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and can you tell me also how i change background in only slideshow


for change or add background for sections please go to “elements > all background” you can find “Slider wrapper” section

Hi there I was looking to possibly use this theme for a fairly large client, just wondering if you do extra customization on the side in case I run into any issues?

And is a slayers slider compatible with this theme?


I am not sure I understood your purpose correctly, but this theme has many option for customization with helpful document, and I can not do any additional customization for it.

about layer slider I did not test but I try to create perfect theme

best regard


How can i create a slider or modify a created slider? I want to upload some pictures but i didn’t find how can i do this. I read the Unique Help Document but it can’t help me.

Thanks, Balázs

see above

I add a new image in the Featured Image box but when i check it the original site slider pictures are appearing. No changes. How can i add a new image?

you only update theme no data then you did lost anything

go to “Appearance > Themes >” manage themes tab than deactivate current theme by active another theme, after that you can delete it.

now try to install it as you do previously.

for install from admin panel go to “Appearance > Themes >” Install themes tab than “upload > choose file > install now”

consider you only delete theme no anything else

it works. thanks.

good luck

Hi! I added Text Widget to footer. I cannot find where to edit the color for the text entered into the “Title” field of the Text Widget. And it removes any html that I add. Can you tell me where to change this? I tried to set it in Unique > Coloring > Footer > Set color for titles but it is not working. Thx!

ok, it seems you use cufon fonts, please try this: also set font familly for footer title also be sure you set color for heading in correct way, it seems you have “d71f26” you must put ”#d71f26”

That did it! Thank you!!!

good luck

ok i import your demo concent ..after that i delete demo concent maybe in not correct way…ok the problem is when i start make my website and i wanna change backgrounds nothing happents…i try everething change “boxed” or “block” everething but nothing happens…please help

please let me know how you want change the background?

you use body background pattern or you tray upload background, please consider if you try upload background, you must enable it by click on button that is in this section “Display background image”, it is top of that form

dont try to change anything in style.css, also option.css created automatic every time you update “unique panel” and you can/must not change anything in it

i didnt touch anything in style.css and option.css a try upload background and nothing…i can give you user name and password for check that

ok send me via my profile page

Beautifully designed, very thorough documentation! Well Done!! I have a long way to go on the site design but so far I have 2 questions in the top info area: 1.) How can I make the email address a hot link (adding a href code doesn’t seem to work) 2.) How can I make the social media link open in a new window (target=blank doesn’t work) Thanks so much!

I did not understand what you need, you want remove social animation js?

Yes, and the space it occupies. Thanks!

go to “js > jquery.custom.js” and open it and find “Social icon effect” then remove or commented this codes

in the style.css (around line 624) try find and change this
.social-wrapper {
    margin:35px 0 10px;


I am having an issue using the personnel shortcode. I have the following code within a page:

[personnel name=”Fitness Fanatics” image=”” column=”6”]

Which seems to be correct but when I look at the saved page the HTML is:

<div class="personnel-image" style="background-color:"> <img alt="" src="" /> </div>

Which means the image is not showing. Any ideas why?

I did have the site in a temporary folder (i.e and it worked fine but now I have moved it to the main domain and the images have disappeared.

Any ideas?

it is correct, now your image has a different address, you mus find new address, always you must use images from your library

go to “Media Library” and find desired image (if it is) than click on “edit” link and in “Edit Media” find “file url” then use this url

Thanks. The file URL is 100% correct however it didnt work. I did delete the images and re added them however this seems of solved the issue. :)

ok, if needs, please put here your online website address until I see that

Please add “Google Plus” link and icons in Social Network section.

hi, I will do that in the future updates

one more question..when i import your demo concent how i delete that? and in my home page the statistic box where i can find that details button to make link because i dont see that button in my page?

after import for pages go to “admin panel > pages > all pages” now for delete the page click “trash” and for edit click “edit” links that are under tiltes.

you can do as same as this way for “posts”, “portfolios”, “sliders” and “testimonial”


good luck

I have two problems with making a portfolio. I attached an image so you can see it:

First, there is a grey box below the menu. This is on when i don’t use slider. How can i turn it off? Or how can i modify this image?

Second is the ‘website’ button below the image. I can’t turn it off. I turned it off in the page settings but nothing happened. Please look at this issue.



gray box is slogan, please read “B6” in help document.

for portfolio read “F2” in help document, go to desired pages, “template” in right side must be “portfolio” then in “page option” select “portfolio option”, near the end of section find “Display website button” and disable it,

please read document, anything you can find in it

good luck

the slogan is works. thanks.

but the website button is OFF and nothing changes.

ok, it seems there is an issue, I fix it asap but now you can do this: in root folder find “page-portfolio.php” go on line 213 and replace



Hello Mr. Persian,

With all due respect…please, I have two important questions:

1. I would like to know what is the code needed to create two parts post of the home page SAME as your demo. Pls see the attached picture:

2. Pls, in the file languages only have been able to translate “SUBMISSION” & “Thanks! Your email was successfully sent. I check my email all the time, so I should be in touch soon”. This one is O.K. but I can’t find the following sentences from the contact form:

“Name” “Email” “Message”

“Please enter your Name” “Please enter your Email” “Please enter your Message”

I’ve looked in the file “page-contact.php” to translate it and can not find the phrases. Please, could you tell me which file I have to edit to translate these sentences.

Thanks in advance.

see “jquery.custom.js” line 493 you can find “Please enter your ” and for “Name” – “Email” – “Message” you must go to “page-contact.php” and try to find “data-rel” for labels i.e
<label for="contactName" data-rel="Name">

I hope you understand that there is no any “Please enter your Name” & “Please enter your Message” .... there is only one “Please enter your ” then from “data-rel” of “labels” call desired terms

also see line 499

Hello Mr. Persian, I hope you are doing well. Now, All is OK! THANKS&B.REGARDS

good luck

Thank you for the great theme. Can you please tell me where can I adjust truncate size for the portfolio list (style1/1column) text. Because I disabled more details button, I want to display whole portfolio text there. Thanks

on desired page go to “page-option > portfolio option > Length of excerpt” and put big number i.e 100 or more

please if you love this theme rate it 5 star

That worked, thank you. Rated 5 star :) but on contact page instead of Google map, there’s a blank space, than the contact page starts. I can see on firebug, it is there; but for some reason it is invisible. Thank you in advance.

if you have online site let me know also you must enable google map and for use google map you must use “src” of iframe that you get from google ie if you have this:
<iframe width="425" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=",144.964977&output=embed"></iframe>
you must get src from it means this:,144.964977&output=embed

good luck

Salam Refigh, Sale No Mobarak :) , Omidvaram Sale Khobi Dashte Bashio toye hamin sal elite author beshi . ;)

salam, sale noye shoma ham mobarak bashe, man ham baraye shoma arezooye slae khoobo khoshi daram, anshaallah sale por baro por kari dashte bashin :)


Import doesn’t work, uploads is ther and has the right fiel permsissions, max upload file size is 24 Mb::::

best regards adkny

this is for p.h.p version on your servers, please go to root folder and find slider.php and replace:
strstr(get_option('mytheme_nivocontrolnavthumbswidth'),'px', true);
strstr(get_option('mytheme_nivocontrolnavthumbsheight'),'px', true);

good luck

best!!! great them, excellent support;thxxxxx **

good luck

I’m having trouble getting the pagination in the portfolio to work.

It looks like this… Then clicking on page “2” gives me:

Which gives me a 404?

What do you think I am missing?

I had to remove the pagination again from the URL I emailed you as it is live. Please let me know what to try.

ok, I visit your site and there is no any pagination also you can not put content for this page not supported in portfolio page

I had to remove it because it doesn’t work.

I figured out how to remove space between the SLIDER and the CONTENT area like on demo:

But the Stunning Text is wider then the 940px wide slideshow image.

And your slider is same width, but Stunning Text is not as wide and fits better. How do I get the width the same?

this page is same as other home page, only I set margin=”-79px 0 0” for dark wall shortcode that means, dark wall goes to top 79px. you can set it to margin=”0” until see whats happen.

also slider and stunning test have a same width that is 940px and stunning text is not wider.

I think maybe I have some stuff missing from the file I purchased – because I don’t have any social media section, my slider also won’t display on my webpage it just has the load symbol and a “x” in the top left hand corner and that is it. I can’t edit it, and I have previously emailed to ask for help and no one has gotten back to me. The demo looked amazing and is exactly what I wanted but since purchasing and putting it on my wordpress – it looks nothing like the demo theme and I am having nothing but trouble with it. Is there some form of directions manual I can look over – or can someone please see what is going on – I am almost certain that there are files missing

download it again

All good now! Thank you

please if you love this theme rate it 5 star

good luck

hi persian art i send you email about my problems with background…i sent you username and password so you can check on site because i try to do everething…

hi, I try to visit your site, all is ok!!

I went to “admin panel > unique panel > general > body background” and change the body pattern, it worked, also I upload image for background and it was ok too

please read help document for familiar with this theme

this is amazing…i am going like you to body background and try to change body pattern and nothing…maybe i must do that from different pc or what…i am confuised…

but tnhx anyway

Good morning! Mr. Persian,

Please, we need to know what is the code that we have to add to create the same small slider “Our clients” as shown in the demo. We have could not find the shortcode in the help document.

Pls, see attached picture:

I truly appreciate …thank you for all your assistance.


you can find this short code at “J5” on help document, named “client”

[client class="" showcarousel="" showdivider="" background=""]
[cl-item href="#" image=""]
[cl-item href="#" image=""]
[cl-item href="#" image=""]
[cl-item href="#" image=""]
[cl-item href="#" image=""]

Hello Mr. Persian: All is O.K.

Thank you again for everything you’ve done.

Best regards.

good luck