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Hello, Two simply questions about this amazing theme. I looked for a long time by myself but without solution: 1) How can I change the Submenu FONT size? Because we can change the Mainmenu font size or the Submenu width but I don’t find for the Submennu FONT in the PA and CSS… 2) How can I change the size of the moving line above the Mainmenu? We can change the color with the PA but not the size and I didn’t found the CSS line. Thank you very much for your support. All the best.

1) you can find it in css/superfish.css file

2) you can find it in css/superfish.css file

all css for menu is in this file

Thank you so much !!

good luck

I’m trying to use the Nivo slider on the homepage of my site, but I keep getting the spinning “loading” circle and no slides are loading. Carefully following the instructions in the documentation, I’ve created 3 slides and assigned them to a “homepage-slides” category. Each has a featured image set that is 940×380px for each slider post.

On the homepage’s settings I’ve selected “Nivo Slider” and set the slide category to “homepage-slides”. Just in case, in the Theme’s settings > Sliders section I’ve also selected the Nivo slider and the “homepage-slides” category. In the Theme’s settings > Slider > Nivo Slider settings I have kept everything at default.

In looking at the code view for the home page I can see that none of the slides or images are loading for the slider (or any of the sliders when I try out the others including Kwik and Revolution slider). Has anyone else had this issue? Any hints as to what can be done to get the images to load in the slider?

if you have online site than from my profile page form send me login url and username and password


I seem to have a problem with the contact widget. How does this send email?

When I use it to send to myself it works but if I add my clients address – they don’t get the email.

I’ve tried send an email to from gmail and it works fine.


Any ideas please?

any address must works, try to different address for check it, there is no same issue from another person.

So is it because the to and from address are the same that the email isn’t being sent?

no, any address must works, try to create another mail account on your client server i.e “” or “” and test them

Hi. Is there a way I can get portolios to show in the archive widget? Like posts do?


Hi. Is there a way I can get portolios to show in the archive widget? Like posts do?


this widget is for wordpress core then if you have php knowledge you can try to manipulate the original files.

sorry double^ lol

Another question..How do I get content to show up on the portfolio template? Is it possible?

No, it is not possible, I did not consider content for this page

Ok thank u

One more there away to export the template settings? I need to reinstall it because the sidebars are breaking the wrappers.

unfortunately there no any option for this purpose but if you want reinstall the theme only then your settings will be remain.

Social sharing buttons included in the short code aren’t working,

Any ideas?

there is little issue on new shortcode generator. use social shortcode in this way:
[social type="" class="light"]your link[/social]

still not working. I can see the icons but it doesn’t share at all. Please advice. Thanks.

this shortcode are not for share. they are only for referring to your account in other sites.

share icons are at end of posts

Hi, I´m using the liteaccordion slider and when I ativate the caption, the texts looks like superimposed… the slide 3 maintain the shadow of the text caption from slide 1. How can I solve this? (

ok. i sent… I´m glad with your interest and kindness in help me.

Thank you so much! It’s perfect. Working perfectly now!

good luck

Hi! I’m working on template I am facing error pages old. Example and are equal to the homepage. Can you help me? ty!

please read help document F) Create Main Pages

good luck

contact widget sends the email directly to my spam box. Is there any additional add on’s you can create so it isn’t coming in as spam?

there is no any control for this, please contact to your host support, they maybe help you.

good luck

How do you remove the overlay (opacity: .7) on the featured thumbnail in posted?

js/jquery.custom.js around line 140

First of all, thanks for the Theme. It’s wonderful.

My web is

The problem is that the web is broken in Explorer 7.0

The sliders on the home are broken.

Can you help me ? I’m desesperated !



hi, unfortunately I can’t help you, as mentioned in details in themeforest this theme is not ready for IE6 and IE7 they are old version, already you can use IE10

good luck

Dear PersianArt, is there a possibility to get rid of the yellow marked 60px margin. The space between the breadcrumbs and the main container is to big for my taste. To demonstrate, what I precisely do mean: Another question: How and where to integrate a googlemap in the Contact form? Thank you for your help. But anyhow – great theme, great work – I of course voted 5 stars ;-)))

the answer for the rest of the world is: persianart-panel > general> Page Style > content wrapper margin & radius (usefull for default layout) set “top margin” = 0; at the same time I changed Elements>All backgrounds > main (content & sidebar wrapper) “on” Jippi, I got it finaly!!!! (2 days work, it is realy so powerfull, that is often to complicated :-(((

please tell me finally can you solve your problem?

This one … yes!

Slider and text on the homepage are not justified in the exact position. To demonstrate, look at …. I would like to centre it, what can I do?

It is …... but it lokks like this (always variation of ca 20 px to the right and the other time to the left. It is not centred

from my profile page form send me username and password to check it

When i pull up my site on mobile my column shortcodes are overlapping each other and not working right. The site is if you want to look. Any idea why?

try to use normal column, use percent column only when it is not possible to use normal column.

also some shortcode has column properties like services, post and portfolio,... dont put them into column.

how can i add a banner or image in BLOG page ?

you can use frame shortcode

Sorry – I can’t seem to find instructions for where (and how) to download the demo content…can you please provide? Thanks!!!

the demo content file is in your downloaded zip file (it is XML file) and for guide please read help document install section (first section)

I am confused as to why it is striking through 2 of my links on this page: when they are obviously working when clicked on