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Hello? Photo albums can not be searched?


By default – no. But it can be implemented by adding a single file. You can contact our support – we’ll assist with it.


I more like Cardamon WP — Multipurpose WordPress Theme. but it is also can not search photo albums. Cardamon WP can be fixed ?

Theoretically, yes. But, please note, that Cardamon is not responsive and not optimized for high DPI (so-called “retina”) screens.

Wonderful work ! :)

Great works! :)

Awesome theme DT, glws mate! ;)

One of the best themes I’ve seen. Congrats.

May I ask – can portfolio items be shown with multiple images – not as a slider, but as images that can be scrolled down to view?


You can disable the slideshow in portfolio item page and build [almost] any page layout you like!

Yes, superb, fantastic theme, is there a way to add a shortcode for audio without plugins ?

Yes, i know but can we easily add it?

You can always install a JetPack ;) No need to avoid plugins – this is part of WordPress philosophy: “if your site have no certain feature – there’s always plugin for that” :D

Ok, thanks.

Excellent work man!! Congratulations;)

What an amazing job you’ve done here. However, I’m noticing that the navigation arrows for the sliders, etc are overlapping (hopefully not by design) on the portrait layout on my Galaxy S II using Mobile Chrome running Android v4 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

work on imac en server is Linux PHP

gr Albert

This looks like some temporary mac os files. Which must not be present in theme installation file. I’ve just checked installation file and it is OK.

What’s the name of file that you are trying to install? If it is NOT “dt-unicorn_v.1.0.1.zip” you need to unzip it and; find installation file (dt-unicorn_v.1.0.1.zip) and try to install it.

okay problem solved, thx for support…

My comment above might have been overlooked. Regardless, I had only viewed it on my mobile phone but now I’ve viewed the theme on more devices now. It would now appear that the slider, widget, etc arrows are like that by design. Can some some space be put between them? They are two separate graphics?

On smaller screens in portrait (the device in question is 800×480), it’s more difficult (not impossible but more effort required by the visitor) to consistently hit the arrows individually. Chrome often will popup a magnified view asking which element I actually meant to tap on. This popup could be entirely avoided by having space between the two elements so there is no confusion in the browser which element I’m tapping on. Perhaps it’s just a simple CSS change? A 5px or 10px Padding?

Is there one or more header widget areas?

I’m glad I held off buying Nimble. I like this one more. :-)

What do you consider the biggest differences between this one and Nimble?


Sure alignment of those arrows can be changed. But it will take a considerable amount of CSS customization.

Thanks for the reply. Understood.

Awesome theme DT Happy sales for you

did any one purchase this theme into extended licence?


We are not offering extended license. Sorry.

Great design ! Especially I liked the color harmony. You are a great inspiration for me !

HTC Sensation with Android 4 and Chrome browser, icon looks blurry and not aligning itself on landscape mode.


Theme was tested on reference google devices from Nexus series (Android v.4.1.).

Big vendors like Samsung and HTC are making changes to standard Android browser. Most of those changes are made to improve readability of regular desktop sits. Unfortunately in the same time it makes almost impossible creating “perfect” sites for those devices :(

Oh! It is possible that your device ignores the media query for highDPI screens. I guess it can be easily fixed. Please, submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – our staff will check it for you.

Hi ! looks perfect me & my sport association. is it “Events Manager” plug-in friendly ?

Thank you, a future buyer :)


No data collected about it yet. But I can say that Unicorn is created in accordance to WordPress Codex guidelines to provide best compatibility with third party plugins. (Still you may want to make some changes to plugins css styles to make it visually “fit” theme)

thx for your quick respond ! ;)

This theme looks so sharp on rMBP – excellent work :)

Thanks, I’m excited about it myself! Future of web has come and looks gorgeous. (I’m not talking only about Unicorn – I’m talking about all retina-enabled sites and themes in common!)

Thank you so much for your positive feedback, guys!

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