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Hi there, I don’t want the ‘skills’ ‘tags’ ‘project’ and ‘client’ to be shown at the single portfolio. How can i remove this?? Thanx in advance.

Hi, go to single.php and try to find this:
<div id="port-details">

there is 2 place. one start around line 196 and another start around line 214; then remove or comment them

good luck

Absolutely great theme! So easy to work. However the only thing I cant get to work is twitter feeds. All the keys are correct But keep getting ‘Couldn’t retrieve tweets! Wrong username?’. Can someone please help?

Tried this about 12 times, I am entering correct details, can someone check this out if I pass the details, it’s a new twitter account

What should the callback url be set to, i’m putting the sites url in here, is that correct?

please consider you must set your domain for twitter then your key work for that domain?

pleas check again your “Consumer Key” “Consumer Secret” “Access Token” “Access Token Secret” also please sure that they are set for your domain, you can use “envato” for id or username to check.

where you put site url? there is no any place for put site url in shortcode or widget for twitter.

Hi there…

Great Theme…good work!

How can I remove the space at the top of the site? I’m not using the top navigation. See the screenshot:

Hi, thanks please go to panel > general > page style > Body wrapper properties (usefull for boxed layout)

Then set “top margin” to 0

good luck


good luck


The current WordPress version stands at 3.7, while the theme has been only tested with 3.5, I wonder if this can affect theme’s functionality and whether a new theme update is soon to be released?

Thank you!


As I test until now theme is ready for v 3.7.1 except 1 things that you can do that if you want install v371

If you find another thing let me konw.

in the functions.php replace:
$comments_by_type = &separate_comments(get_comments('status=approve&post_id=' . $id));
$all_comments = get_comments('status=approve&post_id=' . $id);
$comments_by_type = separate_comments($all_comments);

After some test I will release it, please be waiting.

good luck

Hello Mr. Persian,

Excuse me, there’s something I’d like to telling you. We have found important technical deficiencies in the implementation of the “theme” that they are preventing a proper indexing of the website in the search engine. Our webmaster has informed us that this is the result of a deficient Optimization SEO “on-page”. Our website “” do not appears on the first page of Google results when searching for the term “Guilly” or “”. I wonder if you could tell me if you do you plan to update the theme…?

Pls, would you kindly do check our website.

I’m most grateful to you.

Hi, I did not heard from another about this issue.

It seems this caused by plugin (maybe for seo) in your theme, as I see in your codes you have new meta tag for robot to prevent indexing (theme has not this tag)

Contact with your webmaster and aware it from this problem. this is his work not me, I can not do anything.


Hello Mr. Persian,

I am happy to say that now everything is going much better. Thank again and I wish you well.


good luck


I’m using buddypress on your theme but I’m noticing all the buddypress pages (members, activity, register) don’t have the sidebar even when I set it in the options. I’ve been looking on the buddypress forums and they indicate that I need to contact the theme developer with the following information:

“You can ask the theme author for a buddypress.php file which has the WP with the_title and the_content among the theme’s template tags for that specific theme. Upload that buddypress.php to the root of your theme folder in server and all BuddyPress components will use that file to autogenerate content.”

Thanks for any assistance with this.


Hi, the theme in not ready for buddypress and now I can not do anythings for you.

support buddypress is optional for theme and I did noe consider fo my theme.

good luck

And you have no plans on making this theme compatible with Buddypress? I’m going to have to do some hacking myself to make it work so just need to know if in a later version I’ll need to remove whatever changes I make.



Hi, already I am very busy and haven’t any plan for Buddypress.

good luck.

hello there , we have a problem with our theme. The body is not complete. you can check it on can you please help you with it? thanks, Tarantella

There is no issue, you must say what you need? you should read document to familiar with theme.
Also you can use demo xml file to create site like demo then edit it.

good luck

I am using this code:

[post size=”1/3” column=”3” style=”default” header=”Chapter Awards” excerptlength=”0” showmorebutton=”off”]

It keeps showing the same THREE posts even though there are many more in the “Chapter Awards” category.

When I change the code to [post size=”1/4” column=”4” style=”default” header=”Chapter Awards” excerptlength=”0” showmorebutton=”off”] for example, it shows four columns but ONLY the same three images.

How can I fix this? Thanks.

ther is no any issue, you must use this property in your shortcode, if you need 8 post

put big number to have all post in the category. default for 3column is 3, you should change it to any number you need. in the visual shortcode it is “Number of Items”

good luck

Yes! That worked perfectly! Thank you!

good luck

How can I enable the active menu color on the Blog Page? The active page always turns orange (in our case) when a certain page is opened but this isn’t the case with the blog page.

For Example: Further, the thumbnails are out of form (from thumbnail to pagewide) when I visit them after clicking on the author page. How can this be fixed? for example:

Hi, I said in “blog option”, go to your blog page, you can see it at below of text editor, wher you set all option for blog page

Also, I cant see that you had purchased my theme!

good luck

Dear PersianArt. Our costumer has purchased the theme, we are helping them finishing the website. Therefore you will not be able to find our name. Thanks for the response!

good luck

Hi I have an URGENT Issue: My Home page is the half blog and the Video thumbnails don’t work. We are launching this site today! Is there anything that we can do to fix this ASAP?

Hi, send me site url I visit it, also please check your video url to sure it is correct. you can send me from my profile page form your username and password for better check.

good luck

Hi I am seriously considering purchasing your product can you please advise when it will be Wordpress 3.8?

Thank you

Hi, as I know it has not serious issue on the wordpress 3.8 but if you find issue I will solve it.

good luck

Hi, I have just updated my site from v1 to 1.5 and it won’t use the custom settings that I have placed in it. I have selected all of the correct settings. Could you please assist.? Thank you.

Hi, are you have this problem before that and have solved it by use this order:

If yes you need do it again.

hello ! here i am facing an issue. i use theme on “” and there the post title is trimmed only a few words are shown and rest of title if cut not Shown .

please suggest me a better solution soon. as i need to show long title of posts under above given link


Please scroll down to see a second post about this.

see your emails

Client short code; If you have images in the media gallery and they are, lets say 200×100px, they will be to large for the client “carousel” and it will not look ok. In the client short code theres no setting for image size (?) so how do I set image size?

These are the only properties I find:

class: dark – leave it blank for default class. showcarousel: off – leave it blank for enable carousel. showdivider: off – leave it blank for enable divider. background: colorname, hexadecimal, RGB, RGBA, HSL, HSLA. href: destination url. image: image url.

[client class="" showcarousel="" showdivider="" background=""] [cl-item href="#" image=""] [cl-item href="#" image=""] [cl-item href="#" image=""] [cl-item href="#" image=""] [cl-item href="#" image=""] [/client]

Hi, the best width is 160 and you can use program like photoshop or use edit in the media section to have this size.

good luck

When using width 160 the divider gets distorted (when scrolling stops it look ok for a microsecond bud then the top part of the divider is gone and only 1/3 of bottom part is showing) on the left side so there still is a big problem

Hi, the original size in the theme is 160×70 and I suggest use this size but for other size I think you need edit css for width or height i.e in the style.css or in custom css section to over write it.

.clients {
height: 70px;
list-style: none;
padding-left: 0;
.clients li {
display: block;
float: left;
width: 160px;
height: 70px;
padding: 0 10px;
background: url(images/divider.png) repeat-y;

Hello, tried to contact through email but no one has replied. We’re stuck and I need urgent help.

My developer is having a big problem with every function inside the menu area, plugin area, all going to 404 pages. I tried to delete a post, delete trash, update profile, all bumped to 404 errors. Additionally, the blog post titles are being cut off at about 34 characters. You can see that here

My developer thinks the theme may be corrupt and it would have to be done over again. If so that would be a tremendous cost to me and not prepared to do that.

Here are URL’s from 404—profile update & save – 404.

Trying to delete trash:

Trying to delete post:

see your emails

How do I implement “child themes” with the Unique-theme? because the menu get screwed up when implementing child themes.

Indeed I did not ready theme for “chide theme” and it is better you did not use it unless you can solve the problem if you can find issue.

unfortunately now I am very very sick (patient) and must go for rest and I can not reply to your comments for some time, I dont know how long,

I apologize for it, and I hope you can understand it.

good luck

Thanx and I hope you get well soon!


Hi I want to have a page with videos about my organisation. How can I do this.

I’ve tried clicking on the youtube video option in a page, but It seems I can only add one per page? I want to have about 10 on the same page

Is there a way to do this?


Hi, for video on the vimeo or youtube use themne shortcode, but you can add video or audio from your library then wordpress add for you needed shortcode

See here to know what format you can use:

For more familiar with theme please read help document and for more familiar with wordpress see document on the

good luck

Hello, I want to change the Error Messages in the contact widget into some German phrases. Some time ago, you told me, I have to do this changes this in the file: js/jquery.custom.js. But I can not open this file, always an error message is appearing: “document is undefined”, error in line 3. What can I do to get access to this file? Thanks for your help, Sabine

Hi, I try to create new version and I put option for this purpose, please if you can wait some days.

good luck