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Nice! I really like this one :)

Good luck with sales!

thank you, have a nice time

Not working on iPad.

Really neat and clean! Good luck ;)

thank you so much. have nice time

Theme has .html files… How do I install?

find zip file named “unique” unzip it and put it on where you want(usually root folder)

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thank you

I can’t install theme. Wordpress looks for index.php and style.css files after decompressing file. urgent help.

it seems you buy html version not wordpress version, wordpress version is here for 45$:

good luck

what code do i use within the services shortcode to link to an internal page?

how you have question while you are not my customer?

ok i worked it out is the href section

I love youre social links those are unique :) wish u sell more and more

thank you so much, good luck

First time buying and nice theme! But the files came as “wide” with the bar “on”. I’d like the “boxed” version with the bar “off” and can’t seem to find where to do this… any help?

excuse me for that, this is my wrong, please go to css folder and find options.css and uncomment desired codes that you need for “boxed” or “block”

for bar in the same folder find style.css ”#top-nav-container” (maybe line 459) and replace “min-height: 5px;” with “height: 5px;”

good luck

Excellent! I got familiar with the styles rather quickly. Well written!

good luck, please if yuo love it rate it 5 star

Hi this theme looks awesome, just one question before I buy it, I am a fresher in the demo in features list, it says that show thumbnails, recent comments and contact form are custom widgets designed by you, I am looking for HTML theme. Will I be able to use them even if I dont have a wordpress theme ?


this is html version of my wordpress theme:

you can not use any html template instead of wp theme. for wordpress you must only use wp theme.

Then how will the contact form function in HTML version ? Will I have to get it from somewhere else ?

no, template has 2 php file for “contact form” and “widget contact form” then these 2 form work correctly, only needs you out your email in these files.

usually all html template come on with contact form that has ability to work.

Hi: just want to know before i buy this template, if its easy to costumize with dreamweaver cs5, for example different home options this template already have, do i have support in case i have any doubt, not saying i would ask how to do everything of course, just in case. Thanks!

home pages create simply with shortcodes, and if you need change code if you have php/html knowledge you can do it

Thanks just purchased this template,i like it, it has many different option to set up. Yes i did some html and php stuff thanks!

good luck

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I purchased this template a few days ago to revamp our corporate website and I have to say … NICE JOB ! Well done template.

I am very very much a beginner when it coms to CSS and most of the things I can find myself already, so if it is CSS for dummies like me , it must have been written very good ! :)

Worth every $ , highly recommended

thank you so much

please if you love this template please rate it 5 star

Already rated 5 stars ;-)

Dear Persian,

I purchase you theme, I buy an HTML version. As I am a beginner, should I have to modify the theme by changing the codes or I can access any Control Panel for this. Kindly guide me how should I prepare website on this.


hi, first of all I must say this is a template not theme, you must know some HTML/CSS knowledge for edit it, but you can simply replace your images and edit text or remove anythings that you didn’t need it and use it immediately.

some things is used with javascript codes that you can find them at bottom of every page i.e. “client”, “testimonial”

also for change in the css you must go on desired section and edit it

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hello how do i change the boxed style instead of wide?

hi, please see here

if you love this theme please rate it 5 star

good luck

Great theme! The admin was very user friendly. How can I keep it from switching to “mobile” view when turning the iPad vertical? When the iPad is horizontal, it looks great. But when rotated, it switches to the mobile version.

hi, go to PA panel > general > page style > responsive then disable it

good luck
if you love this theme please rate it 5 star

Hi, i purchased the item. but where do i put the images for the slider, and how big do they need to be?


hi, you must first create slider posts, please see help document specialy see “G4” section

Hello, beautiful theme! I have a question: how do you fix the message that appears on IE that says: “Internet Explorer restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls” Thank you!

ok, thanks for your point

good luck

Thanks! I have another question. When I uncomment for block version it messes up the webpage. The white main part of the webpage goes extra wide and you can’t see the background color. Is there something I’m missing to fix this? -Thanks

no, this is only things that must do, maybe you uncomment for wide style

Hi… I would like to know how to enable the gallery mode on page portfolio so you can navigate between photos using the next and previous buttons. Thanks.

from portfolio option for “Select thumbnail type” or “Select inside thumbnail type” from drop-down list select “slider” then choose desired images.

good luck

Need your help. I cannot open any home pages. As soon as I open anyone, my program crash. I’m using DW CS6 in Windows 8. Now, I can open any other one. whats up? Thanks

1- please see “Frame & Light Box” section in this page:

you have this page in your downloaded file, see to codes.

2- you need put “title” property in the “a” tag like this:
<a class="" href="#" data-rel="prettyPhoto[gallery]" title="your title appear in the lightbox"><img src="#" alt="" /><span class="zoom-icon magnify" /></a>

Thanks again for your responds, much appreciated. My understanding of CSS is getting better and better. However, with your help, it’s way easier and faster. Muchas Gracias :-)

good luck

Is it possible to edit the field name and error messages from the contact form?

yes this message is in the page-contact.php and js/jquery.custom.js