyMce editor hide information. Please have a look. Would supply you login details but you don’t provide support for the theme anymore in the paid section.


a) We do not have “paid support”.

b) That’s why we had to discontinue the theme – there’s no way to male it work with WP 3.9+ :( Please use final version of WP 3.7. or 3.8 – they are perfectly safe and functional.

I downgraded WP to 3.8, but the shortcode is still problematic. see screenshot: http://capepalette.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Screen-Shot-2014-07-18-at-11.14.40-AM.png

Please guys, a lot of functionality is down on my clients site. Can someone please reply? I even tried downgrading to version 3.6 with no success

How can I post portfolio on any other page like hompage, without have to choose portfolio page layout? The blue buttons in post visual editor don’t work any more after wordpress 4.0 update.

you freakin cheater why are you put somethin up to sell for 50$ that is discountinued and not functional

I know this theme is discontinued (it wasnt when i payed for it) but, could you help me with this?:

If I enable contacts in header, the main menu brokes in Firefox (It moves to rigth). In Chrome and IE works fine

See here: http://www.fotogalan.com