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Thanks, will try that now!

ok, good luck

Where is the help document? I cannot find the xml file in the download and need to install the demo site. Thanks

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Hello, Is there a way to add code to have a different logo on the home page and also make the header larger (height) on the home page. All the other pages would stay the same. Thanks in advance for your help

hi, you need use “is_front_page()” function
read this for guide

you can see also “is_home()”

I figured it out much easier: div#logo-wrapper img { background-image: url(link-to-image.png) !important; height: px !important; width: px !important; } Thanks anyway

ok, but consider in this way if you change your home page to another page you need change Id.

good luck

Hello there, is it possible to centre the h1 h2 h3 tags? I have tried but I wasn’t able to, they always end up on the left of the page, I was trying to get to stay in the middle, Do you know if it is possible to?


you can add this properties to heading style
float: none;
text-align: center;

but you will lost headings line (color/dotted line)

Is it possible to make it so the social icons do not open in a new window?

hi, go to header.php and try find
foreach ($socials as $social) .....
then find and remove:

How delete the slider in NEW POST ?

hi, if you did not want slider to be enable on post, you must disable it from admin panel then enable it for desired page i.e. homepage

good luck

don’t want it visible entries, only on the home page, visit my site, I can not remove the slider in the post

hi, please send me username and password from my profile page form for better check.

Hello, I have a problem with the new/actual Version and the logo. When I upload the logo it will only appear correct if it is in original size. As soon as I reduce it to 80% it appears cutted as a square in much smaller size. When I used the older Version this reduction works perfect. How can I fix that? Thanks for your help, SabineE

please put your size in pixel but without unit i.e 200 (no 200px and no 80%)

good luck

Hi. I can’t get any of the background options to change. I set button to “on” upload image and save, but nothing.

It worked once this morning and now I can’t get it to work. I just want the full background image.

hi, if it work 1 time and now it is not work it means you change some thing and must find this change.

backgrounds have enable/disable button try it. in general > page style > custom style must be enable.

That worked thanks

good luck

Is this wordpress 3.6 compatible?

I did not test it yet

I have created a BLOG page and have set the SIDEBAR attribute to display a RIGHT SIDEBAR. However, the BLOG page will only display in full mode. Any posts selected for further reading from the main BLOG page do display with a RIGHT SIDEBAR, just not the main BLOG page. I reinstalled the theme, but that did not help!

Web site:

Any suggestions? Thanks!

please send me username and password from my profile page form for better check. please notice the problem in your message

good luck

I noticed there is a problem in the posts area with the upgrade of W3.6 . no visual text editor appears.

Thank you, I will check it later.

Hello Brother PersianArt, I am the user adielbenicio (Adiel Benicio) Unique and bought the theme and I’m riding it on my server, but I’m not getting a few things:

1) Slider Revolution is not working … Active it and nothing appears … I want to use it. When active the Slider Revolution page is static, the footer and other information no longer appears. By the way, does not appear in the sidebar of the Slider control panel feature “Slider Revolution” ... have others, but not this. When I bought, I saw the model example in the Themeforest slider revolution and so I was pleased to buy.

2) I do not understand how to distribute the categories to show up on the home the same way as is shown in the sample template which is on ThemeForest. I want to have a home in the same way.

THANK’S… I’m waiting. ... Adiel (I live in Brazil and I used google translator Portuguese to English.)


1- Rev slider is a external plugin then when you activated it 1 menu added to your admin area (bottom of menus) and from there you can create slider then from PersianArt panel or from page option you can selected it from category dropdown menu.

2- I suggest use xml demo to create site like demo then remove or edit it. you need use shortcode to create elements, please read help document for more familiar with short code

I hope it can help you, good luck

Thank you my brother. The information you gave me were correct and I’m able to mount.


good luck

I have a question concerning the use of testimonials. How can I display a whole category of testimonials in a single slot using the carousel animation? According to the documentation, there is only an attribute “name” to choose a single testimonial.

Thank you!

hi, there is no any option to use category.

good luck

Hello, thanks for your help few days ago!

Today I have another question: I put the PersianArt Contact widget in a footer widget area. It shows 3 fields (Name, Email, message) und the submit-button and everything works perfect. But how and where can I adapt the fields (colour, background colour and wording). I.e. now it shows “Message” but I want to change in German “Nachricht”. Do I have to install an additional Plugin for These adaptions? Thanks, Sabine

hi, go to includes > widgets > persian-art-contact-widget.php then open it, you can find it here.

but success and error message are in js/jquery.custom.js in desired section you can find them.

good luck


I have another bug. sidebar doesn’t appears on my blog page. I’ve set the page model on “Blog”, enabled all the options on the Page and Blog panel but nothing happens… I suspect the “model” not to apply properly but I don’t know how to fix this. How can I give you access to the website? Thanks very much Guillaume

Thank you for a great theme.

I am currently having a problem with updating pages after edits. After hitting the “Update” button, I receive the message, “Do you want to leave this page”, and then then updating icon just hangs and doesn’t seem to update the page.

If I do leave the page, the version will revert back to the previous version. How do I fix this?

I think problem is for wordpress, please change theme to another theme and try update the edited page. if you have problem yet then the wordpress has problem.

good luck

hi, the theme is amazing, really great work

otherwise, i wondering how is possible when using the accordion shortcode, to have one of them open ( active) on the page by default ?

Thank you for your help :)

hi, already accordion has not option for this purpose and first item always open, but in toggle has option for this purpose.

thanks, good luck

Is there an e-commerce plugin you recommend when using this theme? Something that has been possibly integrated into the design?

hi, this theme was not prepared to support e-commerce plugin. if you want use woocommerce or another plugin you must do needed change yourself

good luck

Hi, I translated my site with “poedit”. Everything is OK excepted the word “all” (present in the portfolio page) which allows to filter the categories. Maybe can I change it differently ? An other question : I have 7 categories in my portfolio page. All filters work excepted one. There is any restriction about categorie number ?

If you need to see the website, the url is :

Thank you for your help. Have a good day.


for find “All” go to page-portfolio.php you can find it here.
<a href="#filter" data-value="*">all</a>
change it to anythings you want.

2- this filter use masonry plugin and as far as I know, there is no any limitation for category number.

good luck

how do you get rid of the transparent box in the nivo slider? (the box behind the text)

i hope this works: The white transparent background behind the text. I’ve tried a lot of different things to remove it – but I can’t figure it out. I liked the one you displayed in your demo where it was only text in the nivo slider and not a background behind the text. How do you achieve this?

hi, it is very easy go to panel > sliders > nivo sliders > slider caption > background-color then use term “transparent” in this field. (you can use color name also like “red”)

good luck

hi, it is very easy go to panel > sliders > nivo sliders > slider caption > background-color then use term “transparent” in this field. (you can use color name also like “red”)

good luck