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I really like your theme but it seem you don’t have WooCommerce application. Do you work on Woocommerce for this theme?


hi, unfortunately I must say no, thank you for comment.

good luck

Hi Mr. Persian

I trust that everything is going well at your side.

Please, I would like to know what is the recommended size for use with pictures “TM Slider” (wide). We want to show with the same size as your demo. What image size you advise us ?

Thanks in advance, Karim.


default is 1680px width and my images has 1680px width, but you can use images with 1920px width then you also have better view for monitor with this resolution.

Hi Mr. Persian,

Pls, we need to know that we have to add code to create the same columns as shown in the demo. We want to know how we can create the 3 forms (STATICS – USER INTERFACE – WORKING HOURS). Pls, see attached picture:

Waiting for your soonest reply & Thank you very much for your kind support.

Best regards, Karim.


it is easy, please see my shortcode pages to find anythings you need then from my help document in “j” section you find needed code.

it is “service 1” you can find here and needed code is in “J21” in help document.

the images are in “images” folder, upload these to your media section and then use these.

please rate my theme if you love it!

thanks, good luck


love the theme but it / I got some issues… 1. I cant create sidebars, i enter name, and click update, but nothing happens. 2. The “scroll” function on the testimonials widget does not work. 3. Its various options around the theme admin panel that dont update settings.

So are you working on an update of the theme…? got some suggestions to resolve these bugs…?

Best regards

also after reset you can use demo-xml for create website same as my demo site than you can delete or change any thing you need, also in this way you can see all shortcode that I use in it.

Hi again, I’ve noticed that my problem is a google chrome (on mac) problem, it works with safar… havent tried IE.

I love mac but unfortunately I have not mac and I can’t test on it but this theme tested for IE+8, opera, firefox, safari, chrome on windows and there is no problem on it.

If you can, use safari or firefox when you want to use theme as an admin.

good luck

I am having trouble setting up this template is there any documentation to help set up the Home Page? Thanks

hi, you can find help document with images for guiding in document folder.

you can use demo-xml for create website same as my demo site than you can delete or change any thing you need, also in this way you can see all shortcode that I use in it.

in first section of help document I explain for use xml file, consider that you must use your images for that.

Gap between slider and content

On each of my pages there is a moderate gap between the bottom of the slider and the top of the content area. On your live preview this gap does not exist. How do I bring the start of the content closer to the bottom of the slider?

in your picture I cant see header swirly pattern, I think because you remove it now It seems there is gap, isn’t it?

I don’t think the swirly pattern has anything to do with it.

if you have online site please let me know, as I see in your images there is no any pattern on header

are you click on-off button in “unique panel > elements > all background > header” and now it is on?

Having issues with the theme Ive got break points all over the site leaving unnecessary white space. Also when I place the services modules 1 and 2 are set higher than the third!? Website:

ok, thanks for that, the issue is due to use cufon fonts, please first create your site based on original font then try select your font, please consider it is not theme issue, different fonts have different line height,... so I suggest as I mentioned in description in panel don’t use cufon for body, please try to use theme font or google web font from list

also I want know you use plugin for using cufon font?

please note I put some cufon font and uploader for cufon as an option but recommended try to use google web font it is much more better.

How do I get rid of the default swirly pattern in the header area

it is simple, in unique panel go to “element > All Backgrounds” then in header section click on-off the button to on it, (didn’t need upload anything) only change button to on, then click update button on the panel header.

please if you love my theme rate 5star for it.


Also, what would be the recommended px width and height for custom background image?

Whatever your desire. average monitor resolution is about 1600-1680 with, but you can consider 1920 width for fullHD monitors. and height is depending on your desired.

Hi, Also love the theme but when I try to use the Nivo slider, the images don’t appear. Any ideas?

This may sound ridiculous, but how do you rate the theme? I see where I can like it and tweet it, etc. But it says min. of 3 votes required for rating… Where can I go to rate it 5 stars?

I figured it out. You have to go to your downloads page to rate it. Should be more obvious… should be placed up in the social media section of this page. But I’m sure that if the people who liked this theme could figure out how to rate it, they would give you 5 stars. The theme is fully featured and easy to use!

thank you so much for purchasing and for your effort to find rating system for rating, I hope you enjoy this theme.

good luck

I am having trouble enabling all the features. Is there a way i can get a database file so i can upload and get out all the content and i can edit then?? please

I don’t know for what you get this message, please drop yor wp database and start with empty. then use xml file if it was faild reload the page until import be complete.

yes, still the same thing. i see no pa ges none of that. only somethings get imported..

please consider that after import you must go to menu section in wp admin panel and set at least main menu that you can see main menu and their pages

hi…can you give me some tutorial or some help for this theme…theme is nice but a have some problems…

the theme has help file in document folder, please read this, it is very helpful.


what is name of that file

in document folder there is only 1 file named “index” please double click on it to open it.

please rate 5 star if you love this theme


Dear Mr. Persian,

Pls, I don’t understand why does not work the Slider. I have followed the steps in the help document (easy), but it does not work. The Slider appears everything the color green.

I sent to you my web site to your email. Pls check.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


hi, I see your page, please remove title or link type for your slider if you set and reset Tm slider settings to defaults and try again, let me now whats happen.

please if you love this theme rate it 5star


Hi Mr. Persian,

Many thanks for your reply.

I remove title of the Slider but still I have the same problem. Pls, I need to know how I can solve the problem. If you agree I can give you my username and password for my blog for you to check better.

How I can give you rate it 5star ?

I waiting your kindly reply.

best regards.

no problem, send me username and password and login page address, I will check it.

for rate please go to your themeforest account and downloads page you can see rating system for item.


Hi Mr. Persian,

Thank you very much for your reply.

Pls, I sent to you my login by e-mail.

With best regards, Karim.

hi, I do this for you

good luck


I loved it your theme! it is very elegant and well documented. Pls you confirm to me if you have received my vote correctly (rate 5star).

Thank you, Karim.

yes I received your vote and I am grateful.

thanks and good luck

Hello Mr. Persian,

Please, I would like to know how I can put text to my images sliders as well as the attached sample (transparent black color):

We greatly appreciate your support.

Thanks in advance.

as I say previously I do some setting for Tm slider some of them was “title on bottom > on” you can find it in ‘slider caption’ on “TM slider” setting, please off it, then your contents goes on your picture, you can set color for text, title, background and top, left, width, radius…

for coloring use “I1” on help document.

good luck

Hi, I installed the theme with the newest WordPress Client but the site doesn’t appears like the original one. Pictures and columns and sliders look strange. I would like to get the theme as in the original picture.

It looks like this:

What can i do?

Thanks, Balázs

hi, you must do your desired setting, please go to “admin panel > appearance > Menus” and set “top menu”, “main menu”, “footer menu”

go to “settings > reading” and select “A static page (select below)” than for “Front page: ” set “Home” and some other things that you need must set.

please read help document. it will be helpful.

if you love this theme please rate it 5 star

thank you

Hello Mr. Persian,

Pls, not work me any change setting for Tm slider and no meeting where I have to put the text for each image same this one:

PD. Pls, you can get into my admin panel with the login sent to you by email to check if everything is OK. I do not understand where the problem is.

Awaiting your kindly reply, I salute you..

hi, it was very easy, I don’t know why you can do this, also I say to you set in TM slider “title on bottom > off”

also you must know opacity will affect on all caption element not only on background and is 0-1 i.e ”.8”

for background transparent color you must use rgba() as mentioned previous comment go to help document “color” section

good luck

Thanks for your patience. Now I understand that I had to use the color rgba. All is O.K.

Many Thanks.

good luck and have a nice time

hi…can you tell me how i change background…i going to unique settings then i go to body background then i choose body pattern and click update…and nothing happens

as you say “body back” changes the background for body then if you use “wide” style you must set “trensparent” for “main section color” and remove header background until you see that

but if you use “boxed” or “block” you must see changes

if you love this theme please rate it 5 star