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I have a problem with thumbnails. This is the link:

Some thumbnails are created (only one the crowd to be precise), while for the other it doesn’t work. It is the portfolio section. I can provide you with all the required information.

Is there any specific information you require so you could check this out?

send me login url, username, password from my profile if you want I check it better

Sorry for a late reply – I’ve just sent you the login information.

Ok so I am totally new to editing wordpress themes and have no experience and I had nothing but trouble to begin with – BUT i can safely say now that after emailing support and them getting back to me – having a play around with different settings and finding my feet I LOVE THIS THEME!! I am still finding my feet around manipulating it to do what I want but I just know it’ll all work out and this theme is fantastic! Thank you to PersianArt for this theme it’s perfect – exactly what I was looking for

thank you so much, enjoy it!

good luck

Hi, your theme look cool. Does it support child themes OR does it have a custom css area? thanks

about child theme I think yes and also it has custom css area and many options.

Hi…Loving the theme! I don’t seem to have any page options except general options….contact options etc aren’t showing…..any ideas please?


yes they briefly display when update page, then disappear

tried different browser and it not a plugin conflict

if you want, send me your login url, username and password from my profile page for better check

This is the first time I use wordpress at all, and have been able to do A LOT! This theme is great, very easy to use and the support is always swift. Thanks!

thank you so much

I’m getting this error with the slider: Warning: Wrong parameter count for strstr() in /home/riverlady/public_html/wp-content/themes/riverlady/slider.php on line 16

Please advise.

this is for p.h.p version on your servers, please go to root folder and find slider.php and on line 15-16 replace:
strstr(get_option('mytheme_nivocontrolnavthumbswidth'),'px', true);
strstr(get_option('mytheme_nivocontrolnavthumbsheight'),'px', true);
good luck

Worked. Thanks!

good luck

Hello! I bought your theme and tried to up-load it, but I get an error message.

Installing Theme from uploaded file:

Unpacking the package …

Installing the theme …

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing stylesheet style.css.

Install Theme failed.

please consider desired zip that named “unique” is in this zip. and you must unzip “” and try to find “” then upload this as an theme file.

please if you love it rate it 5 star.

good luck

Hello! For some reason, the page edit does not work with graphical view, there is also html codes. Only Unique theme and wow slider is intalled. Wordpress version: 3.5.1 intalled whit Softaculous What could be wrong?


I am not sure, please try to remove wow slider and test it.


I’m having issues making changes in this theme. I’ve uploaded my logo, slider images, colour changes but nothing seems to be updating.

Please help


after change did you click on “update” button?

Yes…. changes are not happening

please if you have active plugin, deactivate all and test it again

How can i add some text in the slider like the example?


put this as content(no title)
<span style="display:block; font-size:70px; line-height:1.2;" class="skin-color">LIGHT</span>
<span style="display:block; font-size:50px; line-height:1.2; color:#000000;">Ideas</span>
<span style="display:block; font-size:26px; line-height:1.2; color:#5f5f5f;">for Your Business</span>

also you must set
top = 100px
left = 20px
title color = #ffffff
text color = #ffffff
background-color = transparent

if you love this theme please rate it 5 star

good luck

Dear Mr Persian Art, great work, very stylish, very comfortable backend. For my current project, I would like to get rid of the patterns – everywhere! (even in the header- and slider-area)

I went to Unique-Admin-Panel / General / Body Background … than marked “No Pattern” but the pattern in the header and slider area is still there, I think it’s for the contend area. It’ seems to be not removable in the header section. Where might be the mistake?

I’ve got “pattern attachment fix” on I’ ve got a very fresh installation without any running plugins up to now. I’ve tried it with the “wide” theme style as well as with “block style”

Please help me. Best regards trendforscher


for any section except body go to “elements > all background” then desired section, then enable the button without upload anythings with this act current background will removed.

good luck

Thank you for your quick answer … helped me a lot. Thanks. I would like to suggest for the next rewiew: After updating changes in the PA-admin-panel, the page jumps always back to the PA-intro. Thats very timespending. Maybe you can change that, it would be great … but anyhow … great work !!!!!!! Go on like that!!!

I am not sure but maybe in the future I do this

good luck

Hello Mr. Persian,

Pls, I would like to know if it is possible to insert one image as same your demo in “About us”; nevertheless, BUT using the shortcode “Message Box”: [message-box type=”red” title=”your title” class=”no-icon”]your content[/message-box]

If possible, please I need to know which “propertie” should I add to my “Message Box”.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Thanks in advance.


Thank you very much for your reply.

Yes, but what I want to know is how I can insert the image with shortcode “Message Box”. There is no propertie for the image in the help file. Only “type” “title” and “class”. Pls see the shortcode J15.

Thanks in advance.

No, this shortcode has not image properties, please if you needs, put above shortcode in message box shortcode

like this:
[message-box type=”red” title=”your title” class=”no-icon”]
[frame image="" align="left" width="210" height="130" showlightbox="" linktype="" href="" showborder="off" bordercolor="" title=""]

Hello Mr. Persian,

All is OK. Thank you for all your assistance!

Best regards.

Is it possible to slow down the slider which comes from [slider] shortcode? I don’t see that option in the help file.

[slider width=”210” height=”130” align=”” effect=”fade” showcaption=”off” showborder=”off” bordercolor=”” showdirection=”off” showcontrol=”“] url-1,url-2,url-3 [/slider]

no it is not properties for it but you can go to root folder “includes > misc” and find shortcode.php and around line 1627 find this
try replace it with this

change this 2 added properties to what you want, you must know that this affect on all shortcode sliders

Works great, thanks for a quick reply.

good luck

Posted on the wrong item =D

I am having trouble getting the slogans separated correctly. Could you tell me how to do that? I guess I am not understanding the instructions in the theme admin panel.

like this:
Make your company a world wide known name with us! |
Let’s create your company’s growth |
Fresh Solutions that you need |
Business Solutions of new age just for you

if you love this theme please rate it 5 star

I just purchased and tried to upload the demo xml file. However, I keep getting the notice that the import failed. As a result, no demo content is up. Can you provide me with a sql version of the demo content?

Thank you!

hi, If you have problem please import again and when failed only refresh the page, it will continue until the import complete.

good luck

Dear PersianArt,

Thanks for this theme. Great work. I’ve sent you a message with another channel. I’m not sure you get it. Repeating it below. Sorry for the spam.

I’ve read the documentation file and found that “When ‘Main Slider’ is disabled, you can use slogan.” But I would like to use BOTH slogan and slider in the header of my homepage with slogan ABOVE the Accordeon slider. Am I missing something in the documentation? If not, what would be the hack to do this? Thank you very much in advance Regards Guillaume

hi, can you send me your online web site for visiting

Hello, I have a problem with the character of fonts. I’d like to install google font with cyrillic character subset, but font family in this theme contains only latin characters. Help me, plz. Thank you!

hi, this is not supported in this theme but if needs you must find desired fonts from google and put desired codes in to “PersianArt(unique) panel > general > Tracking Code & css > type custom css”

All is OK. Thank you for your help!

good luck

Hello! Mr. Persian,

We hope you are doing well…

Pls, I would like to know how I can reduce the “height” of the sidebar left. I do not know which file I have to edit.

Hope to receive your feedback soon.


go to “js” folder in root directory and find jquery.custom.js on line 388 find “create equal height for content and sidebar” and remove desired section code

now both of content and sidebar has own height


All is O.K.! Thank again and I wish you well.

Best regards.

Great work, Bold Theme! Just a few questions:

1. Is there is an option to apply patterns on the images in fullscreen slider mode? 2. Is that possible to set the color for header, body, etc., to rgba, (like 245, 245, 245, 0.9) in a fullscreen mode? 3. There are 15 JavaScript scripts in the head. Can you Put JavaScript at the bottom as you state in description? 4. There is 20 external Javascript on a single page. Do you provide any help to combining them into one? Also there is 13 external stylesheets to combine in one, as well as 42 external background images that need to combine with CSS sprites.

The theme looks awesome, but 76 components total of 2192.1Kb may prevent someone to see the beauty of this theme.


1- no

2- yes go to “panel > coloring”, for remove pattern in some section like header only go to “elements > all background” and enable it without upload anything.

3- I use normal function for add javascript to theme as other themes but if you need add additional script go to “panel > general > Tracking Code”

4- all javascripts are needed and have only about “120kb” on pages without slider and css has only “215kb” and is not big issue.

for css you can add them to style.css but at the first line except responsive.css and options.css (it is crated automatically)

only 1 desired background load on pages if was selected, not 42

good luck