Discussion on Unikue - Multi-Purpose Drupal 7 Theme

Discussion on Unikue - Multi-Purpose Drupal 7 Theme

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I’m afraid, this theme is not flexible even just to add a new menu as main or sub menu, you have to always remember to include classes for the menu item. We have users that don’t even know what css classes are so we do not expect to know either each time they need to include a menu.

Also, when we created a new content type, our fields did not show up. Then we realise, all you have is

<?php global $base_root, $base_url; ?>

<?php if(!empty($content[‘body’])) { ?> <?php print render($content[‘body’]);?> <?php } ?>

and nothing else. We have to put the core node.tpl.php back into place though not sure if this will have any effect on other templates.

You use bootstrap but you render your own custom classes, instead of using col-4-md, you use w-col-4 ???

We can live with the theme issue but there is no way we want our non-tech users to always add css class each time they add/update a menu. Sure, we can use another menu module but it really should not be like this for admin editing in the first place.

Anyway, we are not happy with how badly written and restricted this theme is so would like a refund.

If we had seen the code beforehand, i don’t think we would have purchase this theme in the first place, sorry.

Sorry, I meant col-md-4 (not col-4-md). Anyway, you get the point…

It’s been over a week now. May i asked why you have not replied to my request for a refund?

Why are php include files used for the theme? it makes it very difficult to create a subtheme without having to add all the template files in subtheme even though we only want to override a few tpl files.

Why are standard blocks combined with View blocks? so when you remove a block you need to also remove View blocks that it is related to it?

If we knew, this theme was badly written, we wouldn’t have bothered with it as it makes it difficult to work with.

Unikue user modules VIEWS to display the data, according to the structure of the HTML version. Therefore, we should follow the way the VIEWS.


no issue with using Views block to display content snippet as that is the intention and what Views is for.

But don’t get why you had to use both standard block with Views block together? This means to remove the block, you had to remove both the standard block and Views block. Why not just create it all as a single Views block for each of the different blocks?

It is the combination of the block together. In many cases, the required blocks linked together to create the best results.


The theme download version of Drupal is totally outdated. You still have version 7.41 but latest is version 7.54. So you have to update it on your own.

MD Slider 7.x-2.14 is outdated and Block Subtitle 7.x-2.1 is not supported anymore. Where can we get updated versions for both modules? also, Media 7.x-1.x is currently installed but will Media 7.x-2.0-rc5 work since there have been some major changes between versions. cheers

I’ll send you the latest version of the module Mdslider Please tell me your email, I will send the file download. My email: drupalet022[@]gmail.com


I have send you an email requesting for MD Slider. cheers

I sent for your downloaded files. Please check your mail.


Hey. Very cool theme. We need an update for Drupal 8.

This is Drupal version 7.x :)


If this version of Drupal secure? It always means you should upgrade to Drupal 7.5…


We try to do fresh installation and the system got the following errors:

Notice: Undefined index: highlighted in include() (line 126 of /var/www/html/kee/modules/system/page.tpl.php).
Notice: Undefined index: sidebar_first in include() (line 138 of /var/www/html/kee/modules/system/page.tpl.php).
Notice: Undefined index: sidebar_second in include() (line 144 of /var/www/html/kee/modules/system/page.tpl.php).
Notice: Undefined index: export in ctools_export_crud_load() (line 75 of /var/www/html/kee/sites/all/modules/ctools/includes/export.inc).
Notice: Undefined index: export in ctools_export_crud_load() (line 75 of /var/www/html/kee/sites/all/modules/ctools/includes/export.inc).
Notice: Undefined index: export in ctools_export_crud_load() (line 75 of /var/www/html/kee/sites/all/modules/ctools/includes/export.inc).
Notice: Undefined index: export in ctools_export_crud_load() (line 75 of /var/www/html/kee/sites/all/modules/ctools/includes/export.inc).
Notice: Undefined index: export in ctools_export_crud_load() (line 75 of /var/www/html/kee/sites/all/modules/ctools/includes/export.inc).
Notice: Undefined index: export in ctools_export_crud_load() (line 75 of /var/www/html/kee/sites/all/modules/ctools/includes/export.inc).

What php version requirement?We can’t see anywhere in your documentation.

Please check your mail.

Menu is not showing on an existing drupal installation.

Dec 27: (1) No Wysiwyg with the install profile, then tried to install it and . . . (2) The administration menu does not have the option to “install new module”, only un-install . . . . Figured it out, “Update Manager” module was turned off

Hi Drupalet, I am currently working with the theme and read that the home page is controlled by “Context”, and I see that’s where I can select the type of home page I want from the per-configured options and also turn on and off certain sections/options of the website. THIS IS WHAT I AM TRYING TO DO: (1) Disabling Home Page Blocks What I am now trying to do is “Disable” certain blocks that appear on the home page like “[Uniku] – Index – Portfolios” ‘[Uniku] – Index – Blogs’ ‘[Uniku] – Index – Number’ ‘[Uniku] – Index – Clients’ but when I go to “Configure Block” for each of these blocks, they have no regions assigned to them so how do I make them disappear from my home page?

(2) Editing Content on “[Uniku] – Index – Services” block I want to work with/edit the ‘[Uniku] – Index – Services’ block that appears on the home page, the “flip-container” that holds the content type “Services” = “Wide and Boxed Version, Award Wining, Unlimited Colors, Quick and Easy, High Quality, Fully Documented” – I see that each block belongs to one service (content type service) that has some text (filtered html) but can you tell me how can I change the icons? Where can i find a list of the icons or where do I insert new icons if needed?


Registered for the support forum and have not gotten confirmation of registration in one Hour.

Hello, Love the theme. Having these two issues: (1) Block “[Uniku] – Menu – Social” The block named “[Uniku] – Menu – Social” currently can not be moved from it’s “Main Menu” region positioning. I can turn it off, but can’t place it in the “Header Top Left” or “Header Top Right” which is where I want it

(2) Logo Size My logo extends horizontally, so when I plug it into the logo area of the theme, it shrinks it to the point where it’s unreadable, where can I go in the files to adjust it’s horizontal size default?

Please check your email!

Thanks :)

Hello. Got the replacement files and still having the same problems, wrote back with screen shots.


Please check your email!

Thanks :)

“This author’s response time can be up to 5 business days. ” I guess tough luck for us if we are in the middle of a project . . .


your theme is not working with an existing drupal installation.

Please fix

Looks Great! Good Job! GLWS! :)

I would like to purchase this but need it to support 8. Any idea when that will be available? Thanks so much for your time.

I purchased the theme and have contacted you with some questions – I hope you guys are able to respond.

Is there an easier way to speak with you guys about service? I have not had any responses yet after purchasing this theme or any contact.

Sorry for my delay. We spent the holidays! Please check your mail.

Thanks :)

nice theme gud luck :)

Very cool work ! good luck with your sales ;)

Nice work, GLWS :)

Will you upgrade theme to drupal 8 ?

Yes, We are planning to upgrade all of his themes.

Thanks :)

Work with Drupal 8?

Congratulation my friend, GLWS :)

Nice theme, GLWS :)


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