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Awesome template, GLWS ;-)

Thank you ;)

Great work done. Congrats and GLWS :)

Thanks a lot! :)

Very nice! GLWS ;)

Thanks, pal!

Nice Job! GLWS! ;)

Awesome work! GLWS! ;)

Thx mate ;)

Nice work! Good luck!

nice theme gud luck :)

Thank you! ;)

Creative and Clean Item, Congrats & GL … :)


Is there colors? What should I do if I want to use it in blue?


Sure! you just got to edit the CSS file and replace the red color with your chosen color.


Do you have a WP version?

Hi Halfcj,

The WordPress version is in development right now.

We can’t contact you directly via your Themeforest profile. Please write us to hi@teslathemes.com and we will provide you details on your question.


AWESOME ! But, seems that the menu bar have to be fixed : it disappear, you have to scroll a little bit up tu make it visible again. And on scale mobile menu doesen’t appair not on the top when selected, but on middle/bottom of the screen (with a scroll bar)

Hi, it’s not a bug, it’s a feature so it will not use your top space.


Nice theme, but the menu disappear on IE11. It works nice on Chrome.

Best regards, Pidde85

We’ve tested the template on IE11 and the menu works fine.

Can you please tell us what operating system do you use?

Thank you!

Hi. I have Windows 8.1 PRO. And IE 11 desktop. I am waiting for a solution because I want to buy your NICE team. BR

Hi, this is a HTML version, so you cant turn it off, only if you remove java, or you can buy the WP version here

hi my dear friend …. you’r templates is very very good & Awesome work :) this template is working good my local host :) then uploaded to the sever i don’t know why this template did not work my web sever … :/ www.deemplus.com places to visit my web site & hellp me brother


We can help you but first please send a proof of purchase to hi@teslathemes.com. Thank you for understanding.


hi awesome template i liked it very much… but i have one doubt can i download and edit directly using dreamwearver like that..?

Hi, yes this is a html version, so after purchasing you can download and edit in DreamWeaver, make modifications, save and upload your site online.

oh nice..:) thanks for reply

You’re welcome!

Hey, cool theme.

I noticed one of the plugins I was using had a conflict with the testimonials sections which makes all the content in the testimonial invisible when using the page builder element. When inspecting the element I can see all the content is there but it isn’t show on the front end. The only thing that shows are the arrows to go to the next testimonial.

I don’t supposed you would have any idea what would cause that?

http://sos.demo.strategiesexpress.co.uk/ – Near the bottom of the page red block, added a text element with the word testimonials in the correct section

Hi, this is a HTML version. what kind of plugin are you using ?

Is this theme also is in different colors?

Hi, Sure, you can change the site colors from the CSS stylesheet.

Hi – I just bought your theme. Looks great.

I’m trying to change the fontawesome icons – I see that you have used a class “icon-1” etc for the icons – how do I match the font awesome icons to the css class number? (If I want to use the ‘wheelchair’ icon – how do I know which number it is) Let me know. Thanks.

Hi – how do i add more tabs in the big tab menu (under ‘Services We Offer’)? Let me know. Thanks.