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I’m having email form setup issues. I’ve added my email here in both the PHP contact files // set your email here $emailTo = ‘’;

and I’m not receiving my test emails do I need to add it somewhere else? Thanks!

Do I need to add anything to the $headers in the php file?

Sorry, I figured the email out

Ok, already for twitter for html version I have not update, but I suggest this:

good luck


where i can find and use the Custom Widgets? I download the file ansd unzipe it… thx

after install the theme and activate it you can find them in widget section with prefix “persianart”

Hi, this template fails to get installed with wp 3.5.2. Message from the installer:

Installiere Theme aus Datei: Entpacken des Pakets… Das Theme wird installiert… Das Paket konnte nicht installiert werden. Dem Theme fehlt das <code>style.css</code> Stylesheet. Die Themeinstallation ist fehlgeschlagen.

Installer error msg: the theme is missing the style.css stylesheet

Please help ;)

.. sorry, my fault -not a wp theme.. ;)

good luck

Hello, Is there Any template code for the varition examples at the bottom –

On the 3rd slider example in on hovering the extreme left slide , the text overshadows the whole slide keeping the image behind any solution for that or any template code to solve this issue and make the the hover text appears as it does on the main version provided.

Thank You.


you needs play with css, for example for 3rd example need set height for captions (.kwicks-caption) from first on left to right 100%-80%-60%-40%-20%

also for content text (.kwicks-content) needs remove “position:absolute;” and also remove or edit “height” property.

good luck

Hi, I’m trying to put the contact messages (example: “Please enter a valid email address”) in more than one language (one diferent language for an especific page) but it’s not working. How can I do this? The site: tks


put “p” tag with desired message and add class to hide it, after div with id “contact-form” like this
<div id="contact-form">
<p id="contact-success-message" class="message-box no-icon green display-none"><?php _e('<strong>Thanks!</strong> Your email was successfully sent. I check my email all the time, so I should be in touch soon.', 'my_framework'); ?></p>
then in js/jquery.custom.js
replace this in jquery code:
jQuery(this).before('<p class="message-box no-icon green"><strong>Thanks!</strong> Your email was successfully sent. I check my email all the time, so I should be in touch soon.</p>');
by this:

good luck

Thanks a lot for you help! One last question: what I put in the place of “contact-success-message” in this code jQuery('#contact-success-message').removeClass('display-none'); to the success message of widget contact form?

you need only use unique term in hte page, no broblem what term, the problem point is that, you need call correct id in jquery for example if you put id “qwerty” then in jquery you must call:
but for better meaningful naming “widget-contact-success-message” then in jquery call:

good luck

Hello, How can I remove the opacity hover blue background of thumbnail image in a gallery page? Example: Thanks Anat


in js/custom.jquery try to find this:
/* Animate Zoom Icon
================================================== */

jQuery(document).ready(function () {
    jQuery(".posts .featured-thumbnail a.image-wrapper, #portfoliosinglepage a.image-wrapper, .portfolio-item-wrapper:not(.gallery) a.image-wrapper, .featured-thumbnail.image-frame a.image-wrapper").hover(function(){
then remove this:
.portfolio-item-wrapper:not(.gallery) a.image-wrapper,

good luck

How do I build the home page?

hi  I  have built my whole site now and want to build my home p age but I cannot figure out how.
I want home template number 1  with the  revolution  slider.    should I just be able to bring that up some now and edit the content,  or do I have to make in scratch  by adding each elements?
when I start with a blank page  and add  short codes it looks nothing like the example.
do you have step-by-step  instructions somewhere
thank you

Hi, please read documention for understand how create site. also you can use xml file to create site like demo then edit it

good luck

I emailed an issue with the composer. There is also an issue with footer widgets not being added to the site. Please advise or email back.

I have not any email from you.

In a mobile version’s the are a botton ”Go to…” How can i change this value? I want it to be called “Menu” . I tryed to change the value at “js > jquery.custom.js” on line 55

 // Create default option "Go to..." 
        jQuery("<option />", {
         "selected": "selected",
         "value"   : "",
         "text"    : “Go to...”
        }).appendTo("#menu-wrapper select"); 

But when i change the value “Go to…” with “menu” the button disappears.

Any help please! And sorry for my bad english

Hi, find it correct but please use correct qutaion
"Go to..." 
“Go to...”

good luck

ooops!! thank you very much!!! and congratulations for the template! is really the best !!

persianart hello ! I need help . I want to connect to my site google + but he asked to enter a line of code in the home page . I do not know exactly where to put it … can you help me ?

Just add a short line of code to to make sure that your Google+ page is displayed to the right of the search page Google in case of relevant searches . So it will be even easier to find your Google+ page

Ask the webmaster of your site to add the following line of code to your homepage :


Sorry for the bad English

Hi, you can not put it in homepage, but it is possible that you put it in the header.php or footer.php that will appear in all page.

good luck

Thank you very much!!!

Hello persianart ! I have another question ! thanks for availability and sorry for the trouble . I wanted to insert a video ” 2.7MB .mp4” in nivo slider … At the time of display can not see! symbol appears in the loading and displays nothing! Can you tell me what is wrong ?

Slider Option & Settings

Select link type

select type of “slider link”. unsupported in tm slider.

link to video

place your “video path” here.

Thank you

I try use revolution slider… and now my home page say this….

Fatal error: Call to undefined function putRevSlider() in /htdocs/public/www/wp-content/themes/unique/slider.php on line 316

Sorry… I found plugin!

ok good luck

I can not change the BOXED style. You can leave the code ready?

Thanks very much!! question more please, not achievement to change the title “undefined” images portfolio.

Hi, show it to me online please.

Dear Sir, This themes ir error ’”Template is missing.’” when i updated in my webhosting. Pls help me! Tks so much! Best, Tuan DCar

Hi, you buoght html version not wordpress version. wordpress is here


I know my support has expired. Nevertheless my question has a general appeal, as I believe it impacts on every customers installation.

The issue is (dead) [parent] menu and (link referenced) [submenues].


[PARENT] (#)
       [SUBMENU1] (URL)
       [SUBMENUn] (URL)

For this to work on iPads the advice is to use ”#” as a URL reference for the [parent] menu.

This does indeed work – BUT – has as a very unintended side-effect that it sets the [parent] as “current active”. If I load the webpage on a PC and simply scroll down a bit, the menu item with the ”#” set as URL will immediately become “the active” URL (although it is definitely not).

This looks like a bug in the theme code?

Running Wordpress 4.2.2 ||| with Unique Theme version 2.0.2 ||| ... running with a Child Theme set up.

Hi, demo is now on 4.4.2 and work without any issue

Hi it’s a presale question. I need the version Html of Unique but i try the demo and i see the slide in not responsive.. it’s possible??

Hi, only niveo sider on image is responsive:

also you can add rev slider for yourself.


Hi, i have the html versione of your theme. Unique theme How i can disable your menu ONLY in mobile version for apply a different menu (my menu) visible only in Mobile version. Tx in advance

Hi, in responsive.css on line 444 we have this
#menu-wrapper select {
    display: block;
    width: 100%;
you should replace your element by its class or id for example your element has class “mymenu” then you must have
.mymenu {
    display: block;

good luck

Hi, in the accordion mode on mobile the text is cutted and not display all. Have a solution?

Hi, please send me screenshot online or send me your online site url to see what happen.


I tried to install your theme and it failed. Says the styles.css is missing

Purchase code bc14b028-c1ab-432a-acf2-b171b6fcec23

Hi .you purchase html version not wordpress theme For wordpress see here:

I made some logical changes in the menu (navigation bar) but this one stays on the left, but with the amount of buttons I momently have it isn’t esthetic.

Did you know how I can Center the nav ? I tried multiple changes in the code but couldn’t find it

Hi, use this:
#menu-wrapper {
    text-align: center;
#main-nav {
    float: none;
    display: inline-block;