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I am using the NIVO slider and would like to change the font of the captions (only). How can I do that please? THANKS!!

go to style.css and find this:
.nivo-caption {
    background-position:0 bottom;
then add code like this with yours font

good luck

Is it possible to change the order of the social icons on top?

go to header.php around line 95 you can find this:
$socials = array('delicious','deviantart','digg','facebook','flickr','google','lastfm','linkedin','picasa','rss','stumbleupon','tumblr','twitter','vimeo','youtube')

you can change this order to desired order


I ‘m using the nivo slider. For the text, i use the same code as on your slide called “DISCOVER the Business Secrets” in nivo categorie…

How can i reduce the margin between red title and top of box without change the other margins ?

To view my website :

Thank you, Have a good day,


Thank you for your attention. I’don’t know how to explain. I’m thinking that there is a “global bug”. For example, i create protfolio with category. One day the filters work, other day they don’t… It’s for a client, so I’m bothered. It’s possible I take you my codes to you looked ?

theme has sold around 400 without issue. ther is no any bug. please send me your urls that you have problem in it and from mu profile page form send me username and password.

Ok thank you. I send you my username and password…


Can you please issue a fix for Twitter? Their API has changed and this template is now out of date.

Regards, Larisa

I try to find solution but it needs time then already you can use plugin like this:

Thank you, I will try this plugin. Please let me know once you issue the fix for the theme itself.

when I fix the issue, I release new version for theme.

where is the revolution slider ? Mine isn’t working. When I try to use the revolution slider I get the following error,

Fatal error: Call to undefined function putrevslider() in /wp-content/themes/unique/slider.php on line 316

if you have not it in your downloaded zip file then download new version. and after it install it as an plugin and create atl east 1 slider for it. then you have note this error.

also update theme with new version.

good luck


Hi to the community, I’ve installed your theme on my wordpress and since then all the changes i try to do on the control panel don(t work. I’ve changed the few lines of code in the php page as explained in your support but it didn’t change anything. Please, do you have other advices ?Thx

don’t change anything in the code. see here and if you can change something like color in the panel, do it.

there is only things I can tell you. I did not hear any issue something like you say, and have not any advice.

also you can reinstall theme and install the new version.

good luck

Client Logos question. I cant seem to get an href to open in a new window.

hi, all links open in same page, open in new window is deprecated, but if you needs that go to includes > misc > shortcode.php and try to find client item shortcode around line 697 then add
to rag a like this
<a href="'.$href.'" target="_blank">

good luck

Help! For some reason, the permalinks are not functioning correctly. I would like to set it to POST NAME, but when I do, only the homepage appears and all other pages are “NOT FOUND”.

When I set the permalinks to DEFAULT, the pages appear.

Of course, I want the URL to display the POST NAME and not p=ID#.

Site at issue is: I currently have the permalink on default so you can see the pages and you will be able to see the URL.

Please advise any of any possible fix.

the issue is for your host or servers. maybe you have something wrong in your .htaccess file.

you can read this page:

also you can contact with your host support, they help you for correct it.


How can I change the colour scheme of this template? I know there are 8 or 9 colour schemes included in the template but I would like to customize it further and add my own RGB colour in it. How can I do this?

Many Thanks,

for example. there is a skin called “DEEP PINK”, can I change the tone/colour of this pink to a lighter one?

hi, excuse me I did not understand correctly your purpose go to css/skins folder then open skin css file that you want and simply replace your color code.

good luck

Thank you!

Error is ocurring Fatal error: Call to undefined function putrevslider() in /home/jktextil/public_html/wp-content/themes/unique/slider.php on line 316

go to panel > sliders > slider status and disable it or select another slider or create at least 1 slider after revolution slider installation.

Is it possible to change the field name and error and sucess messages from contact form?

from option panel no, but you can simply open flle and then change them.

good luck

What about the “Page 1 of 2” on blog page, where is it?

from option panel no, indeed theme has language file and you can translate it.

but only some message that are in the js file like 1-2 message from contact form and some text like pagination are not in language file but you can simply open original flle and then change them.

good luck

If i wanted to add yelp to the social icons…what would be the best way to go about this?

go to header and find this (around line 95)
$socials = array('delicious','deviantart','digg','facebook','flickr','google','lastfm','linkedin','picasa','rss','stumbleupon','tumblr','twitter','vimeo','youtube');
and add your socials name “yelp” at end

2- add custom images for it in this path for dark or light or both: images > icons > network

3- go to includes > theme-option.php around line (4821) and create block code for your social as like as other
<div class="pa-option">
<h4><?php _e('Yelp', 'my_framework'); ?></h4>
    <div class="row">
    <input type="text" name="yelpnetwork" id="yelpnetwork" size="4" class="w200" value="<?php echo get_option('mytheme_yelpnetwork'); ?>" />
    <div class="description yelp"><?php _e('set url for<strong>"Yelp"</strong>.<br />leave it blank if you want remove it.', 'my_framework'); ?></div>
then go to line (around 5459) and add update line for it as like as others.
update_option('mytheme_youtubenetwork',    $_POST['youtubenetwork']);

good luck

I followed these instructions. I got the Yelp settings to show up in the Admin section but after adding the link and updating nothing is showing up on the website itself

are you do it correct completely? are you sure you add yelp to $socials array?

Hi, There is a problem with the breadcrumb with the third layer. Can you help and see.

well, i suggest you could ask the external developer for breadcrumb to update so you can include it in the future.

update: dimox has updated his breadcrumb plugin and fixed the aforementioned bug. You can have a look here

Thank you, I consider new version in the future.

good luck


How do i get the slider to look like the demo Home 4? Also at the bottom of the page it shows an option to leave a comment. How to disable that?


1- use nivo slider and use this style for your text:
<span class="skin-color" style="display: block; font-size: 70px; line-height: 1.2;">LIGHT</span>
<span style="display: block; font-size: 50px; line-height: 1.2; color: #000000;">Ideas</span>
<span style="display: block; font-size: 26px; line-height: 1.2; color: #5f5f5f;">for Your Business</span>

2- go to persianart panel > page style > page comment and disable it

if you love it please rate it 5 star
good luck

I want to change the names when it comes to a portfolio page. For example… Skills—> City.

I also wondered how to remove the ‘sitemap’ from a single portfolio page (home – portfolio – ...).

Can you help me out?

1- you must open single.php and change it in code

2- there is no any option for exclude page for breadcrumb. it work for all page and can be enable or disable from panel.

good luck

Thanks for the quick reply!

I would like to show four recent posts on a page (like your HOME exmaple) and am using the following code:

[post size=”1/4” number=”4” style=”default” header=”Chapter Awards” excerptlength=”0” showmorebutton=”off”]

However, it is only showing ONE post with forward and back arrows. How do I get it to show fours posts? Thanks.

you need add column=”4” in your shortcode.

good luck


Hello i need a help. My site is

I want to add a hyperlink on (detail ) box below e-commerce service box.

Please tell me the process.

hi, please read help document to more familiar with theme and shortcodes, anyway you must use href=”” in shortcodes

if you love this theme please rate it 5 star

good luck

How do I install the themem to wordpress while keeping the content in the demo?

after install theme use xml file for import demo content, for guide read help doument.

good luck

Where is the xml file? And where is the help document?

in your main downloaded zip file there is demo-content.xml file and also there is folder with name “document” go there and open index.html file with your browser.

anyway for use xml file go to plugin section and enable “WordPress Importer” if it is not enabled and use this plugin

good luck