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Hello! I know a little English, I buy Unique-Magic theme at 2013 year,I want to know how to download the new version, And I want to know the revolution-slider how to work, Can you help me to this ,Many thanks! My E-Mail: 2 Years ago I use,

Hi, for download new version go to your account in themeforest and on “Downloads” tab you can download new version.

slider revolution has panel to create and set your slider

Sorry, I can’t find download new version on “Downloads” tab, The system said “You have not bought anything yet”?2013.03.30 I bought this theme,2014.01.29 I recevied the first Update email,2014.07.26 I recevied the second update email. But I can’t download, Can you help me,Thank you!

Hi, you should contact to themeforest support team for this problem, I can not do anything about this


Hi I’m having a problem with the blog page. Page 1 works but when you click on the link for P2 or so on – it only shows P1 (do you know why that is?)

Hi, I did not heard about this issue. please send me your url to see it

I sent you an email message. 3-4 days ago with the details.

Hi, yes but I can not find the issue, maybe this create by plugin; can you remove (not deactivate) all plugin then test it


a question, i have a client interested on this theme , but i could see the las update was on 2013, so, if this theme compatable with the last wordpress version (4.3.x)? i really need to be sure about this..

thanks in advance

best regards

Hi, as I note on the details this theme support 4.x wordpress. and you can use it without any problem for 4.3.x.

Thank you, goodluck

thanks a lot

hello can you help over night the menu for the site has disappeared from mobile devices so users cannot navigate around the site on mobiles devices is this something you are aware of? thank you

HI, can you put your site url?

Hi there,

I have a problem with the contact form, which I noticed today, so it is recent.

The problem appears to be a hack. When I click on the form input field [name] to type, I am linked to a strange website…any ideas?

You can see here:

please see these links
by put this at end of style.css or on custom css you can remove it temprorarely
._all_wplink_URbdzOIg_cc {

but it seems one things in your content create this you must find and remove it


my dev with this theme, the portfolio filter doesn’t want to work. I’ve set categories to all four but when i click on a specific filter across the top they are all still showing

Hi, I can not see any filter in this page

Hi. I use the shortcode Personnel with 3 columns on the contact page. It fits fine when I use a default template page, but when I use the Contact template page, the last column is under the two others. Please help me. Kind regards.

Hi. I use the shortcode Personnel with 3 columns on the contact page. It fits fine when I use a default template page, but when I use the Contact template page, the last column is under the two others. Please help me. Kind regards.

are you have sidebar on the contact page? also please consider your support is expired.



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How can I get slider to show on post category / archive pages?


Hi, it is not possible, you can put slider for all page like this page or only on your custom page that create it by “page > new”


This theme needs to be updated to run on the latest version of Wordpress? I am having some very strange issues with jquery.custom.js. Those social icons in the header are no longer animated on mouse hover, and the main menu is not showing on mobile phones.

Is this theme stuck on WP 4.3.1? Since Wordpress auto-updates I’d say no theme can be just “parked” at some version number?

My apologies! Spent an evening debugging here, and want to share a small detail that might help someone else out there.

The theme works as far as Wordpress 4.4.2 goes. No problem, apparently.

My issue was with the menu. I had a custom link along with a few auto-page links. For the custom link I had left out a URL. This resulted in the missing animation for the social buttons and the menu not showing at all on mobile devices.

Hi, no there is no need update and theme work fine on 4.4.2.

good luck

Hi, I’m looking to buy your Theme for a client but they want a members area… Is your Theme compatible with the WP-members plugin? Regards, Richard

Hi, I don’t know because I did not use this plugin, most of plugin work with it without any problem.



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My theme isn’t updating css options file.. it is rwx and my selection is saved in the admin panel but things like back-ground image selection etc are not showing. Options file looks like this, can you please assist…



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Its ok.. setting cssstatic to false fixed :)


Hey, i tried to install the ZIP file with all files & documentation on my Wordpress, but i had the Error:

“Warning: POST Content-Length of 14796403 bytes exceeds the limit of 10485760 bytes in Unknown on line 0”

Then i Installed the installable Wordpress file only, but then i have not many features of the Unique Theme. I only got the PersianArt Panel, no sliders, page builder or other stuff.

What is the right way to install this theme? is it possible to install a Demo Layout from the Unique Theme? Because with the installable Wordpress file i got only a blank page without pagebuilder.

Hope that i explained the problems good enough to understand.

The problem is solved, my fault i didn’t saw the Documentation :) /close


Hi everyone! I’m having a problem with posting new articles. The editor disappeared. Error log says: Notice: The called constructor method for WP_Widget in PersianArt_RecentPosts is deprecated since version 4.3.0! Use __construct(). What should i do?

you need buy support only

Do I have to buy again the theme? If I do, do you think that problem will be solved?

Hi, i read your document and install theme. But after i getting a 500 internal server error message.

? deleted your theme and no error, Install some themes no error. But your theme is not working now.

Hi, please send me your url, username and password from my profile page form for check. demo now is working on last version.


Hi, i send you details.

The theme demo runs 38 /100 on Google PageSpeed Insights for mobile. The desktop version google can’t even read. Use this theme only if you want to be sure that google will never send a single visitor to the website. Terrible and unprofessional script.

Hi, this is only demo to see what you buy, you can do compression for files yourself.


Hi your theme is very slow.

Sometimes pages respond time very long and not entered page. What can i do or you?

Pagespeed is bad, you send me minify css and js.

HI, this is not my work, you should do it for yourself by online minifier like site found here:

or as simpler way,use plugin like “w3 total cache”


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How to I add new portfolio categories as drop downs from the main menu

Hi I love this theme and have purchsed it twice to use on two different websites.

My question is I have a main menu for portfolio and previous portfolios are under it by year from 2008-2014. This was done by a website designer.

How do I get the years 2015 &2016 to appear as drop downs under that heading?

If i go appearances> menus I see each item in the portfolio can be ticked but not the category itself

Kind regards


Hi, can you show what you need by screenshot, also please consider, you have not support now