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Text on slider-pictures scale inappropriately to phones and tablets. Is there a way to fix this flaw in responsiveness?

(Slider-pictures scale well. Text on slider-pictures is messed up.)

Hi, For good and real responsive please use revolution sider only others has not scale for text even nivo slider

I’ve bought theme over a year ago, and i made update for the first time, two days ago. And i was fighting with Clients shortcode since then. And now there is an update with the fix :)...but could You tell me which file i need to replace?? I don’t want to make all changes that i made two days ago again

Hi, please read update section in item description

Hello PersianArt, Can you tell me where I can find a list with all the icons/symbols I could choose from for example in the boxes on the Homepage? Thanks!

there is no any list. thay are images and you can use any symbols as images for your purpose.

Ok, thanks!

I’ve tried a few unsuccessfull attempts at modifying the CSS’ area “Accordion & Toggle”. I would like to get rid of the large Square surrounding the plus/minus sign.

I tried using the parameter for the shortcode TOGGLE ( [toggle signcolor=”#600101” signbackground=”#ffffff”] ). Only halfway successfull. The signbackground=”#ffffff” now shows through on mouseover.

Is there a way to completely remove the Square?

hi, mouseover did not work for inline style. No

.. but I can adjust the size of the Square .. wouldn’t that indicate that some piece of code can simply be deleted?

by screenshot show me what you need

The square surrounding the plus and the minus sign – I want to remove it completely, so that you only see a plus or a minus sign (depending on selction or not). The plus and the minus sign should simply just lit up like the text on mouse over (following the same CSS as the text on hover):

Oh, that came in violently truncated. Here’s a direct link:

[TOGGLE] (square-on-hover-issue)

if you can change the size then you can set for it color to transparent them it will be hidden

Hi Is it possible to use the column shortcode inside the toogle shortcode? I would like to have some text next to a picture inside the toogle. Kind regards Minna

Hi, use persent column

Hi PersianArt,

Portfolio filters are not working?

Please let me know!

I want to purchase the theme.

Filter works correctly before that, I did not hear about this issue until now from customers, maybe this happen only for my theme, I will review this. thanks

Hi PersianArt,

I’ve been working with a site that is using Unique, really amazing and useful theme.

I’ve this question, Is there a way to set the speed in the Post Shortcode?

Thanks in advance.

in the “include/misc/shortcode.php” try find post section then change speed for script

Ok, thanks a lot!

Hi. When will the theme be updated for Wordpress 4? Thanks.

Hi, demo is on wp 4, I think you can update to v4

Sorry, but when i use the persian art admin panel all the settings are without result on any site.

For example the copyright setting. I fill the left and right fields, but nothing see in frontend. And yes display copyright is “on” :-) I tested with a fresh and clean install of wordpress-4.0-de_DE. no other changes or plugins are installed.

but I can not find issue, front end work for me

After installing the shortcode-ultimate plugin there’s a message error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class OAuthSignatureMethod_HMAC_SHA1 in /home/okpymes/public_html/wp-content/themes/unique/includes/misc/OAuth.php on line 120

Is there a compatibility problem?

Well, I uninstall it and the problem persists

I use OAuth.php in my theme then by this plugin the class is redeclare that means error, you need remove it

Hello. I am having all kinds of trouble with the installed components. Perhaps I am missing something…

1) It says my purchase code is invalid to activate revslider 2) Slider does not appear on home page 3) cannot locate where to add featured posts (like demo) to home page

All I’m getting on the home page is blog posts. Please help.

Already, I have not any idea.

So, you have no idea how to get my Blog page to look like the one in your demo, when I’ve done no editing of the original file? I paid $50 for this theme to at least work as it was advertised to…

please consider theme sale 500 without issue on it. your issue is no familiar for me and I already have not solution for it.

please install new theme on your local host or online host and check sidebar, I am sure they work correctly like others.

also you can send me url, username and password to check it.

Since the recent update to 2.0.2, a few functions no longer work properly for my site:
  • 1. The main menu does not display at all on moblie. I added some custom CSS just so that there would be some navigation on there, but its not the nice dropdown menu that used to display. All menu items are now listed individually, and it looks terrible!
  • 2. The tabs shortcode does not work. Only the first tab information is visible. Nothing happens when any other tab is clicked. Please see page:
  • 3. A calendar plugin no longer works with this theme. It does work when I deactivate this theme and activate the twenty-fourteen theme. That page is only visible here: (NOT in the main menu dropdown pages)
Please help! Thanks!!

Hi, please first check by removing plugins, theme has not issue like these

The only issue from above that I am still concerned about is #1. The plugins do not seem to be causing the issue. The mobile menu displayed properly before the theme update, and I see that there is at least one other post on this issue, niclas from 7 months ago. I tried all of the fixes you mentioned in your reply to him, but they didn’t work for me. Would you be willing to look into this?

my check can not help to this issue, I am sure it is not theme issue.

Hi :-) On the contact page, I am using the contact-info column. Is it possible to change the mobil number icon to another icon (I need a VAT number instead of mobile number), and move around on the order? Kind regards Minna

Hi, icon is image.
In images folder, you can create another and replace it.

Hi Again. I cant reply on your email. The email adress is not working. Where can I send the URL? Kind regards

Hi :-) Is it possible to adjust the hight of the Nivo slider? When I use images with lower hight, I get a background color under the image. And…is it possible to adjust the hight of the area called “Header” in the “Persian Art – Elements – All Backgrounds” menu? When I insert an image it is very big (high) behind the slider and under. I hope you can help me :) It’s urgent :)) I need a narrow slider over the main area. Thanks! Minna

Sorry I wrote urgent. I know you always answer quickly :-) I have a third quistion. How do I change the hight of the area called “Content Wrapper Background” in “Persian Art – Coloring Body/General – Set color for main sections” I need lower Space from text to the border. There are to much Space :-)

Hi 1-it it possible but no from options you need css, php knowledge. please use image with proper size or resize them in photoshop…

2- I am not sure but mabe if you hve familiar with css, html then you can do that.

Great job and great theme first of all!

I have a little problem…. Since three days ago my editor for posts is not working ( not showing the buttons).

What can I do ?

I use the latest version of the theme and latest version of wp!


Removed all the plugins… The problem is the same :(

it is unknown issue, I have not any idea

The weird thing is that the visual editor works on pages :(


One of our clients uses this theme and we are having trouble changing the font size of sub menu items.

Where is this option?



One of our clients uses this theme and we are having trouble changing the font size of sub menu items.

Where is this option?


use file css/superfish.css

that is accessible from wordpress editor or through cpanel ftp?

from ftp, good luck

Hi :-) I am using the shortcode “frame image” (I copied it from one of the demo content home pages). I cant find out how to make no link on the image. I hope you can help me. Kind regards Minna

hi, please read documention, it is very easy, try showlightbox=”off”

Hi :-) When I go to the demopage Shortcodes – Personel and copy the code from the 2. exampel (the one with 3 persons) it works well on a new page. But when I copy the code into a Contactpage, there is not enough space. The last picture goes down to next line. What do I do? Kind regards Minna

you send message from my profile page form, it will be sent to my email

ok. I have send a message from the contact form.

I did not received any email until now

Hi PersianArt,

I have a doubt: The website I created some months ago is blue and the elements of the menu are blue (Home, servicies, blog…), but now I have to add a new page on the menu with purple color, is It possible? For exemple: Home, servicies and blog is blue color (the text menu and its rollover) and I want ‘contact’ in purple (text and its rollover). Where can I change It? because if I change It on panel, all my menu color elements change… Thanks for your help! :)

Hi. it is not possible, you need add class to it for this purpose, if you can find way for that, I think you can do that, but I have not any suggestion for this work

good luck