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New idea, look unique! ^^

thank you

unique theme.. Congrats bro.. :)

very thanks

Congrats! Finnaly up!! I remember the first time you uploaded it, it really looks much better now, hope you’ll get lots of sales. You really improved your skills ;)

very nice, really you remember it! :o it was for several month ago. thank you very much, I hope as soon as possible I can be elite author with many themes and sales. :bigwink:

besyar aali … forushe khobi dashte bashi… 8-)

kheili mamnoon, baraye shoma ham arezooye movaffaghiat daram

Great work, congrats :)
Wish you the best with sales.

thank you so much, I wish best and big sales for you too.

Awesome Theme, chand mah pish to forum dide boodam ke migofti reject shode .. pas belakhare approve shod, omidvaram movafagh bashi :)

are dige, balakhare bad az kolli reject approve shod. baraye shoma ham arezooye movafaghiyat va forosh ziad daram.

mamnoon :)

Congrats and Good Luck ;)

thank you so much and have a nice time

Wow, cool. I will definitely find a project for your theme :-) Do you also intend to provide support for your themes? Thanks!

very thanks, usually support is for bugs and issues but as far as possible I try for good support.

Does the theme come with the custom-menu widget seen on the left side of the shortcodes page

hi, with this widget you can put your menu that you have created it in wp menus section and then in your page you have option for put in left or right. as you see in feature page this is in left.

I hope I understand correctly your purpose.

Excellent work my friend!!! ;)

thank you so much. good luck :)

hi, very nice theme, I just would to know, is it possible to add special, not standart and custom project or portfolio attributes on single item page? And if yes, can I use that automatic for other images too? I am a painter and would like to use it for showcasing my paintings by having feutures like in artist gallery websites., like this one ( is it possible with this theme? Thank you in advance.

unfortunately already this theme has not option for your desired goal, but if you have at least html knowledge you can use html version and add your text, I try to publish it as soon as possible.

thanks, good luck

Hi, love this theme, great work :)

im getting an error using the nivo slider though.. Warning: Wrong parameter count for strstr() in slider.php on line 15 Warning: Wrong parameter count for strstr() in slider.php on line 16

any suggestions…?

I think your server php is under 5.3.0

please try this:

go on slider.php file on root folder and remove line 15 and 16 and place this line instead them:

$thumb_width = =get_option(‘mytheme_nivocontrolnavthumbswidth’); $thumb_height = get_option(‘mytheme_nivocontrolnavthumbsheight’);

then in admin panel set your dimension without “px” for example only “90”

I think it simply resolved

thanks, that did the trick :)

good luck

I installed the demo content and have a problem with the home page service boxes … the first to are aligned okay but the third box is a bit lower than the first two. Any ideas?

(also … the demo content doesn’t seem to have all the pages your demo site has.)


please send me your website address untill I see this, withal try to use shortcodes in this way:

A][shortcode B]content[/shortcode B]

also the demo has all pages, I think you must set your menus from “Appearance > Menus”

I think it simply will be resolved.


I’m working on this site locally so I can’t send you the address. I did change the 960.css file (changed .container_12 .grid_4 { width: 300px; TO width 297px an it now works) However all the demo content did not import – only about half the pages are there and most of the menu items were custom pointing back to your demo site.

please please, don’t change any thing in this file. it is standard width and column and this affect on all pages and break them all.

for what you need this? please use shortcode in this way if you have problem:

yes custom menu didn’t change, it is due to export xml file wp system and all xml export file same as this, but not problem you can mannually change it:

go to desired menu from “Appearance > Menus >” and then got to desired menu and open it and change url to your url and set “Navigation Label” to anything you want.

please read help document

I restored the 960.css file to .300px The three service boxes render okay in i.e. explorer 10 but in firefox and chrome the 3rd box is still lower than the other two.

please use shortcodes in this way:

I haven’t touched the shortcodes. This is how it is rendering in your demo page.

The slider is not appearing on my site, nor are the menus I am creating. Please advise.

please use help document for create and setting slider. in first level you must crate some slider post with your desired images and select for them 1 or more category than in you page in slider section select your slider and after that select your category.

for slider setting go on “unique panel” and do your setting

One more problem. The TM Slider leaves a large margin on the right hand side of the images – on your demo site too.

in TM slider you must set “width” for pages, you can find it in setting section of Tm slider in “Miscellaneous” section with this description “set “width” for slider (1680px by default)”, heigh will be fixed.

as you see the default is 1680 and you can set bigger or smaller for this based on what you want.

Nevertheless, I can not see some thing like you say in my browsers, can you say me what is your browser?

I’ve tried it with ie firefox and chrome … the monitor I’m having this happen with is 1920px wide If I look on a smaller monitor the problem is not there.

as I mentioned above the default width is 1680px (I try to use average size) and demo images also have 1680px width then if you want see in 1920px try to use your images with at least 1920 px width not smaller then in your monitor with 1920 px resolution or any monitor with smaller than this, all things will be ok.

this slider works with this way, then it is not issue.

hi, is possible a version with revolution or parallax slider ?

hi, unfortunately already I must say no but may be in future I add one of the revolution or layer slider.

parallax has not Extended Licence.

I have got the same problem like revdrdavidreid. The TM Slider leaves a large margin on the right hand side of the images. I changed the width as you indicated. But, after several attempts, I noticed that beyond the 1000px the slider starts moving to the left side and is no longer centered. Thank you. 500px: 1200px: 2000:

please let me know did you find this in your “options.css” file in css folder not “style.css” in root folder:

#tmslider-wrapper {
    width: your width;

please reset anything you change in “style” file for Tm slider

it muse be created automatically no manually. the “options.css” file is include customized css like this and must be created automatically.

please use “px” unit for this option in admin panel.

I reseted the theme. It’s ok now. Thank you. Good luck with sales.

thank you so much and good luck

Nice Theme !!! But Where is Iran’s Flag ?? And If You can Please Release The RTL Version With Persian Language ! And Also Take a look : Good luck With Sales !

It seems you have found your answer! ;)

good luck and have a nice time

Yes Sir !!! Have a good Time .